Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Midvale "First Aid For Airmen" 7"

I'm practically trying to kill some time today so I'll be posting this band for today. Midvale was a band I found way later so I can't say I get nostalgic vibes but that doesn't mean I get down to it. I ran into the bands only 7" on the internet pretty cheap and new. They also released a 6 song EP but maybe one day I'll talk about that. As for the 7" it's 3 songs that slightly remind me of what a pre-my chemical romance would sound like or if mcr was in the 90's I honestly don't hate it since it sounds way above emo instrumentally. But that is also another of my personal opinions on trying to get my point across.

It is a damn shame the band had only 2 very short releases and didn't live long for a full length. Just like most real emo bands from the 90's they all disappeared not leaving much of a trace.
First Aid For Airmen 7"

Monday, March 30, 2015

Rockets and Bluelights (Close at hand)

I found this band on Lyrics won't reach the audience blogspot (I think) this band reminds me of a early Cursive with post rock, this band might have started sometime in 2002? They did a demo tape and only years later to realize that the demo tape had a bunch of unreleased songs that were done during that time. I only discovered this when someone posted a discography of the band they left more than just 8 songs. I have seen different self released presses of this band such as the 8 song demo that has both demo and 10" songs along with the demo tape although it may be CDr since the quality doesn't sound something off a cassette. The 10" is absolutely beautiful and it even gives in some emo chills on some of the instrumental parts. They slightly remind me a little of early Kidcrash's New Ruins maybe vocally just a tiny little bit but that's just me. The only vinyl they left was this 4 song 10" in 2003; this is also the label's first release "Redder Records", although I am not familiar with the band it seems like this may be the only vinyl release off the label after looking at discogs. The band does focus more instrumentally than vocally there are songs where there's singing but there are also song where its an entire instrumental part with little or no singing. Band did fine doing this honestly. I believe this band also goes as under "Rockets and bluelights (close at hand)" Which I'll keep it labeled that way instead.I'll pretty much post the bands discography rather than the 4 songs off the 10" =, the first 4 are off the LP which are the best ones on my opinion.


Guyver One- Obsessed With... 12"

I had revisited a bunch of records from the past and no matter how much I like bands like the new bands my reality and mind is still stuck to the ones slowly grew into. I posted the bands 7" a while back. Guyver one also released a posthumous LP, I believe the band had broken up during the recording of this LP. Many say it isn't as good as the first one and I agree 50% with that statement but this LP is pretty much the closest thing of the bands full length. As for the first 2 songs from the LP they follow the same signature of the 7" the 3rd song is the one of the bands softest tracks from their entire discography (I honestly love it) the LP has much more of a darker hardcore atmosphere than the LP which really made me feel the emotions of the LP more than the 7" and because of this I now think the LP is up on top as the 7" I had bought this for 10 bucks the black sleeve was glued off and luckily the only thing I had to do was super glue the sleeve and now it looks good. I just couldnt sit having the 7" but not the LP.
one of the most memorable songs off the LP for me

Overall if you like the whole 90's emotive hardcore so called "Emo-violence" (silly kids) 90's screamo and you are a newcomer I would recommend getting on Guyver one's 7" and LP
Obsessed With...

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Dot flash line

Sometime in high school I discovered this band in a forum thread with a list of bands alphabetically and I ran across the bands demo tape and posthumous 7". After hearing the demo tape first the band reminded me of Portrait which I thought that was so cool I quickly got into the 7". I came across the bands 7" under Makeshift Suicide Device Records which I think this might have been the very first release off that label. It was pretty cool remembering back while listening to the 7" again. I didn't have plans on it but some label was giving it out for 3.99 so I thought of might as getting at it since the band didn't make anything else.
There isn't much on the 7" besides 2 inserts that are catalog's (not sure if the record store put one of the other ones) The sleeve is a thin translucent paper and that is pretty much to it. Dot Flash Line's Discography


Today is a mighty fine sunny Wednesday afternoon and I have a chill buzz high flowing.I am pretty much spinning the Uncrush 7" and I felt like mentioning them here today. Crank's 10th release, Uncrush was a indie rock band from guess where? Kansas again. Just like UNI-V this band also disappeared without a trace leaving behind this 2 song 7" and a song on Crank's! (Don't forget to) Breathe. It is just as about the same information as I'd give you from UNI-V. The 7" has the similar like sound of any 90's indie rock/emo-ish type of band one of the 3 favorite songs would be side B from the 7"
Like any of the early Crank 7"s this one is as well as standard as UNI-V's and Acrobat down's 7", no paper sleeve they usually have 2 inserts, a Crank! catalog and a sort of bands insert of the 7" info. Was ever being so born to calamity? 7"

