Wednesday, March 18, 2015

The Union Ares

I was suppose to post that Audience of one band a while back but I never had the time to do so and since I was out for a while someone gave me the idea to mention this band on here So I now decided to make a mini post mention on them. The Union Ares was a band that had 2 members of Kolya, they might have started in early 2002 and probably ended by the end of that same year or vanished. The left a 2 song ep called For our friends and a few months later they recorded 2 new live songs that might have been upcoming for the bands debut that never happened. This band had so much potential but because they dissolved quickly and suddenly this band is hella underrated. Many people familiar with Kolya would notice that he union ares does not sound like Kolya but has a more fresh sound, many people would expect a lot of stuff from this band but nope they only did 4 songs.



  1. And it is reborn:

  2. And it is reborn: