Tuesday, April 17, 2018

The knifeswitch

I am back on doing my regular thang, finding rare oop records and converting to mp3. The knifeswitch was a band that existed sometime in 2003 and 2004. I don't know what else they made but discogs only marks this as their only release. I had converted this and added this on my youtube account weeks ago but it is time to add them to this archive. It's a simple 4 song 7" I honestly had fun listening to this gem. It was pretty dope hearing this for the first time. I think my favorite songs lay on Side B though. This has that thisendlessbreath type of bands flare that i was lucky to stumble upon and randomly buy. I have yet to be disappointed from my random vinyl encounters. Here is a really fucking cool one for you guys, gals and helicopters.

It's a beast... It's for the band 7"

Antioch arrow

Last Gravity release/band I will be mentioning on here. Antioch arrow was a emo/hardcore band from the early/mid 90's from San diego that has that typical Cali emo sound from the time. You know the goofy silly sloppy punk emo hardcore stuff going on. I fucking loved playing their discography CD... Well it is a semi discography CD. You see, this CD contains the bands debut, EP and their split with candle alongside with some live tracks. Antioch also released a second album in '95 but never made it for this compilation for some strange reason. Normally discography CD's has almost everything. Normally what I see missing for discog CD's are like Demos or some compilation songs but never a full release. That's like if Portrait's of past discography only includes the demo tape and the live songs from the LP. Reason why I didn't bother getting Gems of masochism is because it isn't part of Gravity records. It is a amazing release which sounds alike Wheeljack, Wolves of Greece and even Clikatat Ikatowi or even A trillion barnacle lapse (The mid releases). It's some pretty fucking cool shit. I love the little piano keyboard added on some songs. The reason I am bringing up some releases from this label is because it deserves it and it was what shaped up what emo is today or at least the cool ass bands that don't rip off other bands. Gravity records should be a label you are familiar with if you are into that 90's emo shit. It was the label which later introduced Heroin. I think they were active same time as AA, Swing kids and Mohinder.

In Love With Jetts/The Lady Is A Cat CD

Monday, April 2, 2018

Clikatat Ikatowi

Every bandcamp band tagged as skramz, emo, screamo, twinkle daddies are the same carbon copies of other better bands. Change my mind
As I have said before, I am no longer looking out for any new modern bands. Most are just the same bullshit I already heard 50 times from other bands 8 years ago. I rather stick to some old bullshit. Clikatat Ikatowi was also part of the Gravity records family in San Diego releasing a demo tape, one full length an EP and a live album. Clikatat sounds very alike Antioch arrow to me. So if you know Antioch arrow then you likely know Clikatat. The drummer was part of other bands (Memorable for Thingy and Hot snakes for me) while Scott from Heroin joined this band. I always see their album "Orchestrated and conducted by" as a Self titled for some dumb fucking reason confusing the shit out of me when I first discovered them. People probably don't know how to read a fucking album title in the front. I like the bands demo and first LP. River of souls is good but its short. I usually feel whatever about live albums. C.I is a pretty well sounding with emotive hardcore and at times mixing it up with some math rock almost like Blame game in some sense. Just like every fucking good band, they ended in '97.


Orchestrated and conducted by

River of souls EP

August 29+30 1995

Saturday, March 24, 2018


I've been more lazy to go on here often. My bad. Going back to more CD's I got under Gravity and shit and today I will be going a little back to the late 80's. Heroin was another band from the San Diego scene of the screamo punk stuff. This band consists of self titled albums with a total of 18 songs. All about Heroin in '91, a self titled 7" in '92 and a self titled LP in '93. This was all wrapped up as a discography CD under you guessed it. Gravity records. Members of this band were from End of the line, Antioch arrow, Second story window and I believe one of them were in Clikatat Ikatowi. Angel hair and Mohinder might have been involved with this band too reletavely. Heroin to me sounds like Clikatat and Antioch arrow it's as simple as I can put it. Its a fucking shame that all the real "punk rockers" at my school never knew anything about this scene but rather a boring ass movie called SLC punk. I kinda wished I was around the time this shit was going down so this post wouldn't be short and simplistic. Instead I got stuck to bullshit like Snowing and Tiny moving boys or whatever that band is called.

