Monday, March 28, 2016

Portraits of past

Lets get into the meat of hardcore screamo bands. Within the next few weeks I'll be presenting a few acts that were the stuff that brought me here. I have mentioned bands like The spirit of Versailles and Boys life before but there were a few other ones that fit more to the Hardcore. Well I'll start off with this one. I'm not sure why but I will go along with this one first. This band was ahead of its game (time). There's been a rumor that their were a overproduction of the bands self titled LP and did not sell well to the point that they had thrown/recycled the LP's. I guess people from San Francisco in the mid 90's sucked ass. This band was presented to me when they began doing reunion shows between 2008-2009 I think. They released this compilation CD (ITS NOT A DISCOGRAPHY) it includes the bands self titled, the split 7" and a compilation song. The split and compilation were originally off the bands demo tape. Five songs off the demo tape did not make it on this CD which is why the CD is a compilation not a full discography. I don't have many cd's but for the sake of having more of these type of CD's I purchased it (there are still copies of it on interpunk) When I received this CD I was a bit disappointed on the shitty digipak style. I fucking hate digipaks for one reason, CD's do not tend to last long in digipaks because they are not contained and will scratch over time so I had to get one of the polyvinyl plastic sleeves for the cd. The album contained a tiny insert with lyrics. Overall the album isn't so fancy and I honestly expected a jewel case format. After getting over it I felt like I was 16 again with songs like "Bang yer head", "Implications of a sinkhole personality" and "Something less than intended". The band did got back during the reunions for a 4 song EP entitled "Cypress dust witch" which honestly was a good comeback for the band. I really thought the band was getting back together but after the whole reunion shows the band disappeared. I couldn't make it to the shows due to lack of rides and stuff and being underage. I know a bunch of blogs have mentioned this band here (like boo boo's floorboard) but because I have a copy of this CD it be fair to give a full presentation of the s/t compilation. The last songs off the album have live songs which are okay but not full necessary. I wished it had the demo tape songs though. Portraits of past s/t is simply just a classic nobody can miss on.

Portraits of past

The cd comes in a plastic sleeve, it's already a bad sign enough since the cd sleeve will get fucked over time so the plastic sleeve helps is last longer. Pretty boo boo right?

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Only airplanes count/Stillwell

I think I should be able to squeeze out one more post here and I thought about which band but instead of one I'll be sharing two in one post. I'll start off with Only airplanes count. This band was a pre Forstella ford which doesn't sound near to them. I honestly didn't think of it until I read about it on lastfm. The band only produced about 5 songs (a 7", 2 compilation songs and a split track with Stillwell) which is why I combined the post. I really liked the bands 6 AM 7" along with the split 7" with stillwell. They have a 6th unreleased song that's floating around youtube which still flows more as Airplanes rather than Forstella. Overall Airplanes 7" and split with stillwell are the main songs I like the most rather than the Emo diaries compilation song and the other one. You see both bands were around the same time and can be often described as "Similar" and they shared the same similar labels that were active around that time.

6 AM/A land defined by the sea 7" (I added both compilation tracks in this file)

Stillwell in the other hand first started off as a "Cute" sounding emo band that slowly matured to a math rock/post hardcore band something to the extend of Okara or Don Caballero. Although they sounded good by the time they switched the early stillwell is emo so it should also be here. The band first released a 3 track 7" titled "My eyes are blue again" they then released a split 7" with Only airplanes count which they put out an amazing song on that split. They also did a split with No reply (Which I do not have nor the song to that split) They then released a 7 track CD simply called "Seven songs E.P" right after that the band changed with the last 3 releases. Most of the bands stuff can be downloaded for free on their bandcamp The only things not in their bandcamp may be a few compilations and the first 3 releases (two I have posted here) The sleeve for My eyes are blue again were well done. When I picked up this record the record wad practically new and unused when I had played the record the quality had a excellent sound compared to past old emo records I have. I took a week to search for the split they had with Only airplanes count I was lucky enough for the website Interpunk to have some new copies of this 7" for 5 dollars. There may be still a few available. I was amazed that a huge website like interpunk had these. Interpunk has surprised me a few times by carrying some out of print CD's and records.

My eyes are blue again 7"

Only airplanes count/Stillwell split 7"

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

People's temple project

Although not considered new this band is pretty new to me I had recently discovered these guys when the word out of some split 7" taking place with another band. Although I am not a fan of split records with bands I am not familiar with PTP did a fine job on their side of the split. The band is also another one off this underrated label that has also released Sleeper wave's s/t Akashita corp did in fact have 2 other releases before the label got some attention on the Empathy compilation tape. Those releases would be PTP's 2 demo tapes. The band had a second demo with 2 songs. Both songs ended up in Zegema beach's Compilation and the Empathy compilation. I really liked what I heard on this demo tape and Sorry girl records seemed to be the only place left some of these demos were still available. I really liked the cloth sleeve for the tape which I think it can also be used as a patch but I rather have it as the sleeve for the tape. It comes with a button and a little photo insert with pen written tracklist and band members names in the back of the photo. Although no telling if it was self released or not discogs says the tape version was a split release between friendly otter and Akashita. I didn't expect much of the quality since its kinda crap but then again its just a demo so I shouldn't bash to hard on it. Overall listening to the tape somehow got me to like this specific release more enough to post it on here. It has that raw screamo sound kinda like DEERS! 2008 demo tape or something. Yeah something like that. Feel free to check the bands bandcamp. I hope for more in the future of this band since they seem to have not done much. I suppose Akashita corp has done some pretty neat "under the radar" releases for me.

