Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Caught in the fall

Before I go on a mini rant with this band I missed some other releases from this year that I had a chance to catch up with before I forget. Other honorable mentions I want to include on my list of records this year are Renounced- Theories of despair, Clearer the sky- Held in merciful light, Terrifying girls high school- S/T EP and Pens/Leer split (I thought this was going to be released in January 2016 but I got my copy about a week ago. Definitely check these out today.
Final post of the year. Caught in the fall was a screamo/hardcore band from the early 00's from Omaha, Nebraska. Active between 2000-2005, during their active time they released a 7", a split 12" and a debut LP. There was a 2 year gap with this band. They were active in 2000 but their debut 7" was released in 2002 I believe. It's possible they had some demos that aren't anywhere on the Internet. The split was a miss for me. It wasn't fully brought up to me until later. Their debut LP called "Act IV" was one of their more known releases (or at least for me) someone sold me a rare press of the record for like 8 dollars. Pretty crazy huh. There are 2 different pressings of the CD. One is in a jewel case which I see often and the other is this weird ass one which I have (It look a bit shit but handmade nonetheless) Act IV is a bit more aggressive than the 7". I feel that the split is in between the 2. Pretty straight forward screamo with some similarities like the spirit of versailles guitars or a much lighter slower Jeromes dream tone.

Romance, Revenge And Rock And Roll ‎7"

Act IV 12" (Test press)/CD

Split LP W/ Eyes of Verotika

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On the might of princes

I am back again for more posts. This was a emo/post hardcore band from Long Island, NY. There is a much longer history on their debut CD than with the post on Arm so I will sum it up. They began in the late 90's. They recorded a demo tape, the dude who runs Rok lok records put the bands first album out because he was super in love with the demo he coped from these guys. After a while they had a new drummer and made a second album, I think "Where you are, and where you want to be" got a bit more aggressive than their debut. The final album called Sirens was a total hit and miss and honestly forgotten to me. I sometimes forget they even had a 3rd album I'm constantly juggling back and forth with the first 2 lengths. Maybe because Rok Lok did a remastered of these 2 later on in 2007. The band broke up in 2004 and reunited in 2006 along in 2008 and 2012. Jason Rosenthal who did vocals and guitar passed away the following year. It's a good band with catchy riffs and shouty sing alongs that easily got me into them. Both CD's contain some bonus songs like demos from the demo tape that did not make it in the first full length, live songs, etc.

The making of a conversation

Where you are and where you want to be

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Best albums of 2016

So 2016 has come to a end and I was close to being disappointed that not many stuff came out until last minute. Some of these bands return again and a couple of these are new bands from this year.

The reptilian- End paths

Released under Skeletal lightning, this was one of the few pre orders I made this year. Shit I not only ordered the bundle but I also ordered the cassette and CD version of this album as well. Being the first person who pre ordered I even got the flexi (I will post this album sometime next year along with the B side) The reptilian has come a long way. I remember listening to these guys a lot when I was 16 during the split CDr and Boys life EP. The band has outgrown and matured a lot since those tapping days. I like the mature sound more honestly and the new direction. This year Skeletal lightning had released a couple of stuff that caught my eye, this is one of them.

Forth Wanderers- Slop EP
The bands debut "Tough love" made it in my 2014 list. I even copped the bands cassette format of Tough love along with the vinyl version. My only complaint is that many of us waited 2 years for a 4 song EP. Way too short but really sweet and mellow.

Foxtails- O tempora! O Mores! EP

Another band I had on my list last year that I ended buying their debut CD. I like the melody of this band. Its soft but fragile. It can be mellow then screamy. It's just perfect. Hopefully physical copies drop soon for this EP.

Lurking- Lurking EP

One of the new bands from this year, it has a member from a band called Arizona Wilder that I am familiar with due to their split tape with Alta. Lurking is a pretty soft whispery content indie rock band I am looking forward to. This was also released under Skeletal lightning.

Gillian Carter- Dreams of suffocation

Another Skeletal lightning release I admire. There is some ambiance lingering around this record. I often find that boring but Gillian Carter does it right on here. It is truly inspirational when I heard this record.

Coma Regalia- There's still time

Here is a Middle man records I was excited for, I am honored to have bought this tape from the man Shawn Decker. Coma Regalia has concentrated with split records rather than full lengths. This tape is just sweet and makes screamo great again and reminds me why I like screamo.

Aokigahara- Three different ways to say fuck you EP

One of the final Off cloud nine releases (Sad to see my favorite label go) this was one of the few digital releases that came out early in the spring of 2016. It is extremely short but worthwhile.

People's temple project- Untitled lathe 5"
This 5" was released by the illuminati label Akashita Corporation I had ordered from, this bad boy really wowed me when I saw this with my own eyes, while it carries one song (Other side is just a instrumental) the untitled song gives me the idea of this epic band. It took one song. The insert art was done by the dude who runs Friendly otter (good job buddy)

La bella- Ides

One of the pre orders I made early this year, Ides was one of the early and most anticipated record I had waited for. It follows the path of their 7" I'm just glad I got the chance to hear this one. Hardcore punk at its finest. I have never heard of the label Sombras discos until they released this good record. Probably their first? There is no way I was going to miss out on this band.

Heritage unit- Everything made obsolete

At first I had thought this band was Dream caste or the make up of 10k but that's not the case, here lies another new band from 2016. This full length is just so amazing. You get the similar kicks of 10k's demo and Dream caste. It's cool to know Mark is doing like 3 bands at once now. Im not sure how he pulls it off but I want to clap for that.

Ten thousand leagues- Self titled

I did not expect this album at all. I remember when they mentioned a debut full length being released on Skeletal lightning in 2014 but that plan seem to have disappeared and so did this band. 2 years later I finally can listen to the songs they played that night. Here is another digital only release which I did not mind because it is going for a good cause. This is really powerful to listen to at a emotional level.

Thisismenotthinkingofyou- The limbic system 7"

I slept a little on this band, to summarize how I even ran into this release... I bought this off Ozona on a 75% clearance since the label died. I liked what I heard. It's a little post ambient during the intros then it gets chaotic out of the blue. It was a pretty great band and 7". This was released under Structures/Agony, Ozona and some other labels I am not familiar with.

