Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Army of Kahsyyyk

Back with a quick post, I've been sorting things out in life (Trying to get this new job at UPS, putting out a 2 volume .elaine. unreleased discography, etc) I wanted to back up a bit with some bands and while thinking back I remember this band way back when the blogspot Chug life posted them. They mentioned little of them but I had decided to give them a listen. After a year, I had bought some CD's off Black with sap. It was some distro stuff they did not have some stuff so they gave me a copy of their split with Lovers&Killers who are by the way a very hard band to track down. I believe they have a full length out but I simply could not find it back in 2011. AOK also released a split tape with Osceola who I previously mentioned on here. They also had a Tour tape with 2 other songs (So about 6 songs AOK ever made) I would describe them as a live screamo quality type of band. Something like MNWA/DEERS! type of stuff I would say. I wasn't all that into the band mainly because I don't really like splits and since the band had a short amount of songs/releases it took me a while to bring this band up on here. I made a discography file for this one. There really isn't much to mention actually. I think they existed for one whole year between 2007-2008. This seems like something Thisendlessbreath could have covered since the band is pretty obscure as hell, Chug life's link is dead and I think that was the only blogspot that remotely had a mention.
Lovers&killers split CD w/ Osceola split tape

Unofficial discography

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