Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I consider this day to be a very mediocre birthday, while friends shouted me with Happy birthday I did not even get one from my parents. I think that is just a adult phase life and I am transitioning. Don't like adults buy their own gifts? I been thinking of maybe buying myself a ps4, I have been wanting to play fallout 4 in the longest. We will have to see. Anyways, here is another of the short lived bands from the 90's straight outta South Carolina. Rinse was a hardcore/screamo band that put out one 7" on Concurrent who also put out The Kossabone Red's LP. Rinse also had a song on a compilation 7" other than that about 7 songs were done by the band. The 7" has a really cool booklet zine and I found one of the songs to really hit the spot which is called "To the father from the son" which relatively speaks of a true event of a kid committing suicide because his dad hated him and left him a letter which was "To the father from the son" the final song off the 7" "And still the promise" is absolutely my favorite one. I see some 7"s being sold for less than 5 dollars its one to add to your collection.

Rinse 7" (Comp track included)

Friday, June 24, 2016

Beau Navire 2009 Demo 10"

Considering this was a Canadian release and limited to 300 copies, this was very hard for me to find at a okay price. But after having it on my wantlist on discogs I finally got 2 emails of the same discogs seller selling Hours 12" for 14 and the demo for 20 but had an offer button. I had offered 16 but the prick said 18 would be the lowest. As I have mentioned many times, these are DIY records the value never goes up but for some strange reason I find myself in these situations when discogs sellers think its okay to put a high price. Since I couldn't refuse for the fact 18 is commonly low considering the past sells, the record being new and that I had already made the offer which they accepted but added 2 more dollars on the shipping. So fuck it. After getting both records the demo came with a download code which I had known by now that the download would contain remastered versions of the demo and not the originals I had posted. A friend of mine asked if I can send the remastered versions to him and it gave me the idea to post it here as well only because the 10" is long out of print.

2009 Demo 10"

The Truth About Dreaming

I will be turning 24 next Wednesday and honestly as I get older the whole birthday hype just dies more every year and I noticed this after my 21st birthday. There is nothing special or great about it. My last 3 birthdays I didn't do anything and hardly got anything. I felt like I already had any of the things I already wanted and all I wanted to do was be in bed and eat a In'n out burger.

This will be one of the more obscure posts you will come by, after Iwontstopwondering ended Nolan began a much rougher project which turned out to be XttadX. It is absolutely one of the most respected bands of my (Our time) sure I didn't grew up with Jeromes dream or Reversal of man like the older veterans of the genre but we sure ass hell got this one. The bands early material can be suggested to sound similar to Jeromes dream just with a little something else that is much different. It is hard to explain what the difference is but you just know. I might have been one of the first few who looked forward to this when it began. This project released a ton of stuff under the new name of Off cloud nine, a ridiculous amount of limited cassette presses were done for this and even throughout the entire labels catalog. Even though I may be a fanboy of the now dead OCN I didn't even get a chance to buy all the XttadX releases. I still have a quite few missing and it pisses me off that I missed out on some of these releases even when i was aware of them. Most notably the bands 2012 collection 10" lathe which was probably less than 8 copies of that one. I am pretty content to know that I tried to get everything off this little one man band. I was even psyched when Nolan was giving out the last releases he had on him which I paid for almost every single one of them before anyone else did. One of the releases that came with the bunch was the very rare "All hollows eve" cassette which only 10 were made. One thing I love about this tape is the outer sleeve that came with the tape which is just fucking gnarly ass hell. I did notice one of the songs is off the bands second length "The act of falling". As for the other 3 songs I don't think they were anywhere else or ever heard by anyone as well since it is not included in the 2012 collection. Noises from the basement covers most of the bands earlier work but with re-recorded versions of the bands first 2 demos along with a few other new ones and a cover song from In loving memory which I think he did the greatest fucking job. Not long ago I had a dream I was listening to all these tapes in some room and Nolan had oddly visited me and told me some other stuff which from there I can't remember the rest of the dream. The last releases from the band is one of the most influential pieces of work I have ever heard starting from the bands split with Short stories about their distance, the split 5" with Under a sky so blue, the bands 7" Capitalizing on your emotions, then To kill a heart EP and finally the most recent Two songs EP. Nolan did mention of doing a final release in which the hopes of it being a rather more lengthy one and I even hope he does a shirt for it as well. Even though I own 3 plus a XttadX hoodie zipper it isnt enough to express the love and interest for this amazing one. This is truly the gift of Papa Johns (God bless you) and the gift that Nolan has. It is a shame to see him walk away from this one but I am still happy to know I ran into this incredible label and band it is the heart to Off cloud nine. It is definitely one of my favorite labels in the past 3-4 years and even to this day its still one of the releases I always jump to every now and then. It really sucks that XttadX didn't get much attention considering it was the excellent sound anyone in the Real screamo/Emotive hardcore/"Skramz" "emo violence" fans. It is pure flawless on every song. We should still give XttadX credit for its ability of sounding super late 90's and doing everything as a one piece. The bandcamp is still available and no I won't give out exactly every release for free mainly the 2012 and 2013 collections (Which I think those are probably one of the best ones out of the whole discography) I will put out the ones I do have