Never young- Singles tape II: SoftBank EP

I can't get enough from this EP combinations of shoegazey guitars with some cali indie rock punk of course I would fall in love with this.

Sneeze- Rot EP

I've known this band since their 2011 release of Grandma in the trenches 7" released under BEAR records. This EP is filled with epic muffled guitars and some grungey catchy tunes that makes my head nod.

Itto- Pursuant

I haven't heard a lot of Math rock/Hardcore since the release of Capsule's No ghost. Itto is kinda like that and I dig that a lot.

Heavy Mantle- Demo 2016

This is like a 2nd Secret smoker band to me. Even though this was released late in December of last year I consider this as a 2016 release. This could have landed on my list from last year.

La Luna- Always already

This is a pretty rad LP. Unfortunately for me I discovered them this spring a little before this record was out. Just as the tag says Power violence/Post hardcore almost like a more aggressive Lumber lung type of band. This record was also released under Middle man records.

Amygdala- Population control

This LP is a wonderful split release between Structures/Agony, Ozona and Middle man records. Its loud, fast, aggressive and pissed.

Tapestry- I hope you never find me

From Singapore this band debuted their first full length after being a band since 2012, its soft and reminds me of something that could have been released in the late 90's or early 00's something like Last days of August or a mediocre attire of Mineral (Which I think this bands style was aiming for) but the vocals also remind me of the band Typecast too.

Bring our demise- Demonstration

Well even though Off cloud nine ended there is still some hope, Nolan began 2 new projects under his new label Coercion. This little project is a little more different but good nonetheless. A different approach from The truth about dreaming this is a little more Metalcore influenced. You can hear some of the screamo vibe somewhere between this demo tape. It is the 2nd demo on my list because it's that good. 2 songs isn't enough but this is after all a demonstration of Nolan's new capabilities.

XeradicateX- End the suffering

Another Coercion release, this is the other project Nolan began this year. While BOD is a bit Metalcore I'd say this is a little like it just with a different style of vocals that are more shouty. This tape is more of a compilation that contains 2 of the bands demos. I actually bought this tape and Bring our demise a few days ago. I will totally bring these two up again.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Demo

A simple demonstration of a new coming band Connie from Structures/Agony records is in now. I am really excited to hear this bands future releases.

René Descartes- Demo

A really cool demo which is likely just the only stuff we will see from this band, only lasting a few months Connie moved on to start SeeYouSpaceCowboy. I was really liking this a lot too...

The Cambodian heat- S/T EP

Here is the bands second EP/Demo of TCH. I don't hear Nolan doing a whole lot on this demo. It's pretty good though same as usual grindy.

The Nolan gate- Serpents EP

New Jersey's post metal band is back with a new digital EP, I have long waited for this band (ex band members of Mothman who I will mention on here too) The band took a while to release something and well this was released this month! Everything about this EP is great.

Soul structure- True love

This bands debut was on my list last year now with a sophomore album this year it also landed on my list for this years. This is some really cool UK punk emo stuff worth checking out if you haven't. Reminds me a lot from other UK bands like Bird calls and Plaids.

Stage kids- Intra mental

I'm honestly a little over the instrumental math rock crave. I was really into it between 2010-2012 but it eventually became a little repetitive. Finally having stage kids releasing a new album since 2011 I found this interesting enough to also have this land on this list.

Save us from the archon- L'Eclisse

Poster boy for this band Mark who created the Hemisphere group got me into this band sometime last year. As I mentioned I am not a huge fan of instrumental rock music this band in particular just pumps me the hell up. Simple as that. I can see Mark's perceptional view of this band and I have to admit, the band is pretty talented and they sound just fine without a vocalist who'd likely ruin the songs.

So totally- A cheap close up of heaven

I'm also not a huge fan of bedroom fuzz grunge pop indie rock whatever but I gave this a chance. This seems to be the debut EP for this band.

Mall punks- Where are we going?

I also got over the "twinkly" "emo" but this band seems to be also on my list. Maybe because it reminds me of The brave little abacus or because its quiet catchy indie rock stuff. While I don't consider this stuff as emo I really enjoy Mall punks EP. Maybe because I have pushed myself away from this stuff for a long time I might be a little amused as well because I am not so used to this stuff anymore. I fairly enjoyed listening to this one last minute as well. I even caught myself giving it another listen and I still seemed to have enjoyed it. Here's a band you might want to check out too.

Innards- I've lost everything (2016 remastered)

I know this was a CYLS release from 2012 but hear me out, this is remastered. This is all cleaned up and I swear the guitar was re recorded too.
I got some details of some records being released next year I wanted to mention while these are for stream or mentioned already I wish I can add them on this list but unfortunately I can't due to them being released next year. One being Elle (Members of Beau navire), Pens/Leer split 7" (I had pre ordered already), Under the sky so blue (New EP for January) It is also possible that Innards will have a 3rd full length waiting for us in 2017. I do honestly think this may be the last one for Innards since members are all separated in different counties.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Ten grand/The Vidablue/Brazil

First post for December. I lined up some great albums of the year which I will post in a week or two. There are a couple of comebacks as well as a couple of new bands. It looked short at first but a lot of this stuff came out last minute. Anyways, this was one of those strange bands that just has so much attraction, vocally different and just overall a difference between most bands I have posted on here. This band was from Iowa which formed somewhere between the mid/late 90's which was firstly known as The Vidablue. Vocalist/Guitarist Matthew Davis was in another previous band called Brazil. Brazil only made 2 demo tapes before disbanding and joining The vidablue. It might have also been during The vidablue too. They released 2 splits, one self titled 7" and 2 full lengths under this name. One of the albums "The comprehensive list of everyone who has done anything wrong to us" was later re-issued as Ten grand. This record was also part of Level plane records but only the first press that is as "The vidablue". The guy from stickfigure has the CD's for 5 dollars. Init records first release was a compilation CD of The vidablue's demo (Remastered) along with the splits and other tracks known as "What I should have said vol. 1" The founder of Init records really wanted to listen to these songs in his car that he decided to run a label and put these on CD. This CD is long out of print. In 2002 they went with Ten grand. They repressed their first self titled 7" and named it "Difference" along with the second full length. They made 2 splits (One being a posthumous release in 2004) and their 3rd and final album "This is the way to rule" all in 2002. on August 10, 2003 Matthew Davis passed away. When I found this band 5 years ago I heard a bunch of different stories until I found out he died in his sleep (I know people who died like this) the members were in shock and just couldn't react to it because it was a instance of what just happened. They left a pretty decent collection of songs that will forever be remembered by me. One of my favorite release will be The comprehensive list mainly because those were the first songs I heard by them. All of this is about 423 mb. It's a lot of shit I added on here for this post. There are some articles on this band here and also here. There's also a page of the band that has some photos, flyers, etc you can check here.
As Brazil
Demo tape
Love lost her job today

