Monday, September 28, 2015

The Hareste

After mentioning in my last post it be fair to put them on here. So I got this bands self titled 7" for free from the bassist of The Spirit of versailles (Ill never forget it) and well they are good. I had known them for a long while although not in the same year I discovered TSOV but the year after. This band released a 7", two songs on two compilations and a EP CD I believe under "A symphony of horror" They didn't leave much but these songs are available for free at bandcamp. One of them were able to post them all on there (Exception of one of the compilation songs) This is truly The spirit of versailles 2. You can click here for the bandcamp page.You don't need a video for this one since I provided you with the bandcamp page where you can stream those songs. I will still upload the 7" just in case for whatever reason. The 7" follows the identical steps of In line for halos and In loving memory's demo so it is in between those two just in case you are wondering.

s/t 7"

The Spirit of Versailles

It's all come down to this epic moment of screamo September especially for me, while I have been away I have slowly been discovering the new bandcamp math rock bands it only pisses me off that majority of them expect me to pay money for digital mp3's that are DIY nonetheless it is your music but it still feels pretty douchey I mean if you want to sell you can make some diy tapes or cd's in which I would gladly buy but the whole pay this amount for these digitals doesn't cut it for me. Well The Spirit of versailles, they were among the very first I had discovered they are the reason why I am doing this, the reason why I made this and the person I am today. They are the band that lifted me to the emo realm. I still find it stupid how people tag it as "Emo violence" (It is one of the stupidest silliest things I have ever heard next to "Twinkle daddies") But before I get into how awesome this band is I'd like to share a story on how I ran into them. It was sometime mid September when I was a Junior I had forgotten my mp3 player at the time and I honestly hated paying attention to school so I had asked a friend to let me borrow her ipod because she had some things to what I like at the time I also wanted to hear some new stuff she has so she didn't mind (she's a cool cat) I had the ipod on alphabetically and I ran into "Because there isn't enough hours in a day" I was practically mind blown in my english class that I had looked back into the ipod and saw that the band name was under "The spirit of versailles" she only had a few songs including the live ones off the discography cd, some from 8 songs and song two off the split. I told her about it and told me she would make me a cd for the next day but instead I went online and quickly downloaded the bands discography from that point on my music life changed. I slowly began finding other bands into which leads to today (All I know that was from the past and today) The spirit of versailles is not those bands you would hear on myspace or anything like that there's two different ones the high pitched early discography and the later on other half with different style of vocals yet the same vocalist trying a new thing. I honestly don't care for either one I love them equally. The best part of this band is that Init did make a discography cd that collects the bands vinyl stuff along with the later on tour cd and some live unreleased songs in a 2 disc set. I never had any chance of buying this cd until way later on when I was in college. I somehow came in contact with the later on bassist of the band in which he game me some free records from the spirit of versailles including The Hareste which I think he was in or produced (Either one I can't think to deep) but they had the same style tsov did. Honestly The spirit of versailles, The hareste and In loving memory carry on the torch of the identical like screamo style I really admire. It has a very nice passionate sound that really got me into screamo unlike Alesana these bands really brought in the raw feels (You just can't fuck with that) I am only missing one of the splits and the bands cd ep but other than that I have almost everything else. Thanks to Nolan (Off cloud nine) he released the 8 song tour cd to 12" and this is actually recent so if you don't have a copy you can go to off cloud nine's storenvy and buy it before they are gone forever. The spirit of versailles is truly a inspirations to me and a new way of looking at screamo or at least when I was new to it. There is nothing more refreshing than the noise of different tunes you are not used to but you like it so much because it sounds so real and even has some real feeling. I can't help myself to think that if I never ran into this band I wouldn't be here typing this.

