Sunday, March 26, 2017


I am back with a new post and I am sorry that I've gone for a while. I had some shit to take care of and in all honesty as music productive I had pushed myself less from the emo scene. In some way I haven't been attracted to it as much as I once was. Honestly, the French house, nu disco, future funk music scene has been getting to me lately that I am often ignoring this emo gem. This doesn't mean I will bounce from here of course. I still have plenty of stuff to post up here. Tramula (Another Caulfield records band) were a post hardcore band active between 1995-1998 releasing 2 7's, one split 7" and one LP/CD not to mention they also had done a demo tape session as well. The band is from Chicago and Caulfield records put out 2 of the 7"s and their LP. Their first LP was released sometime in 1996 while the second one in 1997. One of the songs from the second 7" was re-recorded for the bands LP. In that same year the band released a split 7" with a band called Nobuhjest which they seem like a shortlived band considering discogs only shows they made that split and a self titled 7". In 1998 the band made some rehearsal demos including a couple of instrumentals from Seven days awake along with some other songs that were not part of the LP. Finally their debut and final full length "Seven days awake" was put out by Caulfield in 1998 which the band shortly after disbanded. Traluma is pretty decent and really easy to listen to. The LP is a good record to start with since it is the main part of the band while the 7"s are just the build up of the band. It's a pretty great Caulfield band next to M.I.J's Goodnight radio (that was released a few months after this record)

Tell tale replace/Sweet tasting champagne 7"

Klondike revolution/Featherweight holiday 7"

Both 7"s and the split track

1998 demos

Seven days awake 12"

Monday, March 13, 2017


M.I.J was a emo band that began in 1994, they self released a demo an a full length. These had a more post punk sound but later changed once they released their debut 7" called 300 miles. Some people compare them to the promise ring but I absolutely find that band specifically boring. Jeff Hanson has a pretty unique voice in which I find it better than Sunny day real estate for that matter. 300 miles was released by one percent records in 1996. After a couple of years the band had their debut full length out on Caulfield records sometime in 1998 entitled "The goodnight radio" which follows the same pattern as 300 miles. I had found a CD copy of this one over at midheaven mailorder for 1 dollar so I snagged one for this post. The band broke up after this and Jeff Hanson did his solo for a bit until his death in 2009. He did make about 4 solo releases. MIJ caught my eye when I saw them on the Caulfield catalog. I do recommend checking the self released demo and other CD, I will just post up what I have of theirs which is 300 miles and the goodnight radio.

300 miles 7"

The goodnight radio

Thursday, March 2, 2017

End paths

I put this on hold for a while but now it's time to have this out. Skeletal lightning had this for pre order sometime in late August. You bet your ass I pre ordered this. First 100 pre orders came with a flexi that has a b side to a song that was not part of End paths and not part of the digital version either. I also ended up pre ordering the CD and cassette formats for this release. The sound off the flexi is pretty darn clear, I am actually amazed it was clear when I ripped it. I had posted this up on youtube but the band wanted me to remove it so I did but I think it has been some time and I believe the people who didn't get a chance to listen to it should now. I really love this LP the band fully matured out from those quick taps to something a little new. While it is a pretty short release (8 songs not including the b side) it feels a little limited. I still have not jammed to the cassette but I have played the LP and CD multiple times. The cd is a gatefold which I don't like because you can't replace the case if it ever breaks. The pressing on the LP is quite a few since other labels joined to release this. I happen to own the black press out of 150. You can purchase the bundle or whatever at skeletal lightning. It was long due for this band to drop a second LP that I almost thought this band ended too. While this isn't my favorite record or favorite release of 2016 it totally has its charm which makes it to my top list. The songs became more longer and it even has a slightly darker post hardcore vibe on most songs (Except End paths song) I do appreciate the new thing this band is doing now. It isn't those bands that changed the direction of sound and it sucks but it is rather interesting of a turning point actually. I do recommend picking this one up.

