Thursday, March 30, 2017

Lester Freamon

Lester was a band from Las Vegas that lasted throughout between 2010-2011, the band only released 1 EP that were in 7" and cassette format. I was pretty excited when this band was around and heard Natural police. The band did a song for Plastic smile records compilation tape. The band shortly after broke up and 5 songs came about. It's a real shame. The EP was a split release between Moments of collapse and my old favorite Radical friends records. Luckily I had ran into a free copy of the cassette thanks to Mark Chen. I had seen the 7" floating on BEAR records website for a little less than 2 dollars and decided to get myself one. The band often reminds me of some Lautrec but more distorted. Natural police is a pretty short EP but it is what it is and isn't all that tiring to re-listen to over. I found myself going back to this record again and again. No point making a rar file for this since the 5 songs are up on the bands bandcamp for free. The 7" and the tape do not come with any insert instead its in the back of the front cover with the lyrics and recording info. Not bad because it saves space and you don't need to worry about losing the insert.

Natural police EP
7"/400 (Black)
Cassette 28/100

Sunday, March 26, 2017


I am back with a new post and I am sorry that I've gone for a while. I had some shit to take care of and in all honesty as music productive I had pushed myself less from the emo scene. In some way I haven't been attracted to it as much as I once was. Honestly, the French house, nu disco, future funk music scene has been getting to me lately that I am often ignoring this emo gem. This doesn't mean I will bounce from here of course. I still have plenty of stuff to post up here. Tramula (Another Caulfield records band) were a post hardcore band active between 1995-1998 releasing 2 7's, one split 7" and one LP/CD not to mention they also had done a demo tape session as well. The band is from Chicago and Caulfield records put out 2 of the 7"s and their LP. Their first LP was released sometime in 1996 while the second one in 1997. One of the songs from the second 7" was re-recorded for the bands LP. In that same year the band released a split 7" with a band called Nobuhjest which they seem like a shortlived band considering discogs only shows they made that split and a self titled 7". Finally their debut and final full length "Seven days awake" was put out by Caulfield in 1998 which the band shortly after disbanded a year after. A few months after the band recorded demo sessions for a second full length LP that never got its way around, these were known as the 1998 demos. Instrumentals and demos of tracks that would have been part of the bands second LP. In 1999 the bassist passed away from cystic fibrosis. This caused the band to end. One of the members went off the play with Radio Flyer (Who released one full length) Traluma is pretty decent and really easy to listen to. The LP is a good record to start with since it is the main part of the band while the 7"s are just the build up of the band. It's a pretty great Caulfield band next to M.I.J's Goodnight radio (that was released a few months after this record).

Tell tale replace/Sweet tasting champagne 7"

Klondike revolution/Featherweight holiday 7"

Both 7"s and the split track

1998 demos

Seven days awake 12"

Monday, March 13, 2017


M.I.J was a emo band that began in 1994, they self released a demo an a full length. These had a more post punk sound but later changed once they released their debut 7" called 300 miles. Some people compare them to the promise ring but I absolutely find that band specifically boring. Jeff Hanson has a pretty unique voice in which I find it better than Sunny day real estate for that matter. 300 miles was released by one percent records in 1996. After a couple of years the band had their debut full length out on Caulfield records sometime in 1998 entitled "The goodnight radio" which follows the same pattern as 300 miles. I had found a CD copy of this one over at midheaven mailorder for 1 dollar so I snagged one for this post. The band broke up after this and Jeff Hanson did his solo for a bit until his death in 2009. He did make about 4 solo releases. MIJ caught my eye when I saw them on the Caulfield catalog. I do recommend checking the self released demo and other CD, I will just post up what I have of theirs which is 300 miles and the goodnight radio.

300 miles 7"

The goodnight radio

Thursday, March 2, 2017

End paths

I put this on hold for a while but now it's time to have this out. Skeletal lightning had this for pre order sometime in late August. You bet your ass I pre ordered this. First 100 pre orders came with a flexi that has a b side to a song that was not part of End paths and not part of the digital version either. I also ended up pre ordering the CD and cassette formats for this release. The sound off the flexi is pretty darn clear, I am actually amazed it was clear when I ripped it. I had posted this up on youtube but the band wanted me to remove it so I did but I think it has been some time and I believe the people who didn't get a chance to listen to it should now. I really love this LP the band fully matured out from those quick taps to something a little new. While it is a pretty short release (8 songs not including the b side) it feels a little limited. I still have not jammed to the cassette but I have played the LP and CD multiple times. The cd is a gatefold which I don't like because you can't replace the case if it ever breaks. The pressing on the LP is quite a few since other labels joined to release this. I happen to own the black press out of 150. You can purchase the bundle or whatever at skeletal lightning. It was long due for this band to drop a second LP that I almost thought this band ended too. While this isn't my favorite record or favorite release of 2016 it totally has its charm which makes it to my top list. The songs became more longer and it even has a slightly darker post hardcore vibe on most songs (Except End paths song) I do appreciate the new thing this band is doing now. It isn't those bands that changed the direction of sound and it sucks but it is rather interesting of a turning point actually. I do recommend picking this one up.

End paths+ Flexi


Have no idea how I even ran into these guys but I think it might have been when their song was featured on the kali mixtape volume 1. I loved their song off that compilation I decided to check their bandcamp. I ended up really getting into their split tape with Cerce. I only saw them once and that was in the GUID. I love everything about this band that their debut LP Spring break no parents was my favorite record of 2013. All I can say I was pretty mad that once this record was released nothing else of them came out for about almost 3 years. I believe this was the final LP Texas toast DIY put out because I directly ordered from them before the label called quits. One of the few minor things I want to add is that the early press version I have did not come with a lyrics sheet. I believe some of the early records had them missing including my copy but now there are some new presses of the record that includes this insert. I thought the band disappeared at one point until months ago the band were going to do a split 7" with a band outside the US called Pens+. I am familiar with this band a bit before this split. This happens to be PENS debut on wax. I do expect for leer to come out with a second and more lengthy LP next year. It was cool that Lauren records was behind this amazing split. I am sure a bunch of people went out and pre ordered it like I did. Since the bands existence they released a 5 song ep in 2011, a split tape with Cerce in 2012 along with a early demo from Spring break's LP that same year, Spring break no parents in 2013 and this split in late December 2016. I really want to see Leer have more releases. They will be playing in March at Bridgetown and I will surely not miss that show. Leer is probably one of the few active bands I like. Be sure to get their LP and split off Lauren records. It is the debut wax for Pens and I am not sure if they will ever have a North American release after this so this one is one you should totally grab. Remember "It's 2017 and people don't buy records anymore" fuck that guy who said that.
Purchase Spring break no parents
Purchase Pens+/Leer split

Spring break no parents 12"

PENs+/Leer Split 7"