Wednesday, October 26, 2016


By December I will have a list of some good albums that came out this year. Honestly this list is a bit shorter. Not too many good emo records came out this year. Mostly just that pop punk "Emo revival" bullshit bands that claim to be emo have been getting more releases out. In other news I have updated my blogspot and posted a link to my youtube's page. Feel free and subscribe. I normally post songs but soon I will start a new segment of videos entitled "Emo discussions" where I will pretty much just talk a lot about some of the emo bands I have mentioned on here. This all starts next month. Here is the 4th and final for the FO releases I wanted to mention on here to end the posts for October. Yusuke was a hardcore/screamo band that had some pretty cool combinations that reminds me of some Shikari and Reversal of man (Pretty dope right?) The band released a demo, one ep and 2 splits. They had a second EP that was a bit of a posthumous release right when the band ended this summer. This discography tape is a bit of a different looking one. It comes with no case, just a warpped plastic sleeve with a large paper insert. As for the quality it can be same said as Celebration's tape its still enjoyable to listen to (I've had some far worse quality tapes but this one is still great nonetheless) I think Off cloud nine helped on both of the split records Yusuke did along with some other labels including Friendly otter which seems to have put the bands first self titled and 2 splits. If you like that whole late 90's/early 00's emotive hardcore loud stuff Yusuke is pretty good at it.

Discography tape

Monday, October 24, 2016

Vitreous humor/The regrets live sets

Yesterday Danny Pound from Vitreous humor/The regrets emailed me and sent me some rare live sets from both bands. I might as well post it now before I forget. The first is from Vitreous humor this live set has 6 songs, 3 of them were never released while the others were released I will leave a track list. This live set from Chicago in '95 when the band had released their self titled EP. The songs were on wav and the whole file was 300 something mb. I converted them to 224 kbps mp3 which is good enough for these songs. The Regrets in the other hand the live set is from 1997 which has 9 songs mostly from New directions and 2 that didn't seem were ever recorded.

Vitreous humor- Live in Chicago '95
1. Invention is a national treasure
2. Wellington
3. Breast fed boy
4. Cat shit silver
5. Our lady of the highway
6. Whisper twins

The Regrets- Live at Slant house 1997-05-28
1. Good things
2. Play with yourself until you faint
3. I have tools
4. Inflated passions
5. For my Billy Faulkner
6. Sue me
7. A sick man's grief
8. Usura, Usury
9. Lance the proverbial boil

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bird calls

I've been posting a bit less now, I'm tired and lazy as hell so now instead of every few days I will just post once a week or at least 2 posts during the same day a week. I am trying to finish off the friendly otter releases I had promised to post. Here is the second Friendly Otter tape I wanted to mention on here. Bird calls was a emo/punk band from London, UK. I think members might be related with other emo bands from there such as Soul structure, Plaids and What price wonderland. The band seemed to pull off 3 releases during its existence, a 8 song demo tape and 2 split 7" records. We are glad to see the band had a unreleased full length that made it in this discography cassette. I honestly prefer these final 8 songs a little bit more than the earlier ones. It pretty much sounds like any most emo bands from the UK honestly. The 8 songs demo sounds like Plaids. I had given them a chance when I heard some songs off Friendly otters bandcamp. Once I had digged it I got myself a copy of the tape. This tape comes in a regular tape case with a tiny insert of the track info. Nothing too special about it. Overall the quality is okay as Father figure's tape. You'll catch yourself nodding your head with this band. There might be some tapes available in some distros. I saw the tape at Ozona records during its 75% sale recently meaning the tape would cost you about the shipping price only or a bit less. It sold out by now. I posted 9 of their songs on my youtube account. Mainly the unreleased ones since I liked those the most.

Complete Collection Of Recorded Arrangements

Thursday, October 20, 2016


Here is a third FO tape but isn't a discography. Celebration is a screamo band from Missouri who were a 3 piece but as of this year are now a 4 piece. Friendly otter released the bands first 4 song EP called Sompting which sounds like some Jeromes dream/Jesse Washington type of stuff. Off cloud nine records released the bands split 7" w/ Under a sky so blue. Both sides of the split are rad as hell. They also have a song on a compilation. The band has been quiet for a few months. This tape is pretty rad that its had a repress. The quality is a bit more poor than the rest of the FO tapes that I have. Its good nonetheless though but very short which is for the most part the biggest disappointment. The tape is very short. The 4 songs are not lengthy.

