Saturday, July 30, 2016

The Evergreen Trio

This band is one of those softy types which isn't such a hype for me but they did make some solid tunes. The bands 7" has a cheesy yet sweet sound. It even includes some electronic drum kit and the 2 songs gives that winter feeling vibe. Same thing can also be said about the band's only full length. They had also self released a acoustic length but to be honest I am not into that stuff. On the side note the band left a few songs behind but it still beats anything The promise ring and mineral made so it's worth something to post on here. It took me forever to search for the songs off the 7" which were once online. Everyone else sucks for never posting it online. I had to buy a copy of it so I can convert it myself. I do like those songs slightly more even with its cheesy sound shits a bit little hilarious though but still enjoyable and listenable.

The Evergreen Trio 7"

For all intents and purposes

Sunday, July 24, 2016

My favorite split ever

This split was one of my favorites when I was 16 and even today. I found out these bands thanks to this split. This led me to all these and from the 4 The reptilian is still active (They have a new LP coming out in September) this was a self released CDr in a sewed manila folder. I had bought this crap off someone and honestly it wasn't worth what I paid for. No insert is in this and even song titles. So in honor of this amazing split I shall post it here for you guys to listen. 2 of the lautrec songs were added to the bands 8 songs cd while the 2 songs off the reptilian were added to we have become ep as for osceola these songs were from a split with Suis la lune. Finally we have the short lived band I have not mentioned here which is Boy problems. The band lasted half a year which they released a 5 song tour cd and this split. One of the songs on this split is off the tour demo while the other appears to be new. The quality is all the same so perhaps they were saving this one for this split. The band appeared to have started in the summer of 2008 and ended later in the fall of that same year. I don't like splits a whole lot because most of the time I don't like all the bands in the split but as for this split its one of the few 4 ways I admire a whole lot.


Boy problems

The reptilian


Lautrec/The reptilian/Boy problems/Osceola

Friday, July 22, 2016

Cowboys are Indians

So I am just close to graduating from college and I believe my life is going in for a drastic turn, the love I know I will probably see her until next year since she has some business of family importance over at Arizona. I had thought about moving there but I also wouldn't mind bringing her here so we can move down to Bixby or Lakewood which both areas are much nicer than here in Long Beach. I recently got a new job at Ross where I think even though I am settling in with an AA I probably will stick at this place for a while and rank myself up. I am a bit stoked on whatever is coming in. This band was from New Hampshire that played some great chaotic screamo. They seemed to have only made one LP under BEAR records while the rest were self released DIY. They have a 8 song self titled cdr, a split cdr with cassettes on fire (Who are also another great band) and another live that happens to be a split with another band called Giant fucking mirror which happens to be just a practice set. Their debut LP Constantly fucked was long overdue but after time BEAR records finally showed us another great release from this epic label. I really like the cover for the bands LP. Pretty fucking brutal ass fuck haha. Before the LP and much after one of the original members had passed away in which I think the LP was in memory of him. I think this is still sold at BEAR for like 5 dollars I think so you should really check it out and give BEAR your money. Friendly otter might have some coming in soon. Cowboys are Indians aren't a band you want to miss. It's another on in the family of BEAR and its easily one of the records that stick out a lot to me on this label next to Carrion spring, The caution children, Fire team charlie and Sneeze. bandcamp and put up all the releases they did.

Constantly fucked LP

Friday, July 15, 2016


This is possibly the biggest talk there is of Saetia getting its first ever discography repress on wax. We all waited so long for this thing to ever be a actual thing. Saetia was the second real screamo emotional hardcore band I got into. After listening to The spirit of versailles for some weeks I would see "Saetia" being thrown in those 2007-2008 forums and well I gave them a shot. One of the early songs I heard were the ones off the demo tape mainly being Closed hands and One dying wish. It was such a emotional rollercoaster of wanting to mosh but also get sad. Those screams still give me the goosebumps. Saetia has remained pretty important to me being the second band that taught me that the diy of screamo is still the best and good at it still. A label called Secret voice had plans of releasing this record since last year but word of it spread like a wildfire in January of this year. It was the main thing I was anticipated about, I was also hoping for a shirt reissue (Which they also made that happen) I was also hoping for a remaster of the 17 songs which I believe they were. Before that Deathwish had release a cassette version of the Live at ABC No Rio songs which was kinda like a early announcement that the discography LP was in the works. I had picked this tape up with the belief that it might be in bad quality due to the songs being crappy quality live sets but they actually did a great job with these pro dubbed tapes. Once one of my friends told me that the pre order was up I had then preordered the bundle. By all means this is a pretty rad year to have this come out. Well I received my copy this past Thursday morning. When I got home I had played the first LP which contains the songs from the self titled. Today I played the second LP which has the songs from Eronel on the first side while the other side has the songs off the demo tape and the compilation song. Although I do find the title being "Collected" a bit silly and funny. Perhaps being A retrospective or Discography would have been fine. Even Collection but collected, not really what I had hoped for. So the sleeve has a glued booklet which shares each member's experience with the band or at least a portion of it. They do not exactly tell the whole story but it gets to the point. I also did wished there were a bit more to be told. Saetia was a great band I stumbled upon and I do believe it's those bands everyone will stumble upon at first due to its popularity and early mentions about getting into emotive hardcore. And honestly its a great example and a good way to start off.

