Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Caught in the fall

Before I go on a mini rant with this band I missed some other releases from this year that I had a chance to catch up with before I forget. Other honorable mentions I want to include on my list of records this year are Renounced- Theories of despair, Clearer the sky- Held in merciful light, Terrifying girls high school- S/T EP and Pens/Leer split (I thought this was going to be released in January 2016 but I got my copy about a week ago. Definitely check these out today.
Final post of the year. Caught in the fall was a screamo/hardcore band from the early 00's from Omaha, Nebraska. Active between 2000-2005, during their active time they released a 7", a split 12" and a debut LP. There was a 2 year gap with this band. They were active in 2000 but their debut 7" was released in 2002 I believe. It's possible they had some demos that aren't anywhere on the Internet. The split was a miss for me. It wasn't fully brought up to me until later. Their debut LP called "Act IV" was one of their more known releases (or at least for me) someone sold me a rare press of the record for like 8 dollars. Pretty crazy huh. There are 2 different pressings of the CD. One is in a jewel case which I see often and the other is this weird ass one which I have (It look a bit shit but handmade nonetheless) Act IV is a bit more aggressive than the 7". I feel that the split is in between the 2. Pretty straight forward screamo with some similarities like the spirit of versailles guitars or a much lighter slower Jeromes dream tone.

Romance, Revenge And Rock And Roll ‎7"

Act IV 12" (Test press)/CD

Split LP W/ Eyes of Verotika

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

On the might of princes

I am back again for more posts. This was a emo/post hardcore band from Long Island, NY. There is a much longer history on their debut CD than with the post on Arm so I will sum it up. They began in the late 90's. They recorded a demo tape, the dude who runs Rok lok records put the bands first album out because he was super in love with the demo he coped from these guys. After a while they had a new drummer and made a second album, I think "Where you are, and where you want to be" got a bit more aggressive than their debut. The final album called Sirens was a total hit and miss and honestly forgotten to me. I sometimes forget they even had a 3rd album I'm constantly juggling back and forth with the first 2 lengths. Maybe because Rok Lok did a remastered of these 2 later on in 2007. The band broke up in 2004 and reunited in 2006 along in 2008 and 2012. Jason Rosenthal who did vocals and guitar passed away the following year. It's a good band with catchy riffs and shouty sing alongs that easily got me into them. Both CD's contain some bonus songs like demos from the demo tape that did not make it in the first full length, live songs, etc.

The making of a conversation

Where you are and where you want to be

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Best albums of 2016

So 2016 has come to a end and I was close to being disappointed that not many stuff came out until last minute. Some of these bands return again and a couple of these are new bands from this year.

The reptilian- End paths

Released under Skeletal lightning, this was one of the few pre orders I made this year. Shit I not only ordered the bundle but I also ordered the cassette and CD version of this album as well. Being the first person who pre ordered I even got the flexi (I will post this album sometime next year along with the B side) The reptilian has come a long way. I remember listening to these guys a lot when I was 16 during the split CDr and Boys life EP. The band has outgrown and matured a lot since those tapping days. I like the mature sound more honestly and the new direction. This year Skeletal lightning had released a couple of stuff that caught my eye, this is one of them.

Forth Wanderers- Slop EP
The bands debut "Tough love" made it in my 2014 list. I even copped the bands cassette format of Tough love along with the vinyl version. My only complaint is that many of us waited 2 years for a 4 song EP. Way too short but really sweet and mellow.

Foxtails- O tempora! O Mores! EP

Another band I had on my list last year that I ended buying their debut CD. I like the melody of this band. Its soft but fragile. It can be mellow then screamy. It's just perfect. Hopefully physical copies drop soon for this EP.

Lurking- Lurking EP

One of the new bands from this year, it has a member from a band called Arizona Wilder that I am familiar with due to their split tape with Alta. Lurking is a pretty soft whispery content indie rock band I am looking forward to. This was also released under Skeletal lightning.

Gillian Carter- Dreams of suffocation

Another Skeletal lightning release I admire. There is some ambiance lingering around this record. I often find that boring but Gillian Carter does it right on here. It is truly inspirational when I heard this record.

Coma Regalia- There's still time

Here is a Middle man records I was excited for, I am honored to have bought this tape from the man Shawn Decker. Coma Regalia has concentrated with split records rather than full lengths. This tape is just sweet and makes screamo great again and reminds me why I like screamo.

Aokigahara- Three different ways to say fuck you EP

One of the final Off cloud nine releases (Sad to see my favorite label go) this was one of the few digital releases that came out early in the spring of 2016. It is extremely short but worthwhile.