As The Vidablue
Demo tape

Split w/ The Khayembii Communiqué
What I should have said vol. 1

Our miracle point of contact

As Ten Grand
The comprehensive list of everyone who has done anything wrong to us

This is the way to rule

Ten Grand Split songs (W/Mike Lust and Meth and goats)

Monday, November 28, 2016

At the drive in

A reminder for anyone that visits, I do not take recommendations this is even stated on my blogspot. I keep getting emails from people/bands to post their music on here. Again, this blogspot particularly focuses on my own personal collection. I recommend you going to other same old been there type of blogspots like Sophie's floorboard that take recommendations. SF's blogspot beat me to it but no worries I got some of these CD's. Not many of you suspected if posting ATDI huh? Well a bit before my moneen craze 11, 12 or something years ago I found myself liking this band a lot. My sisters friend had made a mp3 cd that contained every song from this band. Too bad my sister missed out on this band. When I first heard of this band I thought At the drive in was some weird compilation because every album sounds different. One of the earliest and favorite albums I loved a lot from this band has to easily be Acrobatic tenement. It is the most memorable one for me. The band started in the early 90's with a 7" then a second 7" afterwards. Those 2 releases were under Western breed records, I have no clue what this label is all about but it is a shame these were never pressed. Alfaro vive carajo was repressed as a CD which includes a 5th song in this press version from 2000 I think. There was a huge shift when they made Acrobatic tenement. Their debut is most definitely my favorite of theirs. The band went on to release El gran orgo EP, this EP contains 6 tracks in which they rather have people downloading it for free since the label they worked with scammed them in some way. The band got more popularity in their second LP called "In Casino Out" I would say this is my second favorite. After some time the band released another EP called Vaya unfortunately for me this EP is quite forgetful. They released some splits and promo singles which this led to their final album that got more recognition "Relationship of command" this album is pretty good but its not one of their best ones. They were getting pretty big afterwards they even started playing on tv. The band broke up shortly after they split between 2 bands Sparta and The mars volta. It seems that The mars volta's first EP and first full length was what could have happened if ATDI was still together. Last few years the band has been playing again here and there. About 4 years later the band made a compilation CD entitled "This station is non operational" which has some picks between El gran orgo up to Relationship of command. The CD is a utter disappointment because compilation cd's are nothing but mix cd's you can make yourself. No songs from Acrobatic tenement and below made it to the CD and they did not even add a lot of the great ones. The only thing you will get out of this are like 4 unreleased b sides from In casino out. I don't know whether they will release a new album or not since The mars volta I think they got back together and both Cedric and Omar started another band a few years back (forgot the name) along with Omar doing his solo and some other stuff they all seem pretty busy these days for At the drive in to be a band again. I never got the chance to own any of their vinyl but I was lucky to have found some CD's of theirs (their full lengths) acrobatic tenement was originally only for a one time cassette press and CD it later on went to vinyl. I just hope you guys love at the drive in. I had 2 b sides from At the drive in between their 2 7"s it seems that the songs were never on Hell paso or Alfaro vive carajo but it seems like I lost these 2. Nope they were not on any of the releases they were unreleased b sides between both 7"s. The band has been stuck with me ever since I heard them when I was 13 this easily pushed me out of the zone where I simply was lost in this type of stuff. Luckily this band picked it up and 6 months later moneen helped in. Relationship of command the CD has some bonus tracks, I only put the 5 from b sides and such from This station is non operational.

Hell paso + Alfaro vive carajo EP
Acrobatic tenement

El gran orgo EP

In casino out

Vaya EP

Relationship of command
songs from This station is non operational that weren't in the other albums

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Electrosleep international

I had to buy this bands discography CD before listening. I was pretty interested since I also picked this CD up along with Blame game's cd's and other stuff. These guys are also from Atlanta just like the rest of the others. From what I know the band released a 4 song 7" in 1999 and that's it, every other song was unreleased. The CD contains what seems to be all their songs but was released until 2005. The band was first called as Electrosleep international then switched to Electrosleep int'l its a bit weird since they didn't release anything under Electrosleep int'l until the discography cd was released. They sound something like Ten grand/Blame game with some cool ass crazy riffs. The songs are pretty intense and can be a little mathy-ish. Its a shame not many blogspots talk about this band and a shame I didn't discover these guys when I was 16 or 17. The CD is known as Anthology but when I ripped the CD the album name is "Future.Antique.Past" The CD sleeve gives no clue which name it is since it doesn't have any which can also simply be a Self titled too.

Anthology (Future.Antique.Past)

Blame game

Back with a dope stickfigure post (2 actually for today), Blame game was a late 90's emo hardcore band from Atlanta that slowly changed within time. Oddly, the band went on to a math rock thing which isn't so bad BUT the early stuff is way better. The early material was all added into one CD which also contains to unreleased songs and demos. The band released their debut length called "Honey and salt" sometime after but they shifted into a math rock genre. There isn't so much hardcore stuff going on. It's a good album but there isn't a lot of special stuff on here. They had finally released a 4 song LP "Ask someone" which was much more math rock and instrumental I believe. I didn't full hear it though, the songs are more lengthy and I really don't like songs that drag on too much. Much of what I like goes to the Anthology which collects most of the bands material. Shit, that CD is pretty fucking extraordinary. Back then and even now that shit is unique a lot of this stuff mixes a little odd time signatures with crazy ass guitar riffs. This shit is fucking sick son. There is a lot of this free jazz thrown in the Anthology CD. I like the mixture with hardcore. It is fucking perfect. I ended up buying both the CD's and even got myself a shirt too because a cool band definitely need to wear that shit. I kinda regret getting it pink but fuck it. Pink is a manly color if you think about it. They stated they are on hiatus but no word of them has been out and their final show was in 2007.


