Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Lazarus plot

A few hours ago I received a phenomenal record that I could not wait any longer to post on here. We all know I love bands that have narrative vocals and it seems rare these days or even back then. The Lazarus plot were a 4 piece band from the mid-late 90's from Elgin, IL. This band has a dark mysterious tone and I could never comprehend. The dark vibe came from the bands 6 song 2x7" mainly while the bands final 7" has a more early precursor of "Twinkly" music (Which they did it better than most of the mediocre bands out there today) I really love the DIY looks of this record, so here is the breakdown. The sleeve of the 2x7" is a cardboard beer holder thing which is inside out (Which is why is brown) and the sides are stapled and folded so each side can hole the 7"s in the middle of this DIY sleeve there is a zine booklet which is stapled to the sleeve and has a lot of these photos and poems. To my understanding of looking at the booklet for 20 minutes the lyrics are all over the place and I only saw that 3 of the 6 songs have lyrics written in the booklet a lot of the photos seem to revolve around suicide and death and I picked this up upon reading two of the lyrics and perhaps the other ones also touch this subject. Everything about it is flawless and at its perfection of being very emo. Fuck Mineral and American football. This is some serious down hearted emo vibes within each of the songs. The final song is set up as an acoustic which gives it a nice touch as the ending of the story. Lance harbor records put out this one which I am a tiny little bit familiar with the label since they had associated with Ten grand (The vidablue) early releases. The same label also put out a split 7" for this band along with a compilation 7" called The Lee Wallance in which The Lazarus plot had a song for the comp. The band also had a 3 song 7" called The end which they lost the narrative tone and has more of that "Twinkly" Football, etc thing although TLP did it first before them. I really do believe that the band stands out more with the self titled and the compilation song although their short discography is good otherwise. I am still pretty stoked I get to mention this band on here.

Self titled 2x7"
I was too lazy to upload all the photos so I only did the first few

Long live nothing split/The Lee Wallace Compilation songs

The end 7"