People's temple project- Untitled lathe 5"
This 5" was released by the illuminati label Akashita Corporation I had ordered from, this bad boy really wowed me when I saw this with my own eyes, while it carries one song (Other side is just a instrumental) the untitled song gives me the idea of this epic band. It took one song. The insert art was done by the dude who runs Friendly otter (good job buddy)

La bella- Ides

One of the pre orders I made early this year, Ides was one of the early and most anticipated record I had waited for. It follows the path of their 7" I'm just glad I got the chance to hear this one. Hardcore punk at its finest. I have never heard of the label Sombras discos until they released this good record. Probably their first? There is no way I was going to miss out on this band.

Heritage unit- Everything made obsolete

At first I had thought this band was Dream caste or the make up of 10k but that's not the case, here lies another new band from 2016. This full length is just so amazing. You get the similar kicks of 10k's demo and Dream caste. It's cool to know Mark is doing like 3 bands at once now. Im not sure how he pulls it off but I want to clap for that.

Ten thousand leagues- Self titled

I did not expect this album at all. I remember when they mentioned a debut full length being released on Skeletal lightning in 2014 but that plan seem to have disappeared and so did this band. 2 years later I finally can listen to the songs they played that night. Here is another digital only release which I did not mind because it is going for a good cause. This is really powerful to listen to at a emotional level.

Thisismenotthinkingofyou- The limbic system 7"

I slept a little on this band, to summarize how I even ran into this release... I bought this off Ozona on a 75% clearance since the label died. I liked what I heard. It's a little post ambient during the intros then it gets chaotic out of the blue. It was a pretty great band and 7". This was released under Structures/Agony, Ozona and some other labels I am not familiar with.

Never young- Singles tape II: SoftBank EP

I can't get enough from this EP combinations of shoegazey guitars with some cali indie rock punk of course I would fall in love with this.

Sneeze- Rot EP

I've known this band since their 2011 release of Grandma in the trenches 7" released under BEAR records. This EP is filled with epic muffled guitars and some grungey catchy tunes that makes my head nod.

Itto- Pursuant

I haven't heard a lot of Math rock/Hardcore since the release of Capsule's No ghost. Itto is kinda like that and I dig that a lot.

Heavy Mantle- Demo 2016

This is like a 2nd Secret smoker band to me. Even though this was released late in December of last year I consider this as a 2016 release. This could have landed on my list from last year.

La Luna- Always already

This is a pretty rad LP. Unfortunately for me I discovered them this spring a little before this record was out. Just as the tag says Power violence/Post hardcore almost like a more aggressive Lumber lung type of band. This record was also released under Middle man records.

Amygdala- Population control

This LP is a wonderful split release between Structures/Agony, Ozona and Middle man records. Its loud, fast, aggressive and pissed.

Tapestry- I hope you never find me

From Singapore this band debuted their first full length after being a band since 2012, its soft and reminds me of something that could have been released in the late 90's or early 00's something like Last days of August or a mediocre attire of Mineral (Which I think this bands style was aiming for) but the vocals also remind me of the band Typecast too.

Bring our demise- Demonstration

Well even though Off cloud nine ended there is still some hope, Nolan began 2 new projects under his new label Coercion. This little project is a little more different but good nonetheless. A different approach from The truth about dreaming this is a little more Metalcore influenced. You can hear some of the screamo vibe somewhere between this demo tape. It is the 2nd demo on my list because it's that good. 2 songs isn't enough but this is after all a demonstration of Nolan's new capabilities.

XeradicateX- End the suffering

Another Coercion release, this is the other project Nolan began this year. While BOD is a bit Metalcore I'd say this is a little like it just with a different style of vocals that are more shouty. This tape is more of a compilation that contains 2 of the bands demos. I actually bought this tape and Bring our demise a few days ago. I will totally bring these two up again.

SeeYouSpaceCowboy- Demo

A simple demonstration of a new coming band Connie from Structures/Agony records is in now. I am really excited to hear this bands future releases.

René Descartes- Demo

A really cool demo which is likely just the only stuff we will see from this band, only lasting a few months Connie moved on to start SeeYouSpaceCowboy. I was really liking this a lot too...

The Cambodian heat- S/T EP

Here is the bands second EP/Demo of TCH. I don't hear Nolan doing a whole lot on this demo. It's pretty good though same as usual grindy.