Honey and salt

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I don't think many people are aware of this band in particular. I just found them like 2 months ago. Arm was a post hardcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota that existed between 1993-1997 I think. They are practically in the esque sound phase as of Drive like Jehu/Calabash case. If you like these 2 bands Arm is no different. They released 2 7"s that are more punk rock influenced and self released their LP. Years later in 2003 the band released a semi discography/compilation that has the bands songs from the LP remastered and 5 unreleased songs that were to be in the bands next LP that didn't happen. After recording these 5 songs the band ended shortly after. Someone with really bad English wrote a little something about the band. I guess this guy was around since the bands birth which I believe he might have went with tour with these guys and witnessed the band live. Their compilation CD is entitled "Universal standard time" I am not familiar with the label who put this out (Called Heart of a champion) my minor issue with this CD is that besides the bad English on the paragraph in the CD sleeve insert there's no lyrics or anything besides the back indicating the first 5 songs are unreleased and the rest of their self released LP. Someone on discogs is selling these CD's for 3.99 but is also up to make an offer. I think I offered 3.50 for the CD. This is pretty much similar to both bands, it almost sounds like unreleased songs off of Drive like Jehu the vocalist sounds like him too. The CD is still missing 5 songs off the 2 7"s that didn't seem they made it on UST for some odd reason. I will post the long paragraph that is on the CD. I will type it as it is.

"In fall 1992 in Minneapolis, Minnesnowta, Arm formed by Mark Sorvari (guitar, vocal), Bob Drake (Drums), and Nathan Grumdahl AKA the Viking (Bass,vocal). First contact was in First Ave, when Mark was on solo mission to see a show. He had nothing to do besides watch a band. He locked on target on Bob to play pool and they talked about rocking out together some time. A few days later Bob told Nathan about meeting Mark and they needed a baaaad asss bass player to start a band. Once these homies made killer noise, this super electric relation started. They recorded 2 songs at Am Rep recording studio in 1993 and released first 7" "Suddenly sorry" in 1994 on the Generic Label. In 1995 they released the 3 song 7" "Simple Victim" on Lori Barbero's (Babes In Toyland) label Spanish Fly Records. Recorded self-released first full length "Arm" in Spring 1996 with Chris Rosenau (night owl-but fucking shit dude) from Pele at Madison, Wisconsin. It was released on vinyl only, 1000 copies were pressed. After that, they played sooo many shows and toured like maniac (include crispy sox) They went back into the studio in 1997. Recorded 5 songs at Am Rep recording studio with Dave Gardner AKA Sammy Geee (played kick ass bass in Selby Tigers with Nathan), but it was never released. They had their last show one month later at Turf Club in St.Paul in October. I met them in 1994 at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis when I was visiting Minnersnowta from Japan. My first contact was numero uno experience, more honor than I deserve, that they are my first band to see in USA cross the ocean. My ghetto ass Kleenex ear plug doesn't cut the right frequency. I was like Hooleee shite! This shit is loud... It brought me to stairway-to-mars situation. I decided to try to talk to them right after they played. I desperately needed to get their records through my communication skill is not enough to negotiate and purchase some shite. But, I scored "Suddenly Sorry" 7" and close encounter. They hooked me up like a tow truck. And the boss Lori's TCB made great social opportunity at show, muchas scratch your ass, Barbero san. They brought me on a weekend tour with Guzzard to Iowa. When we were sippin' on gin and juice laid back in the van. Mark and Bob started fighting while Mark was driving. They throw things and yelling at each other, my low-tech brain can only pick up what they are saying was "fuck you" and "fuck off". The Viking was like "F that shit I'm gonna chill" he was reading gigantic book during the mini chaos. And they made pee bomb and throw it to freeway, while they are driving, USA USA free country. At show they were fighting again Only played a few songs, most of the time Mark was making some loud ass noise and Bob threw the drum set and jumped on the cymbal then gave it to somebody. Nathan was the only one who tried to play. That was the jam. This shite is super genius. I discovered soooooo many shite through broing down with Arm dudes. Killer amigos, Burritos. BBQ USA style, jack shack, afro, baad asss touring and more electric shite I have never expected. We couldn't really talk cause I couldn't speak English when I met them but that wasn't really the matter maybe, even better that way some time. I'ts like eating lips and assholes (hot dog) with mustard but with out ketchup in midwest. Beautiful memories twinkle twinkle in my eye balls. Emotional content not anger, this shite keep the rhythm. Currently Bob is playing drums in End Transmission. Nathan played guitar in Selby Tigers and Sean Na Na, now he plays in Monarques. Mark played in Revival Fires and now he got married with Nao Koyama (bass player from Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her) and moved to Tokyo. - Hiro Tanaka (#1 rawka!)"

Universal standard time

Drive like Jehu

I heard of this band sometime in the summer of 2009, possibly from finding them at lastfm. I remember taking the bus to downtown on a lazy Sunday afternoon to meet up with a friend. He had a blunt and well from there I put on Yank crime because I was fairly new to it too. We both enjoyed it a lot. Drive like Jehu is probably one of the other fewer more well known bands I will post here. In case you are not aware of this band, this band was a early 90's post hardcore/math rock band from San Diego. Chune was next to these guys since both were active around the same time so both were within the same scene. The band released a demo tape which these songs were remastered later for the bands debut but before that the band released a 2 song 7" then the first LP came out. The demo tape tracks are the same shit as the first LP just with shitty tape quality but its pretty much the same. No point listening to it, I've heard it and analyzed it and its the same. After a few years the band put their second and final LP that was also included as some weird 12"+7" not all of the songs were able to fit on the LP so 2 songs made it on the 7". The band progressed into its math rock stages in Yank crime with lengthy songs and a whole lot of sick ass riffs thrown. I never got the chance to hunt the first 7" because I was looking for other stuff. Drive like Jehu did a amazing movement of its time that influenced other bands to sound exactly like this band such as Calabash case (Which I have posted on here) and Arm (next post I will bring them up) glad it wasn't overly done since it is only these 2 bands I am aware of the Drive like Jehu-Esque. Members went of to 2 different bands. The band has been doing reunion shows quiet a lot over the past full year. I would like to see a new full length of some sort since American football's second LP was a total disaster (TO ME) maybe this band would do it right. The CD version of Yank crime contains the songs off the first 7" plus another song off a compilation that is similar to the ones off Yank crime (This will be the version I will upload) Honestly its been a while since I have looked back to this band. I had happened to look back at some of my records on my crate and this one popped up.