Sompting EP

Split 7" w/ Under a sky so blue

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Father figure

For the next 3 weeks (Up to the end of October) I wanted to bring up 4 cool Friendly Otter Records releases that caught my eye. These are some pretty good tapes and are in fact discography stuff so you will get the whole package of the bands stuff on these posts. First I wanted to start off with a project band called Father figure. This band was a split between Two knights members and the later Flesh born. They seem to have started in late 2011 or early spring 2012. If I were to give in some similarities its almost like a Two knights/Innards type of stuff it gives some lo fi on the earlier releases and its actually pretty incredible. The band had put out a demo, a full length a EP and finally a split 7" with Marcy which seems to have been the only physical release the band made. It is some pretty good new/dead screamo I enjoyed while it was active. I am glad to see not many bands do much of the Innards carbon copy type of thing then Father figure could have been just another copy but the guitars are more strummyish and more harsh like toned that mediocre quality helps in. As for the looks of the tape its a envelope with a stamped cover. Its pretty okay overall I can't say nothing negative about it. I did add a plastic case on the tape just in case. There are 2 inserts one with little info and the track list. The quality is listenable, its pretty good to play a few times here and there. Overall Father figure is pretty lit and should be on here.

Discography tape

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Noise attack devastating Lansing volume 1

In a bit I will go back to sleep. I got home at 4:30 in the morning and woke up around 10:48. I do feel sleepy now enough for a good'ol nap. When I got up I had this tape sitting on top of my record player and thought to myself that maybe I should convert this and post it here today before I forget. I had bought a Plastic smile records leftover shirt from Nolan a month back. I never received the package but after waiting and thinking USPS fucked me my neighbor had this and handed it to me. The dope shirt came with some Iwontstopwondering patches and The truth about dreaming patched. I also now have 3 CD's on Noises from the basement and 3 cassettes on Iwontstopwondering's 2012/11 demo tape. I had also received this mysterious tape that had "Dreaming" cut up on top. I popped it on my tape deck and it turned out to be a live set I have never heard. Nolan explained that this is the Noise attack devastating Lansing volume 1. I have heard of the second one which is on the bandcamp but never the first one. Simply because he made 25 copies and no one bought them so he recycled the cases for other releases and this was put away for a while until I got this copy. I converted the entire side (It's one side) a lot of these songs are mainly off the Noises from the basement so my guess is that this was probably done somewhere between 2012 or early 2013. The live quality is pretty neat, same can be said about the cassette. Overall this one is definitely a collectors item as Nolan said.

Noise attack devastating Lansing volume 1 tape

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Secret smoker

It's October and I can tell the season is changing a bit. The nights get cold and there is more wind throughout the evening. Well I am about to head out to go to work. This graveyard shift kinda blows to be honest but at least I don't have to deal with people. By 4 AM the freeway is hella empty but its cool because I get to drive down in a pretty content mood then fall asleep all morning and wake up around 11 in the morning. Before I head out I 100% back this beautiful band up. I heard of them a bit before the bands debut came out, they had leaked about a song or 2 from the record sometime in 2013. When I first heard of it I had thought Secret smoker was a obscure band from the mid 90's re-releasing their only album but actually that is not even the case here. Secret smoker is a new band that just sounds like something coming out from 1996 or 1997. We don't normally get these type of bands today. I think of Secret smoker as a mix of bands like Hoover, Four hundred years, Car vs. driver, The Hal Al Shedad, Amber Inn, and State route 552. Very 90's post hardcore influenced. I really appreciate this record. Since its release I've been wanting to get it. Last year the label that put this out had a big cartel site and had a bunch of stuff for sell including this record and the bands shirt for like 5 dollars each I think so I snagged the two. Its really the best description I can give you. The band also has a split 7" and a live song on the Empathy compilation tape from Akashita corp. They are planning on releasing a second LP sometime next year or something but since there was a flood in the area where the band is from I believe the process to this might lag for this second LP to come. That Deathwish website has some of the LP's for sale I believe. If you really like those bands I had mention Secret smoker is another band to add on your vinyl collection. You can buy the record here.

Terminal architecture LP

Sunday, October 2, 2016

Second post on People's temple project

A second post for this amazing band. This year the band had put out about 2 releases. Last year they had a incredible split 7" with MRTEX (David's band from Zegema beach records) The 2 releases this year are a bit of a odd ball but just fascinating as hell. One of the releases is a lathe 5" and the cover is a children's book used as the sleeve. It's fucking gnarly. It features a odd instrumental and song on each side. The other release is the bands tour split demo tape with Sleeper wave which I also admire the work of Akashita corp's label. Overall this band reminds me of some Iwrotehaikus/Matsuri stuff or something. The demo CD contains the bands 4 song demo tape, their track from the ZBR comp and a unreleased track that I have not heard nor is it in the other bands stuff. I guess I have everything from this band up to date.
Demo CD

People's temple project/MRTEX Split 7"

Lathe 5"

Sleeper wave/Peoples temple project Split tour demo tape