Demo tape

Cougar Den

Since I am on spring break I have a bit more time to post this week or at least squeeze this post in. Well I have no clue how or where I found this band and it was a bit recent too. I had contact the drummer of the band when I emailed the band to see if they had anything for sell which they still do right now. I had picked up the bands self released 7 track Self titled EP and a shirt. Init records was involved with the bands second release entitled "Keepondrifter" which is as good as the first release. From what I know is that the band began playing in 2005. They had only released those 2 albums and a extremely limited split record with Cloud mouth which might have been a posthumous release for Cougar den. Cougar den has the details of some math rock/post rock (that can be straight heard on the second release) but clearly screams which sounds like a legit hardcore band from the midwest. It was cool that Init records took part of this band. The material used for the cd's case is all recycled material the case looks really fantastic for Keepondrifter. They do have a bandcamp and the self titled ep is still being sold and the shirt too on the bands bigcartel (although I would message first to see if its active still) keepondrifter can be picked up from Init records l since the cd is being sold for a dollar, its worth getting.
Off the self titled EP
Cougar Den EP


Sunday, March 13, 2016


After some time of listening to this band and gathering their music it's about time to post them on here. This was a band I discovered when they went on some sort of break up. I heard of this band from the 3 way split CD with Some place to hide and Steeples. The band released 3 demos, a 10", a 3 way split cd, a split 12" with Fire team Charlie and a final 7". The band had planned a actual final 7" or something (Its four songs) but that was right when the band was pretty much over. One of the members moved right after those recordings and Damezumari was done. My favorite releases lay between the 10" Hitheringandthethering Waters of and the split 12" with Fire team Charlie. I'm glad that the band posted every single song on bandcamp including some unreleased stuff. Although the band had a website with some alternate artwork and meanings to the songs I honestly prefer the website a bit more. Damezumari blends a mixture of Post hardcore/Emo and math rock. The math rock can be heard mostly on the 10" and the bands splits. Damezumari were one of those bands that progressed within each release sounding better than the last one. I discovered them sometime in June or July of 2010 I only remember this because my so called first semester of college was within that time and Damezumari was pretty new to me. One thing I wish for some near future is to see the bands 11 songs from the first two demos to be on wax.
Off the split 12" with Fire team Charlie
Hitheringandthithering waters of 10"

Damezumari/Fire team Charlie split 12"

Hope inscribed on handbills 7"

Blood Meridian
This 4 song EP was never physically released but did make its way being recorded and posted on bandcamp

Monday, March 7, 2016

The Union Ares- Untitled unreleased LP

Remember when I mentioned how would this band sound like if they had a LP well The union ares squeezed out a 10 song album that was not near close to see the light of day on wax. This album has studio versions of the live songs off the fallout shelter and Desert from the demo. The Halloween song didn't make it on here but 7 other songs did. The LP has a slow indie rock kick to it rather than a emo/post hardcore thing like Kolya did. Honestly this is exactly what I thought of if The union ares had a LP. I'm glad Todd posted these and I just have the need to share these around. Listening to these songs only made me wish they had more songs.
Untitled LP

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

La Bella

I've been sick out of my ass for the past few days from a cold. It's a bit rare to get sick but it happened this year. La Bella is a band I really do not remember how I ran into them. I only remember seeing this band play at the first Growing up is dumb in summer of 2013 with Notongue, Adventures and Calculator in Pamona. That night I went up to them and bought the bands 7" because I found them being super lit ass fuck. I remember not speaking up out loud to guy selling the merch mainly because I was out of breath from the bands set. I saw them again in Calculator's final show in January 2014 (Which was amazing and I will speak of it once I bring up Calculator on here) I believe they played a few new songs that were added to the bands recent LP. After the band members being busy for sometime they finally released a debut LP this year entitled "Ides" once I heard of a pre order I quickly got mines (Clear with blue splatter) Upon hearing the songs this band clearly still follows the same sick path of the 7" I was really impressed and I can just imagine the sweat and hard work of the members whenever I see this record spinning. La Bella is one of those cross over bands that can be called Hardcore punk and screamo. They're a nice mix to mosh. I have no other words about this awesome band but if you live in Los Angeles try to catch a show. What I absolutely adore about this band is the bands insert which is in a booklet zine style (Kinda like Toru Okada's Self titled 12" or Reversal of man's) The record Ides is still being sold (Black press though, the clear with blue splatter are gone) you can purchase it here you can also check their bandcamp here which has their facebook page and stuff. Do not miss out on this band I repeat, do not miss out on this band.

Recomposition 7"

Ides 12"