Self-titled LP

Yank Crime

Monday, November 7, 2016


I really want to get a bunch of posts on here for November because I don't think I will post a lot on December. Sarin was a very fucking short lived band from New York. This band ONLY released a 3 song self titled 7" between the mid 90's. The band is between emo and punk and the sleeves do look pretty dope on this 7" its just a shame this band didn't last long enough for a debut. Immigrant sun records released this 7" (This was the labels first release) same label that released Watership down's 7" and also released I, robot's Et cetera's CD. Sarin was so short lived this is all I can give.

Sarin 7"

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The state secedes

This was another band I was pointed to from David's Open mind/Saturated brain blogspot. TSS was a screamo band from the late 90's that put out one LP in '99. This LP is remarkable due to its label Level plane (I think this was the second Level Plane release) Level plane has released some stuff that ranges from Saetia, The Fiction, Usurp synapse, Forstella ford, Hot cross, City of caterpillar, Shikari and so on. I think this might have just been a project type of band. The insert looks more like a CD insert that has like a long paragraph about the band (Which seems the band stood more as a political act) I had fun listening to this record even though some songs were pretty long, too long that it seems like the record just seems like a excuse of it to be a lengthier LP. Its good nonetheless, that's just me nitpicking a bit. Its a great band you don't want to miss out listening to. I found myself listening to this numerous of times.

The state secedes


Lately I've been sleeping throughout the day and working my graveyard shifts. I noticed I have more time to post here but my tiredness feeling doesn't allow me until I am practically awake. Waifle was those 90's emotive hardcore bands I just missed out on for a long while... Lastfm never pointed me towards this band. It's the sad truth I believe someone from the emo group mentioned them and then I had figured who they were almost a year or 2 ago. The band had a couple of other releases but it was away from the whole emo concept they first were as. I think they headed towards some hardcore/metalcore of some sort after the bands debut 12" I have here presented. I tried finding any blogs that has mentioned this band but I didn't run into links. I was very lazy to convert both the 7" and LP but I got through it in a hour a few months back. I really love the idea of the works on the bands LP cover sleeve. It's a cardboard which is cut up nicely that resembles the bands sleeve and has some nice stuff all over which I would say for a DIY hands on LP this was done at perfection through sweat. I am sure the band worked very hard on these. The band has a interesting sound which is obviously what you'd expect from a mid/late 90's screamo band but for sure is Waifle sounds like Waifle just like Jeromes dream sounds like Jeromes dream. I think I did a neat job converting the 7" and LP. My boy Ross from discogs had the 7" for 3 dollars while some other seller had a brand new sealed copy of the LP for like 5 dollars I think. This was another "Pay before listening" type of band. I jumped the leap of faith to see if Waifle had a lot of other good songs on the 7" and LP, they actually do. It has the same concepts of other screamo bands of its time so there isn't a whole lot of uniqueness but its another great band to add to your list and as I mentioned Waifle just sounds like Waifle. I think you get the most out of the first 2 releases with this band. Breakfast violence is like a pre to The music stops, both releases are identical. Hell, I think one of the songs off the 7" was re-recorded for the LP.

(Breakfast violence) 7"

The music stops, the man dies 12"

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


By December I will have a list of some good albums that came out this year. Honestly this list is a bit shorter. Not too many good emo records came out this year. Mostly just that pop punk "Emo revival" bullshit bands that claim to be emo have been getting more releases out. In other news I have updated my blogspot and posted a link to my youtube's page. Feel free and subscribe. I normally post songs but soon I will start a new segment of videos entitled "Emo discussions" where I will pretty much just talk a lot about some of the emo bands I have mentioned on here. This all starts next month. Here is the 4th and final for the FO releases I wanted to mention on here to end the posts for October. Yusuke was a hardcore/screamo band that had some pretty cool combinations that reminds me of some Shikari and Reversal of man (Pretty dope right?) The band released a demo, one ep and 2 splits. They had a second EP that was a bit of a posthumous release right when the band ended this summer. This discography tape is a bit of a different looking one. It comes with no case, just a warpped plastic sleeve with a large paper insert. As for the quality it can be same said as Celebration's tape its still enjoyable to listen to (I've had some far worse quality tapes but this one is still great nonetheless) I think Off cloud nine helped on both of the split records Yusuke did along with some other labels including Friendly otter which seems to have put the bands first self titled and 2 splits. If you like that whole late 90's/early 00's emotive hardcore loud stuff Yusuke is pretty good at it.

Discography tape

Monday, October 24, 2016

Vitreous humor/The regrets live sets

Yesterday Danny Pound from Vitreous humor/The regrets emailed me and sent me some rare live sets from both bands. I might as well post it now before I forget. The first is from Vitreous humor this live set has 6 songs, 3 of them were never released while the others were released I will leave a track list. This live set from Chicago in '95 when the band had released their self titled EP. The songs were on wav and the whole file was 300 something mb. I converted them to 224 kbps mp3 which is good enough for these songs. The Regrets in the other hand the live set is from 1997 which has 9 songs mostly from New directions and 2 that didn't seem were ever recorded.

Vitreous humor- Live in Chicago '95
1. Invention is a national treasure
2. Wellington
3. Breast fed boy
4. Cat shit silver
5. Our lady of the highway
6. Whisper twins

The Regrets- Live at Slant house 1997-05-28
1. Good things
2. Play with yourself until you faint
3. I have tools
4. Inflated passions
5. For my Billy Faulkner
6. Sue me
7. A sick man's grief
8. Usura, Usury
9. Lance the proverbial boil

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bird calls

I've been posting a bit less now, I'm tired and lazy as hell so now instead of every few days I will just post once a week or at least 2 posts during the same day a week. I am trying to finish off the friendly otter releases I had promised to post. Here is the second Friendly Otter tape I wanted to mention on here. Bird calls was a emo/punk band from London, UK. I think members might be related with other emo bands from there such as Soul structure, Plaids and What price wonderland. The band seemed to pull off 3 releases during its existence, a 8 song demo tape and 2 split 7" records. We are glad to see the band had a unreleased full length that made it in this discography cassette. I honestly prefer these final 8 songs a little bit more than the earlier ones. It pretty much sounds like any most emo bands from the UK honestly. The 8 songs demo sounds like Plaids. I had given them a chance when I heard some songs off Friendly otters bandcamp. Once I had digged it I got myself a copy of the tape. This tape comes in a regular tape case with a tiny insert of the track info. Nothing too special about it. Overall the quality is okay as Father figure's tape. You'll catch yourself nodding your head with this band. There might be some tapes available in some distros. I saw the tape at Ozona records during its 75% sale recently meaning the tape would cost you about the shipping price only or a bit less. It sold out by now. I posted 9 of their songs on my youtube account. Mainly the unreleased ones since I liked those the most.