End paths+ Flexi


Have no idea how I even ran into these guys but I think it might have been when their song was featured on the kali mixtape volume 1. I loved their song off that compilation I decided to check their bandcamp. I ended up really getting into their split tape with Cerce. I only saw them once and that was in the GUID. I love everything about this band that their debut LP Spring break no parents was my favorite record of 2013. All I can say I was pretty mad that once this record was released nothing else of them came out for about almost 3 years. I believe this was the final LP Texas toast DIY put out because I directly ordered from them before the label called quits. One of the few minor things I want to add is that the early press version I have did not come with a lyrics sheet. I believe some of the early records had them missing including my copy but now there are some new presses of the record that includes this insert. I thought the band disappeared at one point until months ago the band were going to do a split 7" with a band outside the US called Pens+. I am familiar with this band a bit before this split. This happens to be PENS debut on wax. I do expect for leer to come out with a second and more lengthy LP next year. It was cool that Lauren records was behind this amazing split. I am sure a bunch of people went out and pre ordered it like I did. Since the bands existence they released a 5 song ep in 2011, a split tape with Cerce in 2012 along with a early demo from Spring break's LP that same year, Spring break no parents in 2013 and this split in late December 2016. I really want to see Leer have more releases. They will be playing in March at Bridgetown and I will surely not miss that show. Leer is probably one of the few active bands I like. Be sure to get their LP and split off Lauren records. It is the debut wax for Pens and I am not sure if they will ever have a North American release after this so this one is one you should totally grab. Remember "It's 2017 and people don't buy records anymore" fuck that guy who said that.
Purchase Spring break no parents
Purchase Pens+/Leer split

Spring break no parents 12"

PENs+/Leer Split 7"

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Anton Bordman's demo tape

Took me a while to get these, I ran into a guy on instagram who had this tape and promised me to send me the files. Well it took a lot to remember him because that was like a whole month I think. In the end he delivered his promise and now I present to you this bands obscure demo. It has songs off the 7"s but it includes songs that were also not part of those 7"s. Honestly the quality is really shit but it is what it is. It does sound like the tape was often played it has that worn out sound.

Anton Bordman

Fei Lung- Wonderful, wonderful times review

So here is another Parking lot records tape I received, this time its from a pretty new-ish band called "Fei Lung" this band is from Florida and to describe them is like listening to Flowers in gun barrels but also Flowers taped to pens at the same time. Fei lung is pretty interesting to me because of this. While the quality of the songs recorded aren't as studio like as of King slender cassette the quality of the tape does make the attempt to make up for it so in the end you still get a pretty clear sound very similar to the mp3 format. The slight difference are the first few seconds of starting the cassette you will hear a little bit of that hiss but it disappears once the band begins playing. Jordan who is a member of this band sent me this one along with their "Spooky tour cd" I was pretty excited about that tour cd. I won't give much of a review on the CD since I am more focused on the cassette. When I got these 2 releases the cd was used in that DIY material I enjoy looking at. Jordan told me the sleeves were used from Trader Joe's bags. While I liked this whole idea of how well put the sleeves were made I did run into one problem. The CD cannot be played in a player. At first I thought the CD had no songs but once I put the CD on my laptop and I saw that the CD does contain songs but I saw the format it was used. The CD is basically a DVD like format that is used in a sort of USB way so the player cannot read the songs because they were not directly ripped but the songs were copied and pasted in mp3 format on the CD. This CD does contain a early demo from the band. It rounds up to 16 minutes on this entire CD. I ended up making my own CD for this one. Again I can't give this any shit or a review for it because I want to focus more on Wonderful, wonderful times.
Spooky tour CD

Wonderful, wonderful times walks just the same as the bands I mentioned. It has a semi low fi quality but because the cassettes quality is pretty decent it really makes up for it. While it is not as good as King slender's demo it is still fair to say it is not in terrible quality either. While King slender had a match color of the artwork and the color of the tape, in here we get a slightly variation. I do admire the label on the cassette there is a slight more involvement than King slender's demo. Unfortunately the lyrics for this were handwritten but it is presentable and readable so to me that counts in still. Wonderful, wonderful times is a excellent debut release for this band. It shows the true musicianship and the sloppiness of what I enjoy about emo music the most. It brings back times when I used to play in a emo band and overall listening to this cassette is really fun. It is again one of those releases we will keep talking about in the future because it gives out perfect examples of other styles that are being completely forgotten now. A lot of bands lack on that style but Fei lung offers it but am I glad to see Fei lung doing this again. Overall this is a pretty solid release by Parking lot records. I am very excited for the future releases of this band. I would really give this a 5/5 because its really a reminisce release for me that quickly built up. Hell there is even a final 5th track which is a poem which really concludes to what this band is really all about. I think I may end up sticking with that 5 it deserves. It is a short release but I do enjoy these kinds of cassettes that stick to the point. If you aren't aware of this new band you should really check it out. I haven't looked at many modern bands at all but if this one grabbed my attention you know that means a whole lot. This is totally a must own. If you are not into short releases then maybe these 4 songs won't really do you much but if you are big fans of that sloopy 2 flowers or even haikus this is one you will want to grab and listen, it is truly a good experience.

