Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Army of Kahsyyyk

Back with a quick post, I've been sorting things out in life (Trying to get this new job at UPS, putting out a 2 volume .elaine. unreleased discography, etc) I wanted to back up a bit with some bands and while thinking back I remember this band way back when the blogspot Chug life posted them. They mentioned little of them but I had decided to give them a listen. After a year, I had bought some CD's off Black with sap. It was some distro stuff they did not have some stuff so they gave me a copy of their split with Lovers&Killers who are by the way a very hard band to track down. I believe they have a full length out but I simply could not find it back in 2011. AOK also released a split tape with Osceola who I previously mentioned on here. They also had a Tour tape with 2 other songs (So about 6 songs AOK ever made) I would describe them as a live screamo quality type of band. Something like MNWA/DEERS! type of stuff I would say. I wasn't all that into the band mainly because I don't really like splits and since the band had a short amount of songs/releases it took me a while to bring this band up on here. I made a discography file for this one. There really isn't much to mention actually. I think they existed for one whole year between 2007-2008. This seems like something Thisendlessbreath could have covered since the band is pretty obscure as hell, Chug life's link is dead and I think that was the only blogspot that remotely had a mention.
Lovers&killers split CD w/ Osceola split tape

Unofficial discography

Friday, September 16, 2016

Sinker/Amber Inn

Sinker was a short lived band from California that released 2 7"s and came out on a compilation. They also have a demo tape but one of the members said they didn't know how to convert (which is weird because all you need is a cable converter) Sinker had 2 7"s these sound exactly like a pre Amber Inn. After Sinker the members split between Amber Inn and Indian summer sometime in 1994. Years later Sinker put out a posthumous 7" which are newer versions of 2 songs from their demo. This final 7" is titled "Finality". I love these 2 7"s and as a matter of fact both bands are excellent examples of post hardcore emo. The same label (Sunney Sindicut Records) that helped Sinker put out both 7"s also released Amber Inn's first 3 song Self titled 7" in 1995. Ebullition records gave a helping hand and put out the bands second 7" later that same year. Between 1995 and 1996 the band released 3 compilation songs and by 1997 the band finally released their debut called "All roads lead home" who Ebullition records also put out. The band shortly after ended. After some years Ebullition put out a digipak CD discography called All roads still lead home which includes all 19 songs plus a unreleased song. I have made myself a CDr that contains both bands in one CD since I do not have the discography comp and doesn't feature sinker. I still think Sinker is the pre to Amber inn while Indian summer is just its own new thing that sounds nothing like these 2 due to the instrument and vocal structure.

Amber Inn

Thoughts On Beauty/Perseverance 7"

Finality 7"

Amber Inn 7"

Serenity at hand 7"

All roads lead home 12"

Sinker's discography

Amber Inn's discography

Friday, September 9, 2016


I probably won't be back until October so this is a heads up but before I leave for the entire month I wanted to bring this up again. My buddy David from Open mind/Saturated brain (Dude who runs Zegema Beach Records) had some CD's for me and this is one of them. Ghost towns was one of the first posts I did and I had posted everything except this. It has been years for this discovery and it seems like there has not been any blogspot that has brought up this EP. I even found a shirt from this band on BEAR records for 2.50. Anyways this Manila folder CD has the bands first 4 songs recorded after 3 months of being a band. 100 of these were made and yeah that is all there is to it. Honestly I haven't even heard this yet and I wanted to share this will all of you before being absent for a while from this blogspot. This completes everything for this band now.
Oxen EP

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Another sevenfold

This band was one of those "Buy this before you listen" lesser known late 90's emo/screamo type of bands mainly because nothing from them is out there to stream until now that I had run into this band I made it possible for everyone else. This band is from North Carolina that existed between 1997-2000 and during its lifespan the band only released a 3 song 7" and a full length CD. The band is one of those very obscure hit and miss emo bands not many of us spoke about. Right now no one ever mentioned these guys or ever heard of them I include myself to (Until now) the band will have some singing, some yelling and some screaming but above all this band is very emotional as hell. Like very emotional. I have never heard anything so emotional that can top it off. I am happy that I wanted to give them a listen. It's a bummer that this band was completely forgotten by most.

Thousand star serissa 7"


Thursday, September 1, 2016

Life in pictures

I had discovered this band when I was 14, a friend of mine had a mix cd that contained some bands and from those "some bands" it had 2 songs from this one that stood out the most. For a long time I never encountered the bands name. I don't even remember how I ended up finding this band years later. Perhaps in my senior year I had asked that guys younger brother about the mix CD and had said "Ohh this is Life in pictures" I tried gathering info which wasn't all that difficult to find although to find files on the bands only 2 releases is hard to find floating around. The band is from Arizona that began in 2000 between 2000-2002 this band never released anything although I heard some rumors that the band had some demos between that time but I can't confirm this since I have not seen any of these demos around. In 2003 the band released their debut EP called "Songs from the sawmill" these 5 songs share some catchy energetic post hardcore/Metalcore type of stuff that the vocals can even be considered in some form of "Screamo". I don't like metalcore all that much or at all I feel that bands intend to fail at that wild chaotic guitars and fast paced 0's on the guitar. Life in pictures was one of the few more interesting acts. Arizona is pretty known for its metalcore scene and honestly a bunch of bands are the same repeated structure influence from the next band that doesn't offer anything besides another type of this and that. Luckily Life in pictures had only 2 releases in which I think if the band was active to release more this band would fall in the same boredom. The bands debut has some songs that are similar to the next ones on that album and the only reason why I do not complain about it is because its their only full length. There is a huge transition to the bands EP from 2003 and their debut from 2005. Besides that it nearly took them 2 years vocally it changed although I wouldn't call it a huge big improvement it just sounds different. But not in the sense that the EP is better. I find both releases overall great. The debut "By the sign of the spyglass" was released by Pluto records. I am only familiar with the label since they released The Jonbenet's Ugly/Heartless and HORSE the band's R.Borlax, not familiar with any other release from that label. I believe the band broke up about a year after this release. Life in pictures seems like the band that should still be relevant because I mean if it caught my attention and I can barely bear this type of music I am positive many others would enjoy these 2 releases

Songs from the sawmill EP

By the sign of the spyglass