Complete Collection Of Recorded Arrangements

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Here is a third FO tape but isn't a discography. Celebration is a screamo band from Missouri who were a 3 piece but as of this year are now a 4 piece. Friendly otter released the bands first 4 song EP called Sompting which sounds like some Jeromes dream/Jesse Washington type of stuff. Off cloud nine records released the bands split 7" w/ Under a sky so blue. Both sides of the split are rad as hell. They also have a song on a compilation. The band has been quiet for a few months. This tape is pretty rad that its had a repress. The quality is a bit more poor than the rest of the FO tapes that I have. Its good nonetheless though but very short which is for the most part the biggest disappointment. The tape is very short. The 4 songs are not lengthy.

Sompting EP

Split 7" w/ Under a sky so blue

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Father figure

For the next 3 weeks (Up to the end of October) I wanted to bring up 4 cool Friendly Otter Records releases that caught my eye. These are some pretty good tapes and are in fact discography stuff so you will get the whole package of the bands stuff on these posts. First I wanted to start off with a project band called Father figure. This band was a split between Two knights members and the later Flesh born. They seem to have started in late 2011 or early spring 2012. If I were to give in some similarities its almost like a Two knights/Innards type of stuff it gives some lo fi on the earlier releases and its actually pretty incredible. The band had put out a demo, a full length a EP and finally a split 7" with Marcy which seems to have been the only physical release the band made. It is some pretty good new/dead screamo I enjoyed while it was active. I am glad to see not many bands do much of the Innards carbon copy type of thing then Father figure could have been just another copy but the guitars are more strummyish and more harsh like toned that mediocre quality helps in. As for the looks of the tape its a envelope with a stamped cover. Its pretty okay overall I can't say nothing negative about it. I did add a plastic case on the tape just in case. There are 2 inserts one with little info and the track list. The quality is listenable, its pretty good to play a few times here and there. Overall Father figure is pretty lit and should be on here.

Discography tape

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Noise attack devastating Lansing volume 1

In a bit I will go back to sleep. I got home at 4:30 in the morning and woke up around 10:48. I do feel sleepy now enough for a good'ol nap. When I got up I had this tape sitting on top of my record player and thought to myself that maybe I should convert this and post it here today before I forget. I had bought a Plastic smile records leftover shirt from Nolan a month back. I never received the package but after waiting and thinking USPS fucked me my neighbor had this and handed it to me. The dope shirt came with some Iwontstopwondering patches and The truth about dreaming patched. I also now have 3 CD's on Noises from the basement and 3 cassettes on Iwontstopwondering's 2012/11 demo tape. I had also received this mysterious tape that had "Dreaming" cut up on top. I popped it on my tape deck and it turned out to be a live set I have never heard. Nolan explained that this is the Noise attack devastating Lansing volume 1. I have heard of the second one which is on the bandcamp but never the first one. Simply because he made 25 copies and no one bought them so he recycled the cases for other releases and this was put away for a while until I got this copy. I converted the entire side (It's one side) a lot of these songs are mainly off the Noises from the basement so my guess is that this was probably done somewhere between 2012 or early 2013. The live quality is pretty neat, same can be said about the cassette. Overall this one is definitely a collectors item as Nolan said.

Noise attack devastating Lansing volume 1 tape

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Secret smoker

It's October and I can tell the season is changing a bit. The nights get cold and there is more wind throughout the evening. Well I am about to head out to go to work. This graveyard shift kinda blows to be honest but at least I don't have to deal with people. By 4 AM the freeway is hella empty but its cool because I get to drive down in a pretty content mood then fall asleep all morning and wake up around 11 in the morning. Before I head out I 100% back this beautiful band up. I heard of them a bit before the bands debut came out, they had leaked about a song or 2 from the record sometime in 2013. When I first heard of it I had thought Secret smoker was a obscure band from the mid 90's re-releasing their only album but actually that is not even the case here. Secret smoker is a new band that just sounds like something coming out from 1996 or 1997. We don't normally get these type of bands today. I think of Secret smoker as a mix of bands like Hoover, Four hundred years, Car vs. driver, The Hal Al Shedad, Amber Inn, and State route 552. Very 90's post hardcore influenced. I really appreciate this record. Since its release I've been wanting to get it. Last year the label that put this out had a big cartel site and had a bunch of stuff for sell including this record and the bands shirt for like 5 dollars each I think so I snagged the two. Its really the best description I can give you. The band also has a split 7" and a live song on the Empathy compilation tape from Akashita corp. They are planning on releasing a second LP sometime next year or something but since there was a flood in the area where the band is from I believe the process to this might lag for this second LP to come. That Deathwish website has some of the LP's for sale I believe. If you really like those bands I had mention Secret smoker is another band to add on your vinyl collection. You can buy the record here.

Terminal architecture LP

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Second post on People's temple project

A second post for this amazing band. This year the band had put out about 2 releases. Last year they had a incredible split 7" with MRTEX (David's band from Zegema beach records) The 2 releases this year are a bit of a odd ball but just fascinating as hell. One of the releases is a lathe 5" and the cover is a children's book used as the sleeve. It's fucking gnarly. It features a odd instrumental and song on each side. The other release is the bands tour split demo tape with Sleeper wave which I also admire the work of Akashita corp's label. Overall this band reminds me of some Iwrotehaikus/Matsuri stuff or something. The demo CD contains the bands 4 song demo tape, their track from the ZBR comp and a unreleased track that I have not heard nor is it in the other bands stuff. I guess I have everything from this band up to date.
Demo CD

People's temple project/MRTEX Split 7"

Lathe 5"

Sleeper wave/Peoples temple project Split tour demo tape

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Army of Kahsyyyk

Back with a quick post, I've been sorting things out in life (Trying to get this new job at UPS, putting out a 2 volume .elaine. unreleased discography, etc) I wanted to back up a bit with some bands and while thinking back I remember this band way back when the blogspot Chug life posted them. They mentioned little of them but I had decided to give them a listen. After a year, I had bought some CD's off Black with sap. It was some distro stuff they did not have some stuff so they gave me a copy of their split with Lovers&Killers who are by the way a very hard band to track down. I believe they have a full length out but I simply could not find it back in 2011. AOK also released a split tape with Osceola who I previously mentioned on here. They also had a Tour tape with 2 other songs (So about 6 songs AOK ever made) I would describe them as a live screamo quality type of band. Something like MNWA/DEERS! type of stuff I would say. I wasn't all that into the band mainly because I don't really like splits and since the band had a short amount of songs/releases it took me a while to bring this band up on here. I made a discography file for this one. There really isn't much to mention actually. I think they existed for one whole year between 2007-2008. This seems like something Thisendlessbreath could have covered since the band is pretty obscure as hell, Chug life's link is dead and I think that was the only blogspot that remotely had a mention.
Lovers&killers split CD w/ Osceola split tape

Unofficial discography

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sinker/Amber Inn

Sinker was a short lived band from California that released 2 7"s and came out on a compilation. They also have a demo tape but one of the members said they didn't know how to convert (which is weird because all you need is a cable converter) Sinker had 2 7"s these sound exactly like a pre Amber Inn. After Sinker the members split between Amber Inn and Indian summer sometime in 1994. Years later Sinker put out a posthumous 7" which are newer versions of 2 songs from their demo. This final 7" is titled "Finality". I love these 2 7"s and as a matter of fact both bands are excellent examples of post hardcore emo. The same label (Sunney Sindicut Records) that helped Sinker put out both 7"s also released Amber Inn's first 3 song Self titled 7" in 1995. Ebullition records gave a helping hand and put out the bands second 7" later that same year. Between 1995 and 1996 the band released 3 compilation songs and by 1997 the band finally released their debut called "All roads lead home" who Ebullition records also put out. The band shortly after ended. After some years Ebullition put out a digipak CD discography called All roads still lead home which includes all 19 songs plus a unreleased song. I have made myself a CDr that contains both bands in one CD since I do not have the discography comp and doesn't feature sinker. I still think Sinker is the pre to Amber inn while Indian summer is just its own new thing that sounds nothing like these 2 due to the instrument and vocal structure.

Amber Inn

Thoughts On Beauty/Perseverance 7"

Finality 7"

Amber Inn 7"

Serenity at hand 7"

All roads lead home 12"

Sinker's discography

Amber Inn's discography

Friday, September 9, 2016


I probably won't be back until October so this is a heads up but before I leave for the entire month I wanted to bring this up again. My buddy David from Open mind/Saturated brain (Dude who runs Zegema Beach Records) had some CD's for me and this is one of them. Ghost towns was one of the first posts I did and I had posted everything except this. It has been years for this discovery and it seems like there has not been any blogspot that has brought up this EP. I even found a shirt from this band on BEAR records for 2.50. Anyways this Manila folder CD has the bands first 4 songs recorded after 3 months of being a band. 100 of these were made and yeah that is all there is to it. Honestly I haven't even heard this yet and I wanted to share this will all of you before being absent for a while from this blogspot. This completes everything for this band now.
Oxen EP

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another sevenfold

This band was one of those "Buy this before you listen" lesser known late 90's emo/screamo type of bands mainly because nothing from them is out there to stream until now that I had run into this band I made it possible for everyone else. This band is from North Carolina that existed between 1997-2000 and during its lifespan the band only released a 3 song 7" and a full length CD. The band is one of those very obscure hit and miss emo bands not many of us spoke about. Right now no one ever mentioned these guys or ever heard of them I include myself to (Until now) the band will have some singing, some yelling and some screaming but above all this band is very emotional as hell. Like very emotional. I have never heard anything so emotional that can top it off. I am happy that I wanted to give them a listen. It's a bummer that this band was completely forgotten by most.

Thousand star serissa 7"


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Life in pictures

I had discovered this band when I was 14, a friend of mine had a mix cd that contained some bands and from those "some bands" it had 2 songs from this one that stood out the most. For a long time I never encountered the bands name. I don't even remember how I ended up finding this band years later. Perhaps in my senior year I had asked that guys younger brother about the mix CD and had said "Ohh this is Life in pictures" I tried gathering info which wasn't all that difficult to find although to find files on the bands only 2 releases is hard to find floating around. The band is from Arizona that began in 2000 between 2000-2002 this band never released anything although I heard some rumors that the band had some demos between that time but I can't confirm this since I have not seen any of these demos around. In 2003 the band released their debut EP called "Songs from the sawmill" these 5 songs share some catchy energetic post hardcore/Metalcore type of stuff that the vocals can even be considered in some form of "Screamo". I don't like metalcore all that much or at all I feel that bands intend to fail at that wild chaotic guitars and fast paced 0's on the guitar. Life in pictures was one of the few more interesting acts. Arizona is pretty known for its metalcore scene and honestly a bunch of bands are the same repeated structure influence from the next band that doesn't offer anything besides another type of this and that. Luckily Life in pictures had only 2 releases in which I think if the band was active to release more this band would fall in the same boredom. The bands debut has some songs that are similar to the next ones on that album and the only reason why I do not complain about it is because its their only full length. There is a huge transition to the bands EP from 2003 and their debut from 2005. Besides that it nearly took them 2 years vocally it changed although I wouldn't call it a huge big improvement it just sounds different. But not in the sense that the EP is better. I find both releases overall great. The debut "By the sign of the spyglass" was released by Pluto records. I am only familiar with the label since they released The Jonbenet's Ugly/Heartless and HORSE the band's R.Borlax, not familiar with any other release from that label. I believe the band broke up about a year after this release. Life in pictures seems like the band that should still be relevant because I mean if it caught my attention and I can barely bear this type of music I am positive many others would enjoy these 2 releases

