Sunday, November 29, 2015

Shout out to all these blogspots

Well lately I have been getting into that vaporwave/Future funk zone and I have been praying to Duane "The original pussy destroyer" this doesn't mean this is done. I actually have a ton more of emo records to show on here. But I want to give some shoutouts to the best blogspots I have ever ran into (No not sophies floorboard, I can't take a blogger serious when they mention to support bands when they obviously aren't supporting them either) but yes I really recommend you guys to check all these out. You will find more bands similar to these and even some I have posted on here. Some of these blogspots I have mentioned before here and there but this post is focused to them. Likely tomorrow or Wednesday I will post a band on here you guys, just have a little more patience.

This Endless Breath
For Ivadell
Desperate and Lonely
Emo Screamo Not Die...!
Open Mind / Saturated Brain
Cut & Paste
IFB Records

Monday, November 23, 2015

Three Letter Engagement

As far as I know these guys lasted from '96-'97 they released a 4 song demo tape, a song on a zine compilation and a split 7" with a sometimes promise which is the closest thing I have from this band. The song on that split is so amazing that I had to buy this for a dollar fifty just for that song. The split is a rare gem so it also belongs on my book of AEN records the band has its similarities to a non boring version of Mineral, Patterns make sunrise and I have seen comparisons to Christie front drive. But the band can also remind me a big of bands like 100 words for snow, Last days of August, Racecar and a few others similar to that. I couldn't find a legit link to the bands discography. Some jerk uploaded all the 3 releases into separate folders using 4shared (which is possibly the worst thing that blogger could've done because it takes forever to wait and download) instead you can download the 6 songs in one file.

*Healing of harms demo tape *Comp track *Split 7" w/ A sometimes promise

Sleeping for sunrise

So, I just ripped this record a few minutes ago. It just came in the mail today along with A sometimes promise/Three letter engagement split 7"... AND NO ONE EVER BOTHERED DOING SO.. Except me c:
This is ANOTHER short lived emo band from '97 that released this 7" and a debut album pressed onto CD. I have 8 of the 10 songs from that album but I suppose I'll add them on here as well for the sake of this band being hella of underrated and unappreciated. This 7" was one of this "I'll hear it during the rip process" and I honestly was impressed by the bands 7" I don't have much else to say about this nice band. Really wished a compilation CD was done that has both the debut and the 3 songs compiled together. I uploaded the video to get a sneak of the 7" songs there's also a video of someone who had uploaded the bands CD as well if ya want to check that too.

Sleeping for sunrise 7" (And the Skyline Symmetry songs... Well 8 of the 10)

Monday, November 16, 2015

Angel Falls

I automatically fell in love with this band after listening to this one and only 7" titled "Music on vinyl" It reminded me a bit of Bells on Trike in a way. Well this band from Arizona lasted extremely short. Maybe they might have released a demo or some unreleased songs but I don't have info on that stuff. It took me months to track down this 7" until someone from France was selling it very cheap and even the shipping was hella cheap (total might have resulted to 11 bucks) Angel Falls shared the stage with Nuzzle in '99 they. They broke up after their summer tour in 2000 and since then there's hardly any info on these guys. I can describe this band under "Pretty emo" it isn't slow boring-esque like Mineral or anything like that, Angel Falls really had a unique-ish way but still memorable to those of some of Bells on trike songs like "I Drive" or "Schematic". The 7" came with two stickers in which I will make a bootleg shirt out of them using a black shirt sometime later this year.

Music on vinyl 7"

Watership Down

Today is a very windy ass day and it's 9:20 AM just as I'm typing this. I usually post in the mornings because the mornings are mainly the little free time I have. This band was a short lived emo band that was real and did it before any of those so called media trendy emo mcr, the used, Hawthorne heights, etc did it. This band put out a extremely amazing 3 song self titled 7" in the late 90's followed along a split cd which sounds more raw and very different from WD's 7" this is a band I found on that Russian blogspot. I added all 6 songs into the file but honestly the 7" is where the meat is all at for this band. I'll keep this one short because my eyes are so dry and I have another post for the day which follows up to another short lived band I also found at Desperate ad lonely's blogspot.

Watership down- Self titled 7" (Split tracks included)

Sunday, November 8, 2015

Big Daddy Shotgun

This was one of those Russian finds from Desperate and lonely, I really digged the only 7" the band did so I decided to get myself a copy for it to post on here. This is actually the most recent 7" record I own (On top of the others I am waiting) I don't know how much I have spent on getting all this shit but I believe it was quite a lot and mostly on the change I have. Big daddy shotgun was one of those bands that were inspired by Drive like Jehu alongside with Calabash case, they have that style going on. As much as I know on this band I only know of 4 songs, 2 from the 7" and 2 others on different compilations (Which I have one of those as well) this cover also reminded of as Passenger train proposal with the band doing some show or rehearsal (Something like that) I don't know much on the label either and I honestly never heard of it although the 7" came with a IFB records insert getting me confused whether or not IFB had to do a little something with this release. I have no fucking clue or maybe it was just thrown in there. Apparently they did a split with Boys set fire but I didn't see that on discogs or even mentioned on DAL's blogspot. Well the song posted on here is off that split (Which is the one I don't have) as for the other 3 I do and are on the file I am providing. I am going to download some good shit off of This endless breath's blogspot. I would also want you to check that blogspot out. That's it for now, I have some dope shit for November's post's and next month I will post some of the new records recent bands pulled.

The corner of 4th and Campbell 7"

When seasons change

Man the season has changed, sun is up but the air is so cold in my house. I was asked to do a little review on Sleeper Wave and I gave them a listen but then again I can't review what I don't own and honestly I really fell in love with the band's new self titled. It's what I would call if Capsule and CSTVT made a baby, this baby would turn out to be Sleeper wave. I been thinking of buying the cassette of the self titled and the demo (And if I do I will give out a link to the rip version tape because fuck digital quality sassy bullshit) anyways I promised new old school emo records and here is one of them (As I type I am still listening to sleeper wave)

Passenger train proposal was a very short lived emo band from the late 90's that pulled off a demo tape, the 7" I own and a unreleased second 7" with two songs that were never released but recorded. The band also did a cover song that was unreleased. I think the band is doing some reunions as so their bandcamp page (So many old bands being revived are doing this now) the bandcamp page has the discography off the self released tape they did which has all the songs in one release. You can't tell if its a discography or a full length because they all have the same quality. Well I ran into a mint condition of the bands only 7" for 2.50. Once I got it I really was digging the cover art on both sides of the 7" what I found interesting was that inside the paper sleeve there was a pen ink writing that said "!Jerk a tear emo kids!"

As for the music itself they were pretty decent maybe a little few years ahead of its time. It is a shame the band didn't do much but I do hope for some new recordings along the way. I don't need to give any AEN link on this one just download the discography off the bandcamp page