Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Secret smoker

It's October and I can tell the season is changing a bit. The nights get cold and there is more wind throughout the evening. Well I am about to head out to go to work. This graveyard shift kinda blows to be honest but at least I don't have to deal with people. By 4 AM the freeway is hella empty but its cool because I get to drive down in a pretty content mood then fall asleep all morning and wake up around 11 in the morning. Before I head out I 100% back this beautiful band up. I heard of them a bit before the bands debut came out, they had leaked about a song or 2 from the record sometime in 2013. When I first heard of it I had thought Secret smoker was a obscure band from the mid 90's re-releasing their only album but actually that is not even the case here. Secret smoker is a new band that just sounds like something coming out from 1996 or 1997. We don't normally get these type of bands today. I think of Secret smoker as a mix of bands like Hoover, Four hundred years, Car vs. driver, The Hal Al Shedad, Amber Inn, and State route 552. Very 90's post hardcore influenced. I really appreciate this record. Since its release I've been wanting to get it. Last year the label that put this out had a big cartel site and had a bunch of stuff for sell including this record and the bands shirt for like 5 dollars each I think so I snagged the two. Its really the best description I can give you. The band also has a split 7" and a live song on the Empathy compilation tape from Akashita corp. They are planning on releasing a second LP sometime next year or something but since there was a flood in the area where the band is from I believe the process to this might lag for this second LP to come. That Deathwish website has some of the LP's for sale I believe. If you really like those bands I had mention Secret smoker is another band to add on your vinyl collection. You can buy the record here.

Terminal architecture LP

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