Saturday, March 19, 2016

Only airplanes count/Stillwell

I think I should be able to squeeze out one more post here and I thought about which band but instead of one I'll be sharing two in one post. I'll start off with Only airplanes count. This band was a pre Forstella ford which doesn't sound near to them. I honestly didn't think of it until I read about it on lastfm. The band only produced about 5 songs (a 7", 2 compilation songs and a split track with Stillwell) which is why I combined the post. I really liked the bands 6 AM 7" along with the split 7" with stillwell. They have a 6th unreleased song that's floating around youtube which still flows more as Airplanes rather than Forstella. Overall Airplanes 7" and split with stillwell are the main songs I like the most rather than the Emo diaries compilation song and the other one. You see both bands were around the same time and can be often described as "Similar" and they shared the same similar labels that were active around that time.

6 AM/A land defined by the sea 7" (I added both compilation tracks in this file)

Stillwell in the other hand first started off as a "Cute" sounding emo band that slowly matured to a math rock/post hardcore band something to the extend of Okara or Don Caballero. Although they sounded good by the time they switched the early stillwell is emo so it should also be here. The band first released a 3 track 7" titled "My eyes are blue again" they then released a split 7" with Only airplanes count which they put out an amazing song on that split. They also did a split with No reply (Which I do not have nor the song to that split) They then released a 7 track CD simply called "Seven songs E.P" right after that the band changed with the last 3 releases. Most of the bands stuff can be downloaded for free on their bandcamp The only things not in their bandcamp may be a few compilations and the first 3 releases (two I have posted here) The sleeve for My eyes are blue again were well done. When I picked up this record the record wad practically new and unused when I had played the record the quality had a excellent sound compared to past old emo records I have. I took a week to search for the split they had with Only airplanes count I was lucky enough for the website Interpunk to have some new copies of this 7" for 5 dollars. There may be still a few available. I was amazed that a huge website like interpunk had these. Interpunk has surprised me a few times by carrying some out of print CD's and records.

My eyes are blue again 7"

Only airplanes count/Stillwell split 7"

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