Wednesday, March 16, 2016

People's temple project

Although not considered new this band is pretty new to me I had recently discovered these guys when the word out of some split 7" taking place with another band. Although I am not a fan of split records with bands I am not familiar with PTP did a fine job on their side of the split. The band is also another one off this underrated label that has also released Sleeper wave's s/t Akashita corp did in fact have 2 other releases before the label got some attention on the Empathy compilation tape. Those releases would be PTP's 2 demo tapes. The band had a second demo with 2 songs. Both songs ended up in Zegema beach's Compilation and the Empathy compilation. I really liked what I heard on this demo tape and Sorry girl records seemed to be the only place left some of these demos were still available. I really liked the cloth sleeve for the tape which I think it can also be used as a patch but I rather have it as the sleeve for the tape. It comes with a button and a little photo insert with pen written tracklist and band members names in the back of the photo. Although no telling if it was self released or not discogs says the tape version was a split release between friendly otter and Akashita. I didn't expect much of the quality since its kinda crap but then again its just a demo so I shouldn't bash to hard on it. Overall listening to the tape somehow got me to like this specific release more enough to post it on here. It has that raw screamo sound kinda like DEERS! 2008 demo tape or something. Yeah something like that. Feel free to check the bands bandcamp. I hope for more in the future of this band since they seem to have not done much. I suppose Akashita corp has done some pretty neat "under the radar" releases for me.

Demo tape

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