Noises from the basement

3rd demo s/t

All hallows eve

The act of falling

Split cassette w/ Frames per second

Split cassette w/ Crocodile hiss

Split 7" w/ Anne hero

Swollen lungs compilation 7"

Split cassette w/ Waller

Split cassette w/ Zaraesihn

S/T Cassingle

Split 5" w/ Under a sky so blue

Split 7" w/ Short stories about their distance

Capitalizing on your emotions e.p. 7"

To kill a heart e.p.

Two songs e.p.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Lazarus plot

A few hours ago I received a phenomenal record that I could not wait any longer to post on here. We all know I love bands that have narrative vocals and it seems rare these days or even back then. The Lazarus plot were a 4 piece band from the mid-late 90's from Elgin, IL. This band has a dark mysterious tone and I could never comprehend. The dark vibe came from the bands 6 song 2x7" mainly while the bands final 7" has a more early precursor of "Twinkly" music (Which they did it better than most of the mediocre bands out there today) I really love the DIY looks of this record, so here is the breakdown. The sleeve of the 2x7" is a cardboard beer holder thing which is inside out (Which is why is brown) and the sides are stapled and folded so each side can hole the 7"s in the middle of this DIY sleeve there is a zine booklet which is stapled to the sleeve and has a lot of these photos and poems. To my understanding of looking at the booklet for 20 minutes the lyrics are all over the place and I only saw that 3 of the 6 songs have lyrics written in the booklet a lot of the photos seem to revolve around suicide and death and I picked this up upon reading two of the lyrics and perhaps the other ones also touch this subject. Everything about it is flawless and at its perfection of being very emo. Fuck Mineral and American football. This is some serious down hearted emo vibes within each of the songs. The final song is set up as an acoustic which gives it a nice touch as the ending of the story. Lance harbor records put out this one which I am a tiny little bit familiar with the label since they had associated with Ten grand (The vidablue) early releases. The same label also put out a split 7" for this band along with a compilation 7" called The Lee Wallance in which The Lazarus plot had a song for the comp. The band also had a 3 song 7" called The end which they lost the narrative tone and has more of that "Twinkly" Football, etc thing although TLP did it first before them. I really do believe that the band stands out more with the self titled and the compilation song although their short discography is good otherwise. I am still pretty stoked I get to mention this band on here.

