Wednesday, June 29, 2016


I consider this day to be a very mediocre birthday, while friends shouted me with Happy birthday I did not even get one from my parents. I think that is just a adult phase life and I am transitioning. Don't like adults buy their own gifts? I been thinking of maybe buying myself a ps4, I have been wanting to play fallout 4 in the longest. We will have to see. Anyways, here is another of the short lived bands from the 90's straight outta South Carolina. Rinse was a hardcore/screamo band that put out one 7" on Concurrent who also put out The Kossabone Red's LP. Rinse also had a song on a compilation 7" other than that about 7 songs were done by the band. The 7" has a really cool booklet zine and I found one of the songs to really hit the spot which is called "To the father from the son" which relatively speaks of a true event of a kid committing suicide because his dad hated him and left him a letter which was "To the father from the son" the final song off the 7" "And still the promise" is absolutely my favorite one. I see some 7"s being sold for less than 5 dollars its one to add to your collection.

Rinse 7" (Comp track included)

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  1. Grew up in SC when these folks were playing (along with a few other local greats). Thanks for featuring them!