In line for halos 7"

The Spirit of versailles/Saqqara split 7"

The Spirit of versailles/Caligari split 7"

Live on WNYU 7"

... Is Dead 12" (8 songs)
Buy it here

Discography CD

Friday, September 18, 2015

Beau Navire

After Haikus 4-3 years later Beau navire is born. I was one of the few people who knew Beau navire when they began, they were known as "Life Moves" back in myspace days (But it was sometime mid 2009) and I even think they did recorded 3 songs under that name known as the myspace demos, the two songs were later re-recorded for the bands debut 12" under Life Moves. One of the first records I ever owned was the split single sided 7" they did with Adobe homes. I was never able to get much from them besides these few releases and two shirts I was able to snag. I might have been the only one who was not so hyped after hearing the bands recent length done in 2012 called "Lumens" which has that Loma Prieta loud production style. I don't mind when Loma does that since it suits them for the records they pulled out but for Lumens it didn't work so well for me. Hours in the other hand was a fantastic record from 2011 which had a much dark/creepy/mysterious thing going on but full with emotions making it across the entire length (Kinda like a story) The bands splits were pretty great also the 8" split they did felt like that was the heart of Beau navire it had that Haikus feel a bit more.. Honestly the same can be said by the Suffix split they did which is my favorite split by them simply because Beau navire goes back to the same early Beau Navire roots and it is the only suffix 7" release. The band has been in hiatus for a good while (Last release was a split 7" with Republic of dreams which I liked the Beau Navire songs a bit more than the songs off Lumens. They almost draw back as b-sides off Hours or something but that is just my head. I hope to see this band release one more length at least something close to the sam production of Hours at least. I can't really post the other releases since I don't own them (I am being strictly honest with this post) so don't expect full on discographies from a band on here (I'll either post what I own or stuff that is under "Rarity mp3") If you just checked my I wrote haikus post this is stuff you should have on your pc stored in.

Demo tape
Te Lloraría Un Puto Río/Carrion Spring/The Discord Of A Forgotten Sketch/Beau Navire split 8"

Adobe Homes/Beau Navire split 7"

Life moves 12"

Beau Navire/Suffix split 7"

Collection of split songs
Hours CD

I wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook

As September screamo continues the weather is starting to change, more windy cloudy patterns.. It even rained but not so much. I wrote haikus was a short lived screamo "Soul punk" (As they describe) that lived throughout 2004-2005 I think? The band did a 5 track demo that were previously unreleased and a 8 song demo cdr that slowly spread out through the internet. The band then compiled most of the songs and re-recorded them for a discography 12" that was pressed a good few times and quickly sold out. Last November I was able to get me a copy of the LP an exclusive coke bottle color only 100 were done in this color. I honestly don't care much for color vinyl if it were plain black that would do it for me too. I do want to mention two songs off the 8 song demo did not make it to the discography for some odd reason and these two could've added more playtime. I wrote haikus is all over the place, loud and sad. The most memorable songs to me would be untitled 4,5,6 and 10 while 3, 7 and 12 are the most commonly known but also good. I am very glad to have found the band name interesting enough to check out years back. I always told myself to own the record one day. Discos huelga is still selling these for 5 or 6 dollars, it's very worthy of getting and very cheap discogs and ebay sellers are only trying to rip you off so don't fall for those ashholes and pick one up from the label before they are gone forever. This band had to go on here sooner or later and I think it was seen miles away. I always wondered how the shows they put out were, maybe reckless and sad I don't know since there is no live sets on youtube but the discography 12" will forever live on as a classic to the real screamo scene. The members went on to start all those bands you all know about like Beau Navire, Who calls so loud and the underrated "Xochitl" (Borderline I wrote haikus and Beau Navire)

Discography 12"

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Edict of Milan

I won't go on too much with this band, Edict of Milan were one of those bands I didn't know about until recently only because Off Cloud Nine released a vinyl version of the band's self titled cdr. It's about the same story just as Rue Morgue's 7". This 12" is also available at Off Cloud Nine's storenvy. Someone had ripped the cdr version and posted it somewhere on the comment section of the bands lastfm page and after listening to it I ended up buying it since I really enjoyed every single bit of it. The band often reminds me of Sinking steps rising eyes, In loving memory and somewhat of The Spirit of versailles. You can buy Edict of Milan's 12" by clicking here Its pretty awesome how this went up on vinyl years later. This is a band I also would like for you to have in your library and this also falls on my September screamo month.
Edict of Milan 12"