Wonderful, wonderful times

Monday, February 20, 2017

King slender's Demo tape

Matt who runs Creation of minerals blogspot is in this new band called King slender, after discovering them and really getting into this demo I asked Matt if he can send me a copy of this tape. I normally never ask. I believe this is the second time I have asked (First time was when Sleeper wave wanted to be on my blogspot I got their demo tape) Matt gladly sent me one and after a few days I received it. I know I haven't done a full review lately. I've been concentrated on full band/information type of reviews without much detail. I do apologize and I will get into details from now on. Before I get into the discussion I want to slowly take it there. King slender is a new screamo band from Philly. A new label I recently ran into called "Parking lot records" put this demo out. I am familiar with a couple of other bands from this label such a Absent, Massa nera, Fei lung and Kings girls. Without judging the quality of the demo tape the quality of the band is superb. It reminds me a lot of those early 2000's screamo bands kinda like The fiction or Off minor minus the jazz. Perhaps a much heavier Bright calm blue (From Asymmetry set) without the spoken words thrown. I shit you not if I had no idea that King slender is a new band I would think its from that era. The tape has its normal looks, pretty presentable if you ask me. I think Parking lot records did a pretty nice job on the looks of this tape. It isn't all that fancy but for a demo tape it looks pretty much like a extended play. The only way you can tell if it's a demo tape is due to the sticker label on the tape that says "Demo" the tape comes with a small insert with lyrics (Bonus points on this) I honestly don't care if the lyrics are printed on the j card or come in a photocopy insert way as long as there is a lyrics insert somewhere this is a good sign for any tape. I normally like to listen and read the lyrics. Likely in between zoning out to the meaning of the songs. It is part of the reason why I listen to physical copies because it not only has a meaning of having it physically but reading it physically engages me to be more focused on what I am listening to rather than hooking my ipod to the player and reading the digital lyrics from my ipod. As for the whole aspect presentation value both Parking lot and King slender on this tape it is pretty great overall I can't judge too hard or find anything to shit on. To even see a label sticker on this that is printed you can tell there is effort being put in this beauty. After listening to the demo tape I suppose I can talk about quality. I never reviewed any parking lot records tape (I might want to now that it got me interested with the quality of this demo) but after listening and reading the quality is actually well done. You won't hear that low kbps on the demo tape. This is pretty actually fucking good. I also want to add that a lot of tapes I have ran into have that very low to poor quality and for this tape the quality is good so you also get your moneys worth on this if you decide to buy a demo tape. You will not be disappointed on the quality of this demo tape. I do hope the same for past PLR release. Most demo tapes I have come across have a pretty poor dubbing quality which I don't really shit on a lot since it is a demo tape after all but for King slender this demo is superb and a amazing one to add to your collection. In the recent years I have backed out of the more modern emo/screamo bands due to the same hype of Algernon/Snowing/Empire empire/American football carbon copies but bands like King slender and even the other PLR's releases I have heard proves that it isn't lingering on too much on the old tradition of emo or trying to hard to do that weird "Twinkly" math rock indie rock that most bands claim it to be "Emo" but slowly redefining emotive hardcore using some influence from previous emo bands while at the same time showing effort that it is new. I know it sounds stupid and there is no better explanation. It is possibly that emo revival is actually reviving since most bands that claim to be part of this "revival" end up being some silly pop punk band that doesn't know that there are bands Innards or Coma regalia that are as "Emo revival" as it can be. We need more bands that have that nostalgic feel that also sounds refreshing at the same time and King slender proved it to me which is why I give this demo a 4/5. Good quality, as well as the engineer who recorded the band did a fantastic job to make this demo sound like a studio quality EP and for the label and the band themselves for taking their time on releasing and making music that shows its old roots of emo while making it refreshing to listen. Perhaps if this wasn't a demo and/or had more songs I would definitely give this a 5/5. There isn't much flaws I can point out on this spectacular demo. It is simply one of a kind you will own and to talk about it in 10 years. You can download and/or buy this bands demo tape from bandcamp. There is also another link to PLR's store on King slender's bandcamp.

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Cloud mouth

I remember Cloud mouth when their 12" called "That ghost is always with me" was out but I did not put much focus on them. Cloud mouth is something between the sounds of Notongue, Daniel stripped tiger and Cougar den. This band is pretty bad ass nonetheless. I tried scoring every physical release of theirs but the outcome ended with me not finding their 4 song demo. The band is from Chicago that was active between 2008-2011. They ended up putting a 4 song demo, a 2 song tape, a split 7" with Cougar den, a 2 song live split 7", a 12" and a 4 song 10" called Keep well. They also did a split 7" with 3 other bands. Out of those 3 I am familiar with Brighter arrows and Grown ups. Cloud mouth's track is also on the 12" so I had no need to spend a lot of cash on that self released split 7". As for the "Wrecked. A live 7" contains 2 songs off the LP that was released months after this 7" the 2 songs are live from 2 different sets from 2 radio stations. Just about their entire discography is equally good to me. I can't decide whether Keep well or That ghost is always with me is better than the other or the other way around. BEAR Records has copies of That ghost and Keep well for less than 5 dollars. It is your best chance to get it off of there, you can buy the LP here for 4 bucks and the 10" here for 3.20