Collected 2x12"

Live at ABC No Rio

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Quantice never crashed

I was roaming around lastfm just for the memories sake of back in the day and while roaming I found this short lived band from New york. They present to us a self titled CD which I just received today in the mail. They sort of have that generic hardcore familiar sound but what makes the band up is the vocals that slightly remind me of Ampere or Orchid and for that this clearly helps the band being unique from the rest. The cd was released sometime in the fall of 2004. There was a early promo press edition which happens to be a gatefold (Don't like those) Here we have the regular jewel case I got myself for a dollar on amazon that was still sealed. I really enjoyed listening to this band and I am sure you will too. The band did a 2 song early demo, these 2 songs were later added to the bands self titled. Another 2 unreleased demos were also made. There is also a 2 song live set which is combined to a single track. These are under the unreleased file which I was able to get off soundcloud. They also recently released a song off a compilation tape (Even though the band is no longer active) they somehow made it in this comp tape. I believe they had a show 3 years ago for some benefit show, the band is still active somewhat even after all this time.
You can check the comp tape here everything goes towards the animal shelter. You can check it here

Quantice never crashed (Unreleased tracks also included)

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Car vs. Driver

This was one of those random cd's i bought even though I have heard some of their stuff. Because I like discography CD's I picked this one up from Stickfigure distro since it was for 5 bucks (Still is). It is a 2 disc set. First cd has the bands 2 LP's while the second disc has the bands 7", split, compilation songs, etc. The band has its emo/post hardcore flare that is a bit typical. I really like the bands LP's the most (So i am constantly stuck on the first cd) Car vs drive sticks out for me because of Cars get crushed so I had thought it be something similar but naahh. I think this might have been another Atlanta band that roamed with Inkwell and The Kossabone Red, I am too lazy to do some research right now. Although I am positive Car vs Driver was from Atlanta due to Stickfigure releasing this discography CD. I think Beyond failure blogspot have mentioned them. Even the dude from that blog had converted the original demo tape to mp3. He has more info on the band than I do since he was their during the scene. I'm just the middleman here. I really can't leave a long paragraph on this one since its pretty self explanatory. I just don't have much words for this one. Great band and very worth getting a copy of this 2xCD. The fact is a jewel case and not some crappy gatefold cardboard of some sort makes me give this a double thumbs up.

The Completeist 2xCD


Thursday eh? Well I have to be honest Thursday is a pretty okay band. I got into them late but my main focus is between the bands first 3 lengths. I believe I started giving them a shot within the summer of 2008 which I mainly heard Waiting and Full collapse a lot and because of it I find them extremely memorable. I really couldn't get into A city divided from the light and so on. I also want to state that I really diss on Victory records for doing warped tour hot topic pop bullshit, screwing bands over and definitely screwing this band over which made them switch to another major label which was Island records. I have no info or business with such a major label that I actually been doubting of ever posting Thursday on here because of the mix feelings I have with Victory and Island records. That being said Thursday did a great job with both albums being the end for my love on Thursday. I believe they played with other great bands at the time such as Saetia, Reversal of man, Hot cross, Bright calm blue, Staynless, You and I and a few others that were not fake fuse emo crap. I have love and some hate with this band mainly because I have no clue why such a band that began as independent band got hanging around with Victory records or Warped tour to begin with. That is just my entitled opinion and I can't be certain I a correct of my opinion. By the end of the day a opinion is a opinion. But we all have to agree I somehow got a hold of supporting this band somehow by purchasing their cd's and even Five stories falling which they told fans not to buy. I did it just for the small collection. If you never heard of them Thursday is a pretty easy listen. They definitely have many catchy songs between Waiting and Full collapse.


Full collapse

Five stories falling EP

War all the time