Songs from the sawmill EP

By the sign of the spyglass

Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I am pretty buzzed and I felt like doing a miscellaneous post. I haven't done one in a while. You should be aware that I enjoy future funk and I finally bought my first future funk cassette under the name コンシャスTHOUGHTS and oh boy am I gonna shit on this. This tape mixes some okay vaporwave songs with future funk I like the future funk side more. The label Business casual sells these cassettes for 8 fucking dollars. WHAT A FUCKING LOAD OF FUCKERY RIP OFF. I shit you not this so called DIY non profit label sells cassettes for 8 dollars. These assholes are scam artists. I believed they had done pro dubbing but reality is they have not until recently. How are these cassettes 8 dollars? it doesn't even add up. I would consider never buying these cassettes from Business casual or any bullshit vaporwave/Future funk label. They obviously do not know how things work. You are not suppose to make up money on these releases ITS NON PROFIT TO BEGIN WITH. This is the very first tape release by this person. They had done a bunch of crappy vaporwave and some chillwave hip hop-ish beats but this tape is like chilling at the beach. It is not a bad release although the quality is mediocre at best. Not the worst or the best. Too bad shit labels like business casual have to release some decent stuff overpricing cassettes at a price that does not make sense. Most tapes run no more than 6 dollars but its normally at 5 since I am used to that price. コンシャスTHOUGHTS is great though and has done 2 other tapes I do not own and dumb ass people on discogs over charge for these used cassettes at 20 dollars. He has released some solid stuff lately. Noticeably the 2 song ep called Highlights. Anyways future funk is catchy and danceable. My digital download is different than the one from business casual. Mines actually include the 2 bonus songs that are on the cassette.
コンシャスTHOUGHTS bandcamp

Sun, sea, surfing

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Me Versus The Monster

Another "Obscure" type of posts today, I actually knew this band when I was around 13. For Christmas my sister was given a My Chemical Romance magazine (Yeah she was into that pop rock stuff) the magazine was a AMP one that came with a comp cd which luckily had no MCR songs. It had mainly mediocre bands, a lot of punk rock bands and a few pop rock bands. 3 bands sticked out the most one being Moneen, Crime in stereo and Me versus the monster. The only song I ever heard from this band was "Next of kin" I never got to listen to anything else by them. I actually could not find any info on this band what so ever. Between the years I simply could not find simply nothing until recently Interpunk has copies of the bands first 4 song EP called while amazon had the bands second and final extended play entitled "The resurrectionist" the band just faded away afterwards (Always the good bands that have potential fade out too soon) so about 10 songs were brought in by the band. This band has a whole lot of Fugazi/Four hundred years/Amber Inn/Shotmaker/The Hal Al Shedad 90's post hardcore influence which makes me like them even more. It's a real bummer this band is rarely mentioned and just completely forgotten. The band did release one music video for their first EP. I simply don't know how this band even broke up. They were just those mysterious rare finds that was a bit thrown within the mainstream side. I actually think they might have taken place in the 2004 or 2005 warped tour in the smaller sections of the shows. Although I can't confirm this but the name somehow sticks out to it but can be a false memory. There wasn't any of their music out on the internet so I had to really convert these, post them on youtube and post them on here. They do have shirts available on interpunk for 15 (Interpunk overprices things) and these 2 CD's are available on the same site and amazon. I have been waiting forever to listen to the other nine songs and I am very impressed on how this band turned out to sound like.

Eat.Sleep.Work.Die music video

Eat.Sleep.Work.Die EP

The resurrectionist EP

Monday, August 15, 2016

Those high school bands you will never forget

These guys were active between the time I was in high school, considering they were a bit local where I live these guys rolled with bands like Matsuri and Moldar. The band mixed a lot from hardcore emo and even a bit of a jazzy mathy jangly thing going on. The band released an instrumental demo, Spirals and Tenet. Some songs off Tenet were also in the a 5 way split with DEERS, Animal lover, MNWA and Pansori. A limited amount of copies were made for the band's 2nd album Tenet between both formats of CD and cassette. I bought mines a few years back from Radical friends records for one dollar. The band also have 2 unreleased songs Lyrics won't reach the audience blogspot had somehow obtained. Shit, I almost forgot about this band honestly. I don't want it to be forgotten. The drummer went on the drum for 10k I don't really remember where the other members headed to after this. Too bad Tenet never had a re-release in vinyl. It really deserves a vinyl release. Maybe this will never happen at all. The band has a bandcamp where you can download most of their songs exception of the 2 unreleased ones and the instrumental demo.

ColorChromatic/Deers!/Animal Lover/мища/Pansori 5 way split LP




Matsuri in the other hand I had mainly recognize them with the split they made with DEERS! and from there I had picked up on Matsuri's debut EP entitled "Whales". They had also released 2 other splits with Moldar, one that was a live split from Poo Haus and a split 12" called "Sell my pipe if you need to" this split in particular is amazing. Matsuri has a song that was never studio recorded called "Horsemask" which sounds very similar to the sounds of Moldar. Texas toast released this split using a manila folder while 300 records were pressed, This split comes with a poster and a DVD. Matusri finally did a debut and only LP called Endship which is a masterpiece and the main legacy of this band. The record represents beauty and unfortunately I never got to own this LP.

Whales EP

Matsuri/DEERS! split

Matsuri/Moldar split 12"

Moldar in the other hand existed as well between these 2 other bands. The band really did not release a whole lot during its active life. They had done a demo in which this demo was added to the bands first EP called "First five" they had also done a split CD with Calculator. These 2 songs were added to the bands final EP called Last five which I was able to score. It comes with a zine made by the band. Lastly there is also a unreleased song called "Decay" Mark himself was able to show me. After Moldar Mark went on to form Summer vacation I think he also formed Baby breath for a little while after Moldar. I don't know, Mark did a couple of other bands such as Ten thousand leagues, Dream caste (Who released one cassette) I was able to snag the 2 splits 10k made and Dream caste's cassette off from him when I met him on Calculators final show, he also formed the best of Winter break and as of now he is also in another great band called Heritage unit which reminds me a little of Ten thousand leagues. Moldar in the other hand may be one of the most emo bands he was in and possibly the very first. Vocally talented and instrumentally emotional. I made a discography for myself a few years ago that has the bands first five, final five and the unreleased song. A discography needs to be made for this some time in the future.

Calculator/Moldar split

Last Five EP