Self titled 2x7"
I was too lazy to upload all the photos so I only did the first few

Long live nothing split/The Lee Wallace Compilation songs

The end 7"

Tuesday, June 14, 2016


Today seems like another lit day for a post. I also changed the fucking sick "tacky myspace" layout I had. Someone was too obsessed and nit picky about it. As a result I like the color maroon so I went with this new generic boring layout that is simple. I guess its not so bad I do prefer my myspace layout though
Peterbuilt was a band from Florida that surprisingly I found out they were also in the band Rosalind (Which also shared members from Carlisle) Peterbuilt is a nice emo band with a little Jawbreaker touch, but not too much though. This is the second release from Hazel records the 1st being Rosalind and the 3rd being Carlisle's self titled. So this pretty much is the end for Hazel records. Peterbuilt released a full length cd a few years after the 7" but I have more long for the 7" than anything else. The band shorlty after disbanded but also had recorded a second full length that wasn't released until now. The band did a reunion in 2014 and released a flexi 7" for the show. Looks like they are still selling it. You can check the bands bandcamp. Lets get back to the first 7", Hazel did a press run of 500 which I believe there are 2 different cover versions of the record. One being a blue cover and the other black (Which I have) the 7" has 2 inserts, one from Hazel and the other a lyrics insert (Nice as usual). I think we can all admire this bands 7"

Regulation/Circumference 7"

Monday, June 6, 2016

Some soviet station

So another Atlanta band that didn't last long. This band had a member from The Kossabone red but don't expect this band to sound the same. This band is also a bit familiar with the sounds of Calabash case and Drive like Jehu. The band released 1 self titled CD and also had one of the songs from the s/t on a split 7" with another short lived Atlanta band that also released that split and a digipak CD EP (Reason why I never bothered getting that CD) the blogspot Beyond failure has more info on this band. I had picked this mint shrink wrapped copy up for about 2-3 dollars. I feel like this band had potential although a bit late on the game since they began in the late 90's rather than early like DLJ or Calabash in the mid. The CD has about 9 fair songs, I believe they all stick out perfect which makes this debut almost flawless to me (But that is just me) This is another good band to listen to if you really enjoyed Calabash case and Drive like Jehu

Some soviet station

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Flowers in gun barrels

June is finally here and yet most mornings begin cloudy until 1 PM which is when the sun rises but its pretty windy. The Cali weather is a bit odd this season. Usually by mid May it is extremely hot. I ran into plastic smile records when I saw Nolan post his label on the shout out of a band on lastfm. He made it interesting so I checked this PSR label and boy am I glad I did checked this label out. One of his early bands was this one which I think started as a 3 piece then a 2 piece and at the end just himself (Which he then formed his solo Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing for like 2-3 years and then The truth about dreaming for about 4) he also did another project of Celestial being which was incredibly and did not last long. I have mentioned this on my old blogspot but re-mentioning them again would be good. Flowers in gun barrels reminds me a lot of a lo fi version of I wrote haikus about cannibalism in your yearbook but with more cleaner like guitars. Its sloppy and all over the place at times. This band was very underrated that even today its still a pretty underrated band no one really talks about. I remember the first thing I ever bought from PSR was a FIGB bundle which was the bands shirt, the envelope CD (Which I think is just as a S/T), 2010 collection CD (Contains the songs from the S/T plus 2 other demo releases which is the total of 19 songs), the split tape with IWSWUYSB and about 3 patches that look gnarly. He did 2 pressings of the bands discography on cassette and finally did a CD press sometime in 2014 I believe along with a IWSWUYSB Discography CD. The CD is missing 3 songs for some odd reason since I only count 26 and not 29 . Luckily I still carry the mp3's of the discography cassette. Since then Nolan hasn't mentioned anything or doing any represses and such for this. PSR is no longer on bandcamp so it is pretty hard to come by the entire discography and all the releases from PSR were extremely limited ass hell. This is definitely a band you want to listen to if you are into the whole sloppy screamo.

S/T CD (Pressing # 6/25)

2010 Collection CD (I don't have a # for this CDr press but I believe it might have been less than 40)

Flowers in gun barrels/Iwontstopwonderinguntilyoustopbreathing split tape (Pressing # 19/25)

Discography CD (Pressing out of 50 I believe)