Discography CD

Monday, March 12, 2018

Angel Hair

I am back and the rest of this month I will bring up some really important bands from the early/mid 90's (mostly Gravity releases) these hardcore bands had done a big impact on later bands. Angel hair was a emotive hardcore band from Colorado but later relocated in San Diego. Angel hair had 3 releases in '94. 2 split 7"s and the bands debut EP 7". Although most of the bands material was recorded out in San diego in 1994 between March through November. Only their split with Bare minimum was recorded in Denver sometime February. 17 songs were brought to the table over the year lifespan this band had. It wasn't until in 1997 they got a proper Discography CD's I do enjoy the songs off the LP "Insect mortality" it reminds me of Guyver one a lot. Shit, who knows. Maybe Guyver got influenced by this band the year after. Angel hair is probably great due to its aesthetic hardcore sound. What I like about this month is that I will throw a good couple of my favorite Gravity CD releases that I have on me. Angel hair is one of the cool discog CD's done by Gravity recs. I am sure by now many of you know who Angel hair is but if you don't it would be cool to download this one off of me. Typically discography CD's are just referred to as a "Discography" Angel hair did a little something titling the album. People still question me to why I buy discography CD's when I can just download them 'cause you fuck its not the same shit you get. After Angel hair, one of the members wnet on to form The VSS.

Pregnant with the senior class

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Lion of the North/MANS.

My apologies for taking my damn time. As for an update Antilles finally released a posthumous album that was recorded sometime in 2012 and is now out on vinyl. Pre orders will contain cassettes of the bands last songs recorded in 2013 as a EP (About 20 or so) so whenever I receive that in the mail I will post both releases up.

Lion of the North began with a self released EP under The compass calls in summer 2007. This EP was repressed a few times between that same year and 2008 (Kid sister was involved) at the time this band had so much fire that many bands from today try to copy. Unfortunately as with Staph's Keys EP this one never made its way as a vinyl release and likely will never see that. The compass calls mixes it up between some math rock tapping on a song and some harsh screamo. This bands fate was just like MANS. in 2008 when both bands broke up. Lion of the North quickly went on as Staph right after which also lasted about a little less than a year. To Conclude this band lasted over a year with 6 songs. The compass calls will never be released officially as a vinyl release and your chance to get the split 7" is to act now before those are gone forever. The split never happened because Lion of the north broke up then about 6 months later MANS played at a fest and ended.
The Compass Calls EP+Split w/ MANS.

MANS. from Chicago began sometime in 2006 while releasing a instrumental tour demo. About a year after the band released another tour demo but this time as what the band had imaged. The second demo sounds rather more promising and quiet amazing quality for a demo for the most part. The band had then intentions of releasing a split 7" with Lion of the North but instead did a pre release with a CD format for the tour. After tour this wax release never happened due to both bands quitting so there was no point. It wasn't until a few years ago Kid sister everything released the split 7" that should have happened in 2008. Sleeves on that vinyl are fucking amazing and so much effort can be shown. The song on the split seems to be the most memorable one from their short discography. In 2013 the band got back together to play at some fest and recorded 2 songs that were played 5 years ago (from 2008) but were never recorded until now and released it as a cassette under again Kid sister fucking everything. It comes with a patch and the quality is rather decent. I believe there is one 2013 tape left and about a couple of the split 7"s I was lucky to have got the CD version of the split (pretty good collectors item)

MANS./Lion of the north split (CD version alongside the vinyl version)