The Nolan gate- Serpents EP

New Jersey's post metal band is back with a new digital EP, I have long waited for this band (ex band members of Mothman who I will mention on here too) The band took a while to release something and well this was released this month! Everything about this EP is great.

Soul structure- True love

This bands debut was on my list last year now with a sophomore album this year it also landed on my list for this years. This is some really cool UK punk emo stuff worth checking out if you haven't. Reminds me a lot from other UK bands like Bird calls and Plaids.

Stage kids- Intra mental

I'm honestly a little over the instrumental math rock crave. I was really into it between 2010-2012 but it eventually became a little repetitive. Finally having stage kids releasing a new album since 2011 I found this interesting enough to also have this land on this list.

Save us from the archon- L'Eclisse

Poster boy for this band Mark who created the Hemisphere group got me into this band sometime last year. As I mentioned I am not a huge fan of instrumental rock music this band in particular just pumps me the hell up. Simple as that. I can see Mark's perceptional view of this band and I have to admit, the band is pretty talented and they sound just fine without a vocalist who'd likely ruin the songs.

So totally- A cheap close up of heaven

I'm also not a huge fan of bedroom fuzz grunge pop indie rock whatever but I gave this a chance. This seems to be the debut EP for this band.

Mall punks- Where are we going?

I also got over the "twinkly" "emo" but this band seems to be also on my list. Maybe because it reminds me of The brave little abacus or because its quiet catchy indie rock stuff. While I don't consider this stuff as emo I really enjoy Mall punks EP. Maybe because I have pushed myself away from this stuff for a long time I might be a little amused as well because I am not so used to this stuff anymore. I fairly enjoyed listening to this one last minute as well. I even caught myself giving it another listen and I still seemed to have enjoyed it. Here's a band you might want to check out too.

Innards- I've lost everything (2016 remastered)

I know this was a CYLS release from 2012 but hear me out, this is remastered. This is all cleaned up and I swear the guitar was re recorded too.
I got some details of some records being released next year I wanted to mention while these are for stream or mentioned already I wish I can add them on this list but unfortunately I can't due to them being released next year. One being Elle (Members of Beau navire), Pens/Leer split 7" (I had pre ordered already), Under the sky so blue (New EP for January) It is also possible that Innards will have a 3rd full length waiting for us in 2017. I do honestly think this may be the last one for Innards since members are all separated in different counties.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Ten grand/The Vidablue/Brazil

First post for December. I lined up some great albums of the year which I will post in a week or two. There are a couple of comebacks as well as a couple of new bands. It looked short at first but a lot of this stuff came out last minute. Anyways, this was one of those strange bands that just has so much attraction, vocally different and just overall a difference between most bands I have posted on here. This band was from Iowa which formed somewhere between the mid/late 90's which was firstly known as The Vidablue. Vocalist/Guitarist Matthew Davis was in another previous band called Brazil. Brazil only made 2 demo tapes before disbanding and joining The vidablue. It might have also been during The vidablue too. They released 2 splits, one self titled 7" and 2 full lengths under this name. One of the albums "The comprehensive list of everyone who has done anything wrong to us" was later re-issued as Ten grand. This record was also part of Level plane records but only the first press that is as "The vidablue". The guy from stickfigure has the CD's for 5 dollars. Init records first release was a compilation CD of The vidablue's demo (Remastered) along with the splits and other tracks known as "What I should have said vol. 1" The founder of Init records really wanted to listen to these songs in his car that he decided to run a label and put these on CD. This CD is long out of print. In 2002 they went with Ten grand. They repressed their first self titled 7" and named it "Difference" along with the second full length. They made 2 splits (One being a posthumous release in 2004) and their 3rd and final album "This is the way to rule" all in 2002. on August 10, 2003 Matthew Davis passed away. When I found this band 5 years ago I heard a bunch of different stories until I found out he died in his sleep (I know people who died like this) the members were in shock and just couldn't react to it because it was a instance of what just happened. They left a pretty decent collection of songs that will forever be remembered by me. One of my favorite release will be The comprehensive list mainly because those were the first songs I heard by them. All of this is about 423 mb. It's a lot of shit I added on here for this post. There are some articles on this band here and also here. There's also a page of the band that has some photos, flyers, etc you can check here.
As Brazil
Demo tape
Love lost her job today

As The Vidablue
Demo tape

Split w/ The Khayembii Communiqué
What I should have said vol. 1

Our miracle point of contact

As Ten Grand
The comprehensive list of everyone who has done anything wrong to us

This is the way to rule

Ten Grand Split songs (W/Mike Lust and Meth and goats)