Monday, October 24, 2016

Vitreous humor/The regrets live sets

Yesterday Danny Pound from Vitreous humor/The regrets emailed me and sent me some rare live sets from both bands. I might as well post it now before I forget. The first is from Vitreous humor this live set has 6 songs, 3 of them were never released while the others were released I will leave a track list. This live set from Chicago in '95 when the band had released their self titled EP. The songs were on wav and the whole file was 300 something mb. I converted them to 224 kbps mp3 which is good enough for these songs. The Regrets in the other hand the live set is from 1997 which has 9 songs mostly from New directions and 2 that didn't seem were ever recorded.

Vitreous humor- Live in Chicago '95
1. Invention is a national treasure
2. Wellington
3. Breast fed boy
4. Cat shit silver
5. Our lady of the highway
6. Whisper twins

The Regrets- Live at Slant house 1997-05-28
1. Good things
2. Play with yourself until you faint
3. I have tools
4. Inflated passions
5. For my Billy Faulkner
6. Sue me
7. A sick man's grief
8. Usura, Usury
9. Lance the proverbial boil

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