Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Nolan Gate

After a few years Paul from Mothman went on to form this band. It's less mathy and more metal like but god damn is this band catchy ass hell. I certainly find myself listening to the bands first 2 full lengths the most. Something about this band just has a great catch. The vocals are smooth, not generic and screaming. They just fit so well. This band still does a few things here and there last year the band released a free 5 song EP on their bandcamp. It has that Mothman metal thing but just more heavier. I guess some songs have some math rock structure but its just a good 3 or 2. Rocket science gave me a free cd of this band in which he told me Paul is doing a slightly similar thing still under The Nolan Gate. I really admire this bands work a lot. I just hope this band still puts out more releases. They have existed since 2001 and have only put 2 full lengths and 2 EP's. Just hope there is more shit along the way.

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Monday, April 24, 2017


Mothman were a 3 piece hardcore/math rock band from Jersey within the early/mid 90's so before The dillinger escape plan Mothman did it first. The band put out 2 demo tapes, 2 7"s and 2 split 7"s. 2 of these records were released under Rocket science records which were the split with Okara and their final 7" called Poison arm. They didn't leave a whole large discography but these guys did form The Nolan Gate in the early 00's (I will talk about next) Mothman played with other great bands like The Dahlia Seed, The Hal Al Shedad and The Stella Brass. I really like the work from all of their releases mostly. The self titled 7" is the most memorable though for me if I were to choose. My copy came with a letter from Paul written back in the day when this 7" was released. The split with Okara is a classic to math rock fans from the mid 90's so I admire that record hella a lot too and one of my favorite releases from Rocket science records. The label is giving these out for free as long as you pay the shipping so I would snag one before they are gone forever. I believe the shipping is just 3 dollars. You can check it out here. I also want to add that the untitled song from the Dahlia seed split is the same one off Poison arm so there is no need to add that here.

Demo tapes

Mothman 7"

Mothman/Okara split 7"

Poison arm 7"

Sunday, April 9, 2017


Sightblinder was a short lived band from Nashville, Tennessee that self released a 11 track demo tape. Few years back I was given this demo tape for free. I have nothing much to say than that they played with other bands I am familiar of like The caution children, Laika, and flesh born. The band started in early 2014 and disappeared in June or July without notice. The demo tape is pretty similar to Mahria and Lord snow just with some extremely short songs. And that is the way she goes. I am sure many of you don't know of this band. Shit, neither did I until 2015. They seem pretty forgotten due to their short existence as a band.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Cassettes on fire

This band was one of those myspace era bands from Florida. 2007-2008 had some really good active bands and possibly the most memorable considering I was 17 at the time. Lion of the north, Cheer up! Sleep patterns, Boy problems, Ghost towns, Lautrec, The reptilian, Native, etc. Cassettes released one full length and 2 splits during its run. Might sink ships has the most memorable songs of theirs. The entire 8 song length is fucking good. Jordan from screamotapes blogspot had asked me about this band and I sent him a file with all of the songs. I decided to give you guys the file as well. One of their splits is with Cowboys are Indians which I had mentioned them on here at one point. The band lasted from 2007-2011 I believe (Might sink ships in 2007, Cowboys split in 2008 and the other split in 2009) final 2 years the band did not release anything else. They sound a little like Ghost towns and Cowboys.


I create

This band is one of those other Georgia bands but were around in the mid and late 2000's (2006-2009) I had ran into this band during the release of their debut and only full length called "All we are is now" Black with sap released the tape sometime in 2009. But to be honest, the quality is pretty darn bad considering the label is no longer around I can't shit on this too much. I like All we are is now but I am usually just stuck with the bands first EP "Make the years" in 2010 the band had plans to release a split but this never happened lucky for me I have those 2 unmixed songs from the split I am willing to share. The band did reunited but a reunion show just came about with probably some new songs we will never hear again. There was a moment where I was showing this band off to my friends in high school. Seems like "I create" had a pretty unique band name since it stuck out the most with most friends. Make the years has one of the most satisfying songs from the bands discography including Adrift and Your sun is a destroyer. I believe these 2 songs are the most put out songs of theirs. Whenever I listen to Your sun is a destroyer I normally think about the movie Requiem for a dream. Not sure why. I wished Make the years had a actual release but the band self released this EP as a CDr. The quality on that EP is superb that it really needs to be pressed to a more professional CD format and vinyl. All we are is now does a good job mixing post rock and screamo together. I usually find this super boring but this tape is one of the ones I can listen from start to finish. It's a bit more raw sounding but somehow fits. Complete medley was a compilation that was maybe a CDr/digital lastfm file that has All we are is now and 2 songs from Make the years. It isn't a full discography and I don't think it was a legit release but so it seems this is one of the older files I used to see a lot around older blogspots from 2008-2009. I create is a pretty damn good band I almost left out. Make the years is really a fascinating release I am sure all of you will enjoy.

Make the years EP+Instrumentals (One of the members found this CD so this is what Make the years looked like which looks nothing like the digital art cover)

All we are is now