Sunday, July 30, 2017

AEN Update

I have plenty of stuff to go over this year and next year, I will be throwing a lot of underrated emo gems at you guys. Anyways, I wanted to add some small news. If you don't know I will be doing video reviews of some of the records I have added here to get a more visual review than a blogspot. I will continue to post here but as well I recommend subbing to my youtube channel (Link is on the right side of this page) besides reviews I will add releases up there too. I really want to get active here and there on this stuff. I have done a few vlogs but I don't see myself doing a whole bunch of those though. Maybe like once a while but my main focus will be on reviews. SO far I did a short easy review on Angel falls Music on vinyl 7" I will do about 2 others in August. Be sure to check them out. Cheers.

Here is a jam I have been listening to all day today

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Bring our demise

There hasn't been much going on with me this month. I've been feeling a bit more positive with things in life as of now. Been trying to keep myself stress free with life and all. So this is something Nolan is currently working on as of now, this is pretty much where it is at. He began with this project in spring 2016 and released a 2 song demo tape under "Demonstration" I fell in love with his new project that has some metalcore yet some little screamo lingering. After some length of time he released a second 2 song demo tape which has a better progression of the first demo tape. I fell in love with it so bad that I ended up buying almost everything under Bring our demise. The second demo tape just has so much passion built around it. Right now he is working on a song for a compilation and stated he will work on a EP for this fall so I see about maybe 4-6 songs later this year. I am very hyped for his new band right now and to me this is all that really matters next to Secret smoker's upcoming LP+Heavy mantle and if Innards ever releases their full length. The second demo tape was released under another label Nolan works on called Heal which all profits helps with animals. Being such a big cause I really do recommend picking both cassettes or at least the second demo tape from Nolan. You can pick it up here I won't post the second demo tape on here just yet. I rather have you guys support this one since it goes to animal shelters and such.


Atrocities Against the Environment and Life

Friday, July 21, 2017


July has been one of the least active times for this blogspot this year but I am back with another post. After Nolan no longer continuing with Off cloud nine and The truth about dreaming. He began with another label under Coercion cassettes. This time he focused on another sort of genre. He began working on a project under XEradicateX and released 2 demo tapes Vengeance is just and Conflict of kill or reason between late 2015 and early 2016. He then compiled both demo tapes into one making a 5 song EP entitled "End the suffering" It has a little thrash sound to it. Don't expect any type of XttadX on this release. It is something new Nolan attempts and I feel like he succeeds. I don't think he continued to go back to XEradicateX since it's been a year since. But if you like any of Nolan's projects you sure ass hell will like his new stuff on Coercion. You can pick up this tape here

End the suffering EP

Sunday, July 16, 2017


I am back again my dudes. So let me present you with this short lived band. Yes a short lived band. Grayson existed between 2002 and yep. That whole year was when they were around. The band released a tour EP called "Whatever works" 4 simple emo songs about break ups or whatever. Pretty typical sound. Justin (Bassist of Stillwell and the guy who runs Forge again records) was in this band also a member of Wafflehouse was in this band too. Grayson later released a song on a split 7" with Rescue and kicked off with a short tour. Now the bands 5th song is probably the best one of this bands short discography. It was also one of Forge again's early releases. Grayson did about 5 songs and lasted maybe less than a year. There isn't much else to be said about these guys besides what I mentioned here.

Whatever works EP

Split 7" w/ Rescue

Whatever works EP+Split 7" w/ Rescue

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

A trillion barnacle lapse

I am trying to wrap up on Off cloud nine so I can bring up the new label Nolan is running now called Coercion records... Well now he runs a second label called Heal which started a few days ago and had its first release. Well this band is pretty old, they started off in the late 90's as a screamo Spirit of versailles/In loving memory-esque style. They released a 7" and a split 7" with the last 40 seconds. There were 3 unreleased songs due for a split with As the sun sets but it never came through. So about 10 songs came in like this. The band switched styles with their debut. Honestly from here on I couldn't go through deep with this band. I do like their debut but its not good enough as the earlier 10 songs. The band lasted 2 more full lengths and a couple of songs for a fourth unreleased album. In honesty the other stuff sounds the same and pretty average like. I will post those 10 songs instead though. They sound more like something off The truth about dreaming or something. Nolan released a compilation tape that features some songs from their albums plus all the 10 earlier tracks (I'll keep it at those songs though)

A selective memory

Under a sky so blue

I am back with some Off cloud nine, I have had a shit week after someone tore my heart out and what not. I tried keeping my emotional and physical self busy. Since Monday I have been feeling a bit content though. I already had my 10 minute cry almost 2 weeks ago and I feel ready to move on. I have recently been working out and just killing it at that with some boxing skills and I also been watching the show Lost. I haven't really got much on here but I think to keep myself busy I will start posting here more often. I wanted to bring this fine band up I found on Off cloud nine about 2 years ago. They released a 2014 demo tape with 4 amazing songs, sometime after they released a 5" split with The truth about dreaming and then after a split 7" with Celebration in which both bands are incredible. The band did a 2015 demo tape with 2 rough tracks from the newest EP tape they put out this year. The band overall I like it but they have been active since 2014 and haven't put out much music (2 demo tapes, 2 splits and a EP tape) I really liked their split 7" with Celebration. Both bands are really great. You can catch that 7" at off cloud nine for 3 dollars.

2014 Demo tape

Split 5" w/ XttadX

Split 7" w/ Celebration

2015 demo tape