Thursday, December 17, 2015

Behind Closed Doors/The Day Of Man As Man

Those these two old mid/late 90's screamo bands were from Baltimore and shared the same member Guy Blakeslee. Both bands were very short lived, Behind closed doors released a odd two song single sided generic sleeve 12" record alongside a song on a compilation while The day of man as man did a two song untitled 7" with untitled songs, a song on a posthumous split 7" with another dead band from Baltimore "Stars of the Dogon" which was release about 3-4 years after this band was already dead and a unreleased song I have no idea if its in a compilation or now. Behind closed doors does sound a bit like Guyver one in a form while The day of man really reminds me a lot of the band Matsuri. No doubt Matsuri sounds like this band. For what its worth these bands left some extremely underrated records behind only Desperate and lonely has spoken about them. Like I mentioned The day of man's untitled 7" the songs are not titled. Hell there wasn't even a insert on my copy of the 7"

Behind Closed Doors 12" (Compilation song included)

Untitled 7"

The day of man as man/The stars of the Dogon split 7"

The day of man as man's discography

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