Sunday, March 1, 2015


Hmm... Well I didn't plan to post this up here but since its one of those bands "you'll never find anywhere" might as well share. I don't have info on this band, I found them on some old blog years back but the blogspot had the wrong info. Racecar was a emo band that lasted sometime '99-'01 they released 2 lengths first one was Postcards from Miami and Bradleys last hope. I don't have the first one I mentioned but I do have the second one. The lengths were on CD although I am not sure what label released them since its not on discogs or anywhere else. All I know it was in some cd sort. Well that is the closest info you'll get from this band. Since no links are around I decided to post this one on here just for the sake of this not being forgotten. The band slightly is similar to Last days of August just with some screaming thrown in some parts. Bradleys last hope

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