Demo CDr

Freak/psych/fuck cassette

Cloud mouth/Cougar Den Split 7"

Wrecked. A live 7"

That ghost is always with me 12"

Keep well 10"

Sunday, February 12, 2017


I've been sorting my life a bit which is a pain. I had finished college past August and now I am just waiting to get something in the mail which will be the ceremony for graduation date. Now that I will be getting my AA in general studies I am pretty happy to say for the least part that I walked down a path that was dream like. Now that I got school stuff out of the way I have been thinking of maybe moving to Arizona, Yuma sometime in a year or so and get away from the big city. Enough with life, Notongue (Also known as tongue was a short lived band from the bay between 2012-2013. It shared members of Calculator and Matsuri. The band released a 4 song tape and a 7" called Body+mind. I saw them once during the growing up is dumb vol. 1 fest next with other bands such as Calculator, La bella and Adventures that night. I talked to the vocalist about the 7" that night. He didn't give me a exact date but said sometime next month or so will the 7" be released. That night I believe they played about most of their songs. Dwanta was the most noticeable and the best experience to listen to live. I remember the crowd began dancing than moshing. Even I got in the groove and began to dance. It would definitely be one of the best shows I have seen. Notongue resembles similar to both previous bands I mentioned. I think the tape sounds more Matsuri influenced though. I was able to snag a copy. Shawn Decker of middle man records should be selling these still for at least 3 dollars. The 7" comes with a zine (Or at least mine did) Both the cassette and 7" were under Kyeo speaks (A label that was run by Mark from Moldar/Summer vacation/Winter break/Ten thousand leagues/Heritage unit) 400 copies of this record was made, 300 of them were as a normal press while 100 were promo's I am not sure about the difference between the 2. This is some pretty fucking good shit that just amazes me on how kinda pissed off I am because only 2 short releases were made.

Body+mind 7"


Here is another band I saw for the last time in January 2015 was it? or 2016? Sophie, La bella and Ten thousand leagues. While speaking of the show. Sophie was a band similar to Calculator. I think this show was their debut or one of the first ones but to conclude the band ended. They released a 3 song self titled EP on cassette. They did have more songs though, I at least heard about 2-3 others. Calculator was a band I had mix feelings when I heard them on the split CD they made with Moldar when I was 16 (Posted this split CD on Moldar's post). While I loved Moldar Calculator in the other hand wasn't so good. It wasn't until they compiled all of their songs into one LP called These roots grow deep which included the bands debut EP, the split songs with Moldar and even had other songs that were intended to be on a split with another great band during its time called John Cota. I ended up buying this record once it was reissued in 2013 since I didn't buy the first press when it came out. I have to say after a while I did not hear much about this band since their last release with Moldar in 2009. Sometime in 2011 this band came out with a new 7" called New forms. The band did a lot of shows during that time. As for 2012 I feel blank since I don't remember how active they were. But then they revealed a LP coming out. During GUID fest they played almost every new song from their new LP "This will come to pass" it was probably some of the best songs calculator made, the band matured and sounded more heavy like. I was pretty tired 10 minutes after their set due to La bella and Notongue getting me exhausted. I remember I felt like fainting and I was in the middle of everyone pushing each other. I am amazed I didnt collapse. By the end of the show my show buddy Eduardo had a lot of water and we both just chugged that big ass bottle. On the ride back home I looked out to the window and kept thinking to myself "This fucking record is going to make me scream" After a year the band was featured in a great split between other great bands like Itto, Innards and capacities. Something happened between the label and the band and told a few people not to buy it. I was pretty close to get myself one of these since I love Innards and Calculator but the songs on their split were a bit of a miss and not so memorable. Those songs from calc ended up on a 3 way split CD with some bands outside of the US. I did not know of this until their breakup. After some months the band did one of the final shows. One was in Oakland or something and the day before it was at Bridgetown at La puente. Members ended up splitting between the bands Crush, Ten thousand leagues and Never young. I was lucky to pick up their final 7" from that show but I do regret not getting their long sleeve shirt. They made a discography CD called "Everything" reason I did not get this is because the case/sleeve is paper and that seems too fragile for me. Calculator earned its way to my heart even though I used to kinda make fun of Jeff's screaming style during These roots but eventually it made me nod.

Last show (You can see me there)

These roots grow deep 12" (Demo songs included)

New forms 7"

This will come to pass 12"

Calc 7"

The sound of young America