Friday, May 29, 2015


I've been absent a lot here and May doesn't look like I did a lot of posting on here. I've been lazy and my mind has been in many other things but I still like sharing some music I personally own with you guys. To make it up I brought Cursive with me today, I know I took a while on that The Pine post so to make it up I will now talk a little bit about this band. Cursive was a indie rock band from the mid 90's and honestly that is all I remember them by I stopped looking forward with the band after Domestica although Domestica is a great album (Not my favorite by all means) and may disagree and still think they play great well I honestly like the old Cursive plus the bands debut album was released under Crank! A record company (Ohhhh yyyeeeaaahhhh) While both the 12" version and the CD are very rare to get I ran into a cheap used copy of Such blinding stars. I got into the band or should I say discovered them once I saw moneen saying they were influenced by Cursive as well some way I decided to check them out sometime in the late summer of 2008. I honestly like the early 7"s along with The storms of early summer, the split 10" they did with Silver Scooter and Domestica. I also ran into the bands compilation of 7"s (I have both versions CD and 12") I just couldn't miss those. If you know Cursive but you only know them by the recent discography (which they did change and I believe it was because of the bands first break up although I would say they were in haitus before releasing Domestica 2 years later after The storms of early summer) you may be curious on early Cursive. Honestly this is all I am sticking to, I still think Such blinding stars is one of my all favorite 90's indie rock next to Vitreous humor. On my next post I will probably start on more modern bands old school emo kids may not be familiar with. Both records have been out of press since or at least Such blinding stars has.
Such Blinding Stars For Starving Eyes

The difference between houses and homes

The Pine

Maybe I should talk about this band (This post took me weeks because I was very lazy, I am sorry) I had plans to save this one later for the year but I don't have plans picking up the few releases I do not own. To start this one off The Pine was presented to me by the blogspot Lyrics won't reach the audience. The only releases that were posted digital in the blogspot were the 14 track self titled, homeless life and lead blocks for feet. Over time I started seeing Days slipping by, The Saddest Landscape split, La Quiete Split and Don't need regret as digital files. The Pine wasn't flashy to me when I first heard them and to be honest I didn't get into Roger King's voice not until I one day became used to it that I ended up liking the band for having there own sound although heavily influenced by bands like Evergreen and The Hated, The Pine's vocals are more high pitched and whiny in a way it won't annoy you but to realize they have a cool thing going on. For a band that lasted 5 years they put out a lot of material. Over the years many misc. CDr's and tapes have been popping out on the internet such as the legendary demo tape where vocalist/guitarist Roger King played drums in along with some acoustic live sets and a 8 song demo tape of some sort with demo versions of days slipping by and a few early versions of the splits and compilations. Although I am only posting what I have, check Desperate and lonely blogspot for The Pine's entire discography here. It is one of my favorite blogspots. I don't know any other blogspot that does it as good as this one. I don't know how much money I had spend on merch from The Pine from the 3 shirts I have to the records I own. The Pine is simply known as the band I fell in love with because of its emotions.

The Pine CDr (Only the songs that did not make it on the compilation self titled CD)

The Pine CD

Homeless Life 7"

Lead Blocks For Feet

Days Slipping By

Don't Need Regret

Monday, May 11, 2015

Cars Get Crushed

I was introduced to them sometime in 2009 as well (The stranger was the first one I heard) well it didn't take long for me to forget about this band but I ran into them again and well... I pretty much collected the bands almost complete discography. Cars formed in the mid 90's. They had a experimental form with each release. They would often mix indie rock/emo/post hardcore/alternative in the songs, the only release I didn't get was the bands full length that was on cd, I didn't get it because the band changed dramatically in that length, it is often much more calmer next to the bands second 7" aka Warped speed/Hey sister vampire but it was only in cd format. I wouldn't want to go spending 12-15 bucks on a cd format. To tell you the truth I like to give the blogspot Desperate and lonely credit again for this one. I am honest and I love that blogspot in particular who also mentioned this band. I am not sure what ever happened to the members they are probably still around California (Band based location)
s/t 7" (Dejavu)

Drag Explosives 12"

Blue and West 12"

Warped Speed/Hey Sister Vampire 7"

Evolution to thrust
This might have been sometime between the 2 LP's


I haven't been here in a while but I am back to make up for it. There will be times where I will not go on here for a while, I wanted to give a quick intro to Anasarca. This band formed sometime in 1994 where they released a 4 song demo tape. During the next years as a band they only had 2 releases on 7", a 2 song 7" and a final song on a split 7" roughly 7 songs were done. A discography was then made and a limited 12" version of the discography. I believe I heard these guys sometime in 2009, it is a damn shame they did so little for a 3 year active band. Since they were around the 90's they mix heavy elements of hardcore and emo (This is not the metal band). It is simply something anyone can get into besides, 7 songs doesn't hurt.

The lyrics to the LP are in the front and back cover of the 12" (I don't see many bands doing that)

1994-1997 Discography