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

In Loving Memory

Am I so glad Init did a discography 12" of this that carries the bands only debut length and 4 songs off the split tape. ILM reminds me of what The Hareste was hell it is pretty much like a clone of The Hareste but that's okay in today's times because there is no other band that does it now (Except OCN) this LP goes in guns blazing each song becomes more powerful than the next (Just as how discographies work Init sold out of these copies but I am sure they can be found at amazon (Just where I got mine from) ehh there isn't so much I can blabber about on this one or I am just in a rush to just post this already. They are all angry, fast, loud and sad jams.. Yeah. That's pretty much how to sum this one up. This is some good ol' skool screamo.

Discography 12"

Rue Morgue

It's September and screamo month is about to being for me, this is a little thing I do because September was the month where I discovered half of this stuff when I was 16. I will explain the story at a different time but today is a fucking hot day I don't have much to do today morning so squeezing in this post wouldn't be such a bad idea. Here we have Rue Morgue this band was those bands that did a tour demo for the tour and ended right afterwards. I don't remember much of this band but originally this release was on cd years later Nolan (Off Cloud Nine Label) thought it be neat to release this as a 7" I was fucking excited about the news I did buy a copy way later but I had a special plan to pick this up soon (And I did) the band follows up of similar bands like The spirit of versailles, In loving memory, Edict of Milan (I ruined the future posts) but you get the drift if you are familiar with those. Nolan may still have copies at the Off Cloud Nine Storenvy for like 3 dollars I think. People who grew up to this band probably don't know there was a 7" format of this done recently. I only knew because of Off cloud nine and being a big nerd on the label. Do take time on picking up a copy of it. It's packed with 8 gnarly chaotic screamo songs (They are short since the 8 songs fit in the 7") but hey that means you can sit down and listen to the entire thing.

Rue Morgue 7"

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Some 7" records from K records in the 90's

K Records is a indie label from Washington and I have discovered some neat stuff off there like The halo benders (So far since I haven't looked too much into the label) but I feel that they are more memorable because of the 7"s they did in the 90's although Patterns make sunrise 7" was later distributed by the label. Originally the 7" was self released. I found PMS sometime... Well I honestly can't remember I do remember that it was because of lastfm, they might have been added as a similar artist as Lync (It's the best conclusion I can come up with) PMS had a decent chill indie rock vibe. I quickly got into them after listening to the 7" after browsing for info on the 7" K records had copies of the 7" being sold for 5 dollars and it was during a time K records was doing free shipping so I bought the 7" by the end of 2011 the 7" was one of the first records I ever bought next to The Pine Days slipping by, The Reptilian full health and Drive like jehu's s/t. K records still has copies out, its a good underrated gem to have. I like more of the 90's indie rock more than today's, today's indie rocks consists of the same rip off "Twinkly" riffs and they do get pretty boring after a while.

Patterns make sunrise 7"

Lync on the other hand was also one of the first discoveries along with Empire state games, I hate myself, Chune, Guyver-One and Boys life I found on a certain blogspot. I had never planned on owning anything from Lync because even the bands only full length is pretty expensive to grab but over the years I was lucky enough to find the bands very first single 7"s. These singles were later added to the bands second LP which is a compilation of the bands singles and a few unreleased songs entitled "Remember the fireballs (Part 8)" the cd has the entire collection of the 14 songs while the 12" is missing about 4 of the songs including the one of the songs from the singles "Lightbulb switch" but K records did pull these 3 records out in the early 90's. Lync can be characterised somewhat post hardcore/indie and emo while having a few emotional lyrics the band was able to combine all three elements. Kinda like with Patterns make sunrise actually. I do wish to run into "These are not fall colors" one day (the 12" version not the cd) along with the compilation (Probably the cd since it contains all songs)

Pigeons 7"

My two front feet/Lightbulb switch 7"

Mhz/Pan 7"