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Union Ares

I was suppose to post that Audience of one band a while back but I never had the time to do so and since I was out for a while someone gave me the idea to mention this band on here So I now decided to make a mini post mention on them. The Union Ares was a band that had 2 members of Kolya, they might have started in early 2002 and probably ended by the end of that same year or vanished. The left a 2 song ep called For our friends and a few months later they recorded 2 new live songs that might have been upcoming for the bands debut that never happened. This band had so much potential but because they dissolved quickly and suddenly this band is hella underrated. Many people familiar with Kolya would notice that he union ares does not sound like Kolya but has a more fresh sound, many people would expect a lot of stuff from this band but nope they only did 4 songs.


Audience of one

As a few of you may be aware Anthony Green did do a few projects here and their and sometime in high school he was in a band called Audience of one. The band started as a hardcore band until I guess they got over the idea and Anthony Green joined in and made "Show your teeth" the band recorded their debut only in CD format under a indie label Breakeven. Sometime 2001 the band released a 4 track ep that was believed to have been for a 2nd length but the band broke up and left these songs behind. There are no physical format for these but I assume the band themselves threw these all over on the internet. Too bad there are no live sets of these guys or anything else. The other member JD played for a band called Like Lions where they released a demo and a debut ep along with some other stuff. Anthony Green did do High and Driving during or a little before after the 4 track EP along with Jeer at Rome.

Off the 4 track EP

I remember when this all meant something+4 Track EP

Monday, March 9, 2015


On a sunny day of a Friday or Monday I had ditched class with a friend and we headed out to this other guys house and kicked it there for a bit I was looking to see if I was able to put some portraits of past songs on my old mp3 player I ended up putting Portrait's discography instead although off the bat I knew this wasn't POP but I liked what I was hearing, that is how I came across this band. Some years later I ran into the CD (I have no idea where the CD is at now since I couldn't see it where my other CD's are hanging at) I did run into the vinyl records the band made which are about 2 7"s and a 10". Portrait might have started right when The Kossabone Red was planning on the LP. Portrait did a demo tape sometime 1997 while the bands first 7" in '98 it was pretty cool of them to self-release the 7" I hardly see bands do that these days. I can't be sure how many were done but might have been a bit. A couple of months later they released a 5 track 10" which has its soft moments on that one. Afterwards they did a final 3 song 7" and that sums up the discography, I did noticed there's a song called "Always scared" I am not sure if it was unreleased or not since it didn't place in any of the records or even compilations I know of.
Portrait 7"

Portrait 10"

All my chances 7"

Complete Discography


Today I felt like looking a little more back into some of the emotive hardcore era in the mid 90's. Guyver-One was a pretty darn neat band from the Cali region who did the whole emotive hardcore/screamo thing, I'd always play these mp3's when I found them on some blogspot (Hardcore For Nerds I think) since then I been stuck with these guys. I came by the bands 7" in near mint for 5 bucks I find this one memorable than the LP so I said why not. It didn't took long for the band to grow actually right after listening to o.k bye that was when it hit me that I actually liked them a lot. They didn't last that long (a 7" and a LP later) they ended up forming some experimental band that had some hardcore punk screamo to it but they never recorded anything but did played with Jeromes dream at one point.

Guyver-One 7"

Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hmm... Well I didn't plan to post this up here but since its one of those bands "you'll never find anywhere" might as well share. I don't have info on this band, I found them on some old blog years back but the blogspot had the wrong info. Racecar was a emo band that lasted sometime '99-'01 they released 2 lengths first one was Postcards from Miami and Bradleys last hope. I don't have the first one I mentioned but I do have the second one. The lengths were on CD although I am not sure what label released them since its not on discogs or anywhere else. All I know it was in some cd sort. Well that is the closest info you'll get from this band. Since no links are around I decided to post this one on here just for the sake of this not being forgotten. The band slightly is similar to Last days of August just with some screaming thrown in some parts. Bradleys last hope