Monday, March 28, 2016

Portraits of past

Lets get into the meat of hardcore screamo bands. Within the next few weeks I'll be presenting a few acts that were the stuff that brought me here. I have mentioned bands like The spirit of Versailles and Boys life before but there were a few other ones that fit more to the Hardcore. Well I'll start off with this one. I'm not sure why but I will go along with this one first. This band was ahead of its game (time). There's been a rumor that their were a overproduction of the bands self titled LP and did not sell well to the point that they had thrown/recycled the LP's. I guess people from San Francisco in the mid 90's sucked ass. This band was presented to me when they began doing reunion shows between 2008-2009 I think. They released this compilation CD (ITS NOT A DISCOGRAPHY) it includes the bands self titled, the split 7" and a compilation song. The split and compilation were originally off the bands demo tape. Five songs off the demo tape did not make it on this CD which is why the CD is a compilation not a full discography. I don't have many cd's but for the sake of having more of these type of CD's I purchased it (there are still copies of it on interpunk) When I received this CD I was a bit disappointed on the shitty digipak style. I fucking hate digipaks for one reason, CD's do not tend to last long in digipaks because they are not contained and will scratch over time so I had to get one of the polyvinyl plastic sleeves for the cd. The album contained a tiny insert with lyrics. Overall the album isn't so fancy and I honestly expected a jewel case format. After getting over it I felt like I was 16 again with songs like "Bang yer head", "Implications of a sinkhole personality" and "Something less than intended". The band did got back during the reunions for a 4 song EP entitled "Cypress dust witch" which honestly was a good comeback for the band. I really thought the band was getting back together but after the whole reunion shows the band disappeared. I couldn't make it to the shows due to lack of rides and stuff and being underage. I know a bunch of blogs have mentioned this band here (like boo boo's floorboard) but because I have a copy of this CD it be fair to give a full presentation of the s/t compilation. The last songs off the album have live songs which are okay but not full necessary. I wished it had the demo tape songs though. Portraits of past s/t is simply just a classic nobody can miss on.

Portraits of past

The cd comes in a plastic sleeve, it's already a bad sign enough since the cd sleeve will get fucked over time so the plastic sleeve helps is last longer. Pretty boo boo right?

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