Monday, March 9, 2015


Today I felt like looking a little more back into some of the emotive hardcore era in the mid 90's. Guyver-One was a pretty darn neat band from the Cali region who did the whole emotive hardcore/screamo thing, I'd always play these mp3's when I found them on some blogspot (Hardcore For Nerds I think) since then I been stuck with these guys. I came by the bands 7" in near mint for 5 bucks I find this one memorable than the LP so I said why not. It didn't took long for the band to grow actually right after listening to o.k bye that was when it hit me that I actually liked them a lot. They didn't last that long (a 7" and a LP later) they ended up forming some experimental band that had some hardcore punk screamo to it but they never recorded anything but did played with Jeromes dream at one point.

Guyver-One 7"

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