Saturday, December 26, 2015


I am very comfy this Saturday, so I got this CD not long ago in the mail. This new band released their debut earlier this year which has twinkly thingy or whatever. Vocals are absolutely beautiful and I can imagine that this band and Forth Wanderers can maybe do a split 7" one day. The band shifts from soft tunes to yelling. Structure//Agony Records released a cassette version of this band full length. On the other hand the band self released the CD format version I have. I got into the band right after hearing the first song. Some good stuff to listen to over the winter break. You can look into the bands bandcamp here they should have this up for free there, too lazy to post my own link. Sorry guis.

Algernon Cadwallader

Today morning Snowing and Square of opposition records announced the pre order of Snowing's compilation 12" that has the bands 4 way split, all five songs off FYEB, the compilation song they did, tour demo tape and the final 7" the pre order comes with a free shirt. I totally ordered one, I looked back and it seems like about half of everything is now gone. I would really want you to check SOO's storenvy to order that LP before they're gone forever. Since I posted Snowing in the past I think having Algernon here would be a total obvious for many of you. Algernon Cadwallader isn't some band with much familiar sounding of others. I hate the comparisons of Cap'n Jazz and Algernon Cadwallader for the main reason that Cap does not play math rock and both bands are vocally different as well. These two comparisons are super dumb. This band began sometime in 2006 with a demo cdr that was pressed to cassette and 7" twice I think. The demo left people wanting more, later on the band put out two LP's, one 7" and a split 7". There was also a 7" on the works but it was never released. Two of those songs were re-recorded for the bands debut LP "Some kind of Cadwallader" I find this bands entire discography fascinating. I can't say this band is full on emo but has a few emo bits here and there but mainly classified as a math rock/indie band. Algernon Cadwallader was those bands that were around the time I was still in high school. I remember making a bunch of mix cd's for my friends I usually would add a few Algernon songs on the cd's in the end I am sure Algernon is a forgotten band to them but i remember how much they'd tell me they loved the demo and the LP. So these are the ripped vinyl versions of the songs, not the digital format ones. The only thing I am mainly missing is the bands 4 way split song and the final live tape "What it is" but this is just about everything the band released. I also included the unreleased 7" songs (I can't remember how I even found them but I suppose it was years ago since I still have these around on my music file from my laptop) Some kind of Cadwallader and Parrot flies have been repressed recently so you can score those on either Hot gree records, Skeletal lightning and Lauren records. Some other labels may have these in their distro section. As for the Demo 7" and Fun 7" I had to cope those from discogs. Fun comes with a CD with 3 bonus songs but since mines is a used copy there was no CD. Pete (Vocalist/Bassist) went on to form a indie rock band called Dogs on acid (Along with a member of Snowing)

Demo 7"

Serial killer status/Katie's conscious 7" This was never released
Some kind of Cadwallader 12"

Fun 7"

Parrot flies 12"

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

The Trigger Quintet

I was planning on posting new releases from this year for December but as you can see from the past posts not all bands are recent. I mainly changed my mind because I kinda don't want to break some sort of code or whatever by giving out free links to those records, I honestly prefer you picking them up yourselves. Sooner or later they'll be added on here or once I see the band themselves have it for free on bandcamp then I'll provide my own link. Well this band was another gem from the 90's that released a 3 song self titled 7" and came out on 2 different compilations sometime between 1995 and '96. One of the compilations is called Ground rule double which had some bigger emo bands like Braid, Mineral and The Promise Ring. It also had some cooler bands like C-Clamp, Cinco de gatos and Dianogah. The second compilation entitled "Use this coupon" had another excellent list of bands (Although just 6 bands on this one) Constatine Sankathi, Car vs. Driver and Bubble Jug. That being said yep that was all this band made, it's a fucking bummer honestly I would have thought of a lengthy discography when I ran into them. This is another recent mail day record from a few days ago. The cover of this 7" reminds me a lot like from Big daddy shotgun's or Passenger train proposal which shows the band playing. Not really something a bunch of the new bands do today. This is definitely some good underrated emo you will enjoy for the holidays.

The Trigger Quintet 7" (Compilation songs are also on here)

Saturday, December 19, 2015


This endless breath showed me this band, after downloading the discography I liked the bands 7" the most I bought it for 3 dollars. For the most part the sleeves on this record is DIY ass fuck, very handmade looking using a paper bag as the main sleeve, inside the sleeve there's a small insert with the lyrics sheet and a thanks. There's also a second sleeve which is the cover of the 7" that is white. I was totally digging the sleeve. The band 7" that sound The Vehicle Birth but much more chaotic and screamo hardcore intense. The band released two splits and I think two compilation songs you can download the other stuff on This endless breath The band later changed there name to "Remingtin (West Fucking Triad)" the 7" is only titled as "Remingtin"

Remingtin 7"

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Behind Closed Doors/The Day Of Man As Man

Those these two old mid/late 90's screamo bands were from Baltimore and shared the same member Guy Blakeslee. Both bands were very short lived, Behind closed doors released a odd two song single sided generic sleeve 12" record alongside a song on a compilation while The day of man as man did a two song untitled 7" with untitled songs, a song on a posthumous split 7" with another dead band from Baltimore "Stars of the Dogon" which was release about 3-4 years after this band was already dead and a unreleased song I have no idea if its in a compilation or now. Behind closed doors does sound a bit like Guyver one in a form while The day of man really reminds me a lot of the band Matsuri. No doubt Matsuri sounds like this band. For what its worth these bands left some extremely underrated records behind only Desperate and lonely has spoken about them. Like I mentioned The day of man's untitled 7" the songs are not titled. Hell there wasn't even a insert on my copy of the 7"

Behind Closed Doors 12" (Compilation song included)

Untitled 7"

The day of man as man/The stars of the Dogon split 7"

The day of man as man's discography

Monday, December 14, 2015

Forth Wanderers

I suppose I can start with some great LP's that came out this year that I bought. But I want to start with one that was actually released last year. Forth Wanderers is a pretty tight indie/emo/math rock female fronted band that just has so much catch and potential. Last year the band put out a 8 song length called "Tough love" shortly after the length was on limited cassette that includes the bands first 3 song EP, the 8 songs from Tough love and about 4 acoustic demo songs that were only on the cassette. This year Too Far Gone Records put out Tough love on wax in two different colors opaque yellow and the mixed one I have. The LP does not contain the EP or acoustic songs, it's Tough Love on its own. Once TFG mentioned they were putting this bands record out I definitely had to pre order it. They're working on a second EP hopefully it'll be released sometime in the spring of next year. I believe there are still copies left you can get yourself one from Too Far Gone Records
you can also check the bands bandcamp for their facebook and stuff
Tough Love (Cassette)

Tough love 12"

Strictly Ballroom

I can hear the wind blowing on my porch right now, sun is out but its fucking cold or at least for me it is. I'm only used to the Cali weather. Strictly Ballroom was a mid 90's emo band that slowly evolved as a band. The band first started off sounding more of a screamo fit during the bands first two 7"s (Especially the first one) I don't own everything from these guys but I can tell you that someone sent me a link to the bands digital discography. Yep these guys put out a digital discography not to long ago, it was disappointing to see that it was only digital and not physical format. A CD of it would've been super down. The discography has the bands LP, the 3 7"s, a few b sides and unreleased songs, and some compilation songs. Throughout the discography you'll notice the band won't go all slow "enocore" on all songs. I'd love to see these guys do a reunion or at least during the time of the digital discography being released. The band did put out a posthumous 7" single on Sub pop, I believe the band would have slightly changed much differently if they were still active. One of the members turned out to DJ or something and some band called Postal Service. Still find Strictly Ballroom as relaxing emo tunes.

Fire 7"

I love 7"

Collected recordings 1994-1999

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Crash and Britany

My semester is finally close to a end and I believe I am doing pretty solid, I should be able to graduate this coming summer with an AA degree. My counselor wants me to transfer to a university but I honestly am not into doing more school stuff. Well enough of bullshit. Crash and Britany was a emo/indie rock bands from Sacramento, CA between '94-'97 I think or something like that. The band released a sick debut 8 song 12" titled "Kids Luv You" sometime in '95 (Recorded in November 1994) and a two song 7" in '96. As a emo dude I had to get these records, these are my recent ones I have bought but I felt like its a right time to discuss about them here. Angel angle from the 7" has different lyrics than the Angel angle from Kids luv you. It was one of the first things I noticed while singing along while reading the lyrics sheets. Not sure what made the band change lyrics. The band came out in a 2x12" compilation In memory of Jason, the song was also off the bands Self titled cassette. It's possible when the tape was released it might've been between the 7" and the 12". I heard the bands name was a inside thing because the vocalist had two nieces who had nicknames as "Crash" and "Britany". I also heard the drummer now owns some successful restaurants around Sacramento. The band draws between some slow sad emo stuff and some noisy sounds (On the 7") but still equaling to some mellow emo. I really like the bands entire discography (A short one) as far as the self titled cassette the quality is excellent. It has the two songs off the 7", a instrumental one and two other songs, one which a music video was made for and the other that was off the compilation.

Kids Luv You 12"

It Is Chemistry/Angel Angle 7"

Self-Titled Cassette