Monday, November 16, 2015

Angel Falls

I automatically fell in love with this band after listening to this one and only 7" titled "Music on vinyl" It reminded me a bit of Bells on Trike in a way. Well this band from Arizona lasted extremely short. Maybe they might have released a demo or some unreleased songs but I don't have info on that stuff. It took me months to track down this 7" until someone from France was selling it very cheap and even the shipping was hella cheap (total might have resulted to 11 bucks) Angel Falls shared the stage with Nuzzle in '99 they. They broke up after their summer tour in 2000 and since then there's hardly any info on these guys. I can describe this band under "Pretty emo" it isn't slow boring-esque like Mineral or anything like that, Angel Falls really had a unique-ish way but still memorable to those of some of Bells on trike songs like "I Drive" or "Schematic". The 7" came with two stickers in which I will make a bootleg shirt out of them using a black shirt sometime later this year.

Music on vinyl 7"

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