Monday, March 30, 2015

Rockets and Bluelights (Close at hand)

I found this band on Lyrics won't reach the audience blogspot (I think) this band reminds me of a early Cursive with post rock, this band might have started sometime in 2002? They did a demo tape and only years later to realize that the demo tape had a bunch of unreleased songs that were done during that time. I only discovered this when someone posted a discography of the band they left more than just 8 songs. I have seen different self released presses of this band such as the 8 song demo that has both demo and 10" songs along with the demo tape although it may be CDr since the quality doesn't sound something off a cassette. The 10" is absolutely beautiful and it even gives in some emo chills on some of the instrumental parts. They slightly remind me a little of early Kidcrash's New Ruins maybe vocally just a tiny little bit but that's just me. The only vinyl they left was this 4 song 10" in 2003; this is also the label's first release "Redder Records", although I am not familiar with the band it seems like this may be the only vinyl release off the label after looking at discogs. The band does focus more instrumentally than vocally there are songs where there's singing but there are also song where its an entire instrumental part with little or no singing. Band did fine doing this honestly. I believe this band also goes as under "Rockets and bluelights (close at hand)" Which I'll keep it labeled that way instead.I'll pretty much post the bands discography rather than the 4 songs off the 10" =, the first 4 are off the LP which are the best ones on my opinion.



  1. glad you like them! i have some of their shows on tape. i need to upload them one day

  2. ps - think there's some songs played live that are not on the record

  3. ps - think there's some songs played live that are not on the record