Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Drowning with our anchors

Well shit I am back with a fresh start. After being absent I figured a way to post stuff on here still. So I basically will start taking my laptop to my office. From now on I will start doing that on here. I also want to add that I probably won't use mediafire for a while. My works wi fi doesn't allow me so I will use google drive instead. Drowning with our anchors was one of those screamo bands that have very long songs. Not to worry they are not all about those slow post rock bullshit breakdowns. If anything it reminds me a little of Funeral diner. They were a band from the poop city of San Francisco. The band lasted from 2007-2010 if i am not mistaking releasing very little material, a 3 song demo called Dark funeral in a gloomy file, a 7" single, a split 7" with a band from Mexico called Maladie and finally the closest full length release called You can never go home (Basically has 2 re-recorded songs from the 3 song demo). I dig the LP even thought for a 4 song LP its a little ridiculous to be a long play but then again Behind closed doors made a 2 song LP years ago. Breathing lessons 7" is basically one song split into 2 sides. Side A has the actual song while side B just has the whole long outro ending to the song. A little fucking weird and uneccessary to flip the 7" to side B but that is just me. It was recorded sometime in February '08 a few months later in the fall of that same year the band recorded the 4 song LP. Fuck man I don't have much else to say considering I am a little fried at the moment. The band wasn't a complete miss. I remember there was a few mentions when the LP was out but at the time there weren't mp3's or bandcamp stuff so I never bothered until 3 years ago I decided to buy a extremely cheap copy from BEAR records along with a cheap copy of Breathing lessons on discogs. The only record I am missing is the split but I am not all that crazy about hunting that one down. Good band with a short discography and long songs. I have no idea what these guys went on to afterwards also considering the band is from the US they had help from a label out in Europe (Same label that put out that Chino Horde discography 2xLP) I would have assumed the LP on DWOA would have been a US release, explains why it was a miss for me to get for so long. You will have some luck on discogs or some distro label.

Dark funeral in a gloomy file [In rain]

Breathing lessons 7" (Split song w/ Maladie included)

You can never go home 12"

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