Tape 2013

Monday, February 12, 2018


More to continue, I am sure not many know who these guys are and it is likely because they didn't stick out for long. Staph (Ex Lion of the north) existed between 2008. They released a 3 song EP CDr under Kid sister everything and also released a song as a split 7" with Antilles under Inkblot (Same guys who released Loma's first EP and that small trilogy volume split they had going on in 2008) Can't say much since it was 4 songs they did and were one of those forgotten hardcore screamo bands from the myspace era. I do hope Kid sister everything releases some sort of 7" or 10" for the Keys EP. The split with Antilles can still be purchased from Inkblot (Shipping is free in the US)

Keys EP+Split track with Antilles


So I am at this kid sister everything mini rampage for February. I've been wanting to do this since mid last year but from all the other posts I had put up last year I decided to wait for this month to get all these bands down. Up next is Antilles. Super fucking cool band from Ohio. 2 releases were under KSE. This band started out in 2006 releasing a split CD EP (The only physical release I am missing) up to their last release in 2009 under 2 splits which were with Mountain asleep and another with the band Staph. The band was pretty dope and especially on their only LP that KSE recently put out on vinyl (A year ago?) it was originally as a extremely limited CD but it finally made its appearance as a double LP not long ago. The sleeves and packaging is just as beautiful as the record sounds. Originally the Self titled EP was self released as a CDr and about a year later it went on as being a single sided 12" next to the bands 2 song EP called My empathy that was also released the same year as the self titled as a cassette and the following year being put as a 7" along with a repress in 2010. Antilles is the band that can sound a little mathy between the bands debut full length and on some of the splits. Don't know if the members went on to do other things. I would say Antilles is for people who like Cougar den, MANS. and Cloud mouth. It has that catch from the late 00's (2008-2009 era)

Antilles/The Juniper Wait Split CD EP
Antilles/Trifle Tower Split 7"

Antilles 12"

My empathy 7"

Beholder/Destroyer 2x12"

Antilles/Staph- Volume 3 7"

Mountain asleep/Antilles Split 7"

Thursday, February 1, 2018

Mountain Asleep

So February is here and I realized that about an hour ago, David is doing some cool stuff on his Open mind/Saturated brain I had given him a file of some old Dawn treader jams i had on me for a while (I am really excited to see that)
I was away for about 3 weeks I believe and I promised some Kid sister everything records that I have.
Mountain asleep was a sort of hardcore/math rock band that existed between 2007-2010 (or 2011). The band put out a 7" called Smile medicine while they also made a split 7" with Antilles (They will be my next mention) there is also a 5 song demo they did and sometime there was a full length called "Hello, anxious" that never came out but the songs were recorded but to me they sound like demos so maybe never mastered out? it has most songs from the demo with a couple of new ones. Mountain asleep sounds like the math rock version of Boyfriends to me. It was a band I wished i saw more from. I had heard of the band right after Smile medicine was out but at the time I wasn't too focused into gathering records and all. Overall they were pretty energetic and sounded like they had fun being a band the entire time. The split with Antilles there are 2 versions and the version i have is the limited repress of 50 copies and as for Smile medicine there were 200 in yellow vinyl and 100 in black (the one I have) I would have liked to see some sort of release for Hello, anxious though even if they have that demo sound.

Smile medicine 7"
Mountain asleep/Antilles 7"

2007 Demo + Hello, anxious demos
Live @ Skull alley 2010

Saturday, January 13, 2018

One more dream

Another band that fell to obscure. Sometime within the late 90's this Canadian band self released a 6 song EP called When we were kids. Other than that I wish I can give out more info. Some pretty cool Braid-ey/Join'r stuff. Because it is self released running into a copy would be very difficult but luckily someone ripped the CD and somehow put these songs out. The only downfall is that it gets played out because the 6 songs sound alike but because it=s a EP this is pretty satisfying due to the only songs being made. Because I am doing these sorts of posts that are not part of my collection for January I will try to fill up as much as I can for this month.

When we were kids EP