Monday, November 28, 2016

At the drive in

A reminder for anyone that visits, I do not take recommendations this is even stated on my blogspot. I keep getting emails from people/bands to post their music on here. Again, this blogspot particularly focuses on my own personal collection. I recommend you going to other same old been there type of blogspots like Sophie's floorboard that take recommendations. SF's blogspot beat me to it but no worries I got some of these CD's. Not many of you suspected if posting ATDI huh? Well a bit before my moneen craze 11, 12 or something years ago I found myself liking this band a lot. My sisters friend had made a mp3 cd that contained every song from this band. Too bad my sister missed out on this band. When I first heard of this band I thought At the drive in was some weird compilation because every album sounds different. One of the earliest and favorite albums I loved a lot from this band has to easily be Acrobatic tenement. It is the most memorable one for me. The band started in the early 90's with a 7" then a second 7" afterwards. Those 2 releases were under Western breed records, I have no clue what this label is all about but it is a shame these were never pressed. Alfaro vive carajo was repressed as a CD which includes a 5th song in this press version from 2000 I think. There was a huge shift when they made Acrobatic tenement. Their debut is most definitely my favorite of theirs. The band went on to release El gran orgo EP, this EP contains 6 tracks in which they rather have people downloading it for free since the label they worked with scammed them in some way. The band got more popularity in their second LP called "In Casino Out" I would say this is my second favorite. After some time the band released another EP called Vaya unfortunately for me this EP is quite forgetful. They released some splits and promo singles which this led to their final album that got more recognition "Relationship of command" this album is pretty good but its not one of their best ones. They were getting pretty big afterwards they even started playing on tv. The band broke up shortly after they split between 2 bands Sparta and The mars volta. It seems that The mars volta's first EP and first full length was what could have happened if ATDI was still together. Last few years the band has been playing again here and there. About 4 years later the band made a compilation CD entitled "This station is non operational" which has some picks between El gran orgo up to Relationship of command. The CD is a utter disappointment because compilation cd's are nothing but mix cd's you can make yourself. No songs from Acrobatic tenement and below made it to the CD and they did not even add a lot of the great ones. The only thing you will get out of this are like 4 unreleased b sides from In casino out. I don't know whether they will release a new album or not since The mars volta I think they got back together and both Cedric and Omar started another band a few years back (forgot the name) along with Omar doing his solo and some other stuff they all seem pretty busy these days for At the drive in to be a band again. I never got the chance to own any of their vinyl but I was lucky to have found some CD's of theirs (their full lengths) acrobatic tenement was originally only for a one time cassette press and CD it later on went to vinyl. I just hope you guys love at the drive in. I had 2 b sides from At the drive in between their 2 7"s it seems that the songs were never on Hell paso or Alfaro vive carajo but it seems like I lost these 2. Nope they were not on any of the releases they were unreleased b sides between both 7"s. The band has been stuck with me ever since I heard them when I was 13 this easily pushed me out of the zone where I simply was lost in this type of stuff. Luckily this band picked it up and 6 months later moneen helped in. Relationship of command the CD has some bonus tracks, I only put the 5 from b sides and such from This station is non operational.

Hell paso + Alfaro vive carajo EP
Acrobatic tenement

El gran orgo EP

In casino out

Vaya EP

Relationship of command
songs from This station is non operational that weren't in the other albums

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Electrosleep international

I had to buy this bands discography CD before listening. I was pretty interested since I also picked this CD up along with Blame game's cd's and other stuff. These guys are also from Atlanta just like the rest of the others. From what I know the band released a 4 song 7" in 1999 and that's it, every other song was unreleased. The CD contains what seems to be all their songs but was released until 2005. The band was first called as Electrosleep international then switched to Electrosleep int'l its a bit weird since they didn't release anything under Electrosleep int'l until the discography cd was released. They sound something like Ten grand/Blame game with some cool ass crazy riffs. The songs are pretty intense and can be a little mathy-ish. Its a shame not many blogspots talk about this band and a shame I didn't discover these guys when I was 16 or 17. The CD is known as Anthology but when I ripped the CD the album name is "Future.Antique.Past" The CD sleeve gives no clue which name it is since it doesn't have any which can also simply be a Self titled too.

Anthology (Future.Antique.Past)

Blame game

Back with a dope stickfigure post (2 actually for today), Blame game was a late 90's emo hardcore band from Atlanta that slowly changed within time. Oddly, the band went on to a math rock thing which isn't so bad BUT the early stuff is way better. The early material was all added into one CD which also contains to unreleased songs and demos. The band released their debut length called "Honey and salt" sometime after but they shifted into a math rock genre. There isn't so much hardcore stuff going on. It's a good album but there isn't a lot of special stuff on here. They had finally released a 4 song LP "Ask someone" which was much more math rock and instrumental I believe. I didn't full hear it though, the songs are more lengthy and I really don't like songs that drag on too much. Much of what I like goes to the Anthology which collects most of the bands material. Shit, that CD is pretty fucking extraordinary. Back then and even now that shit is unique a lot of this stuff mixes a little odd time signatures with crazy ass guitar riffs. This shit is fucking sick son. There is a lot of this free jazz thrown in the Anthology CD. I like the mixture with hardcore. It is fucking perfect. I ended up buying both the CD's and even got myself a shirt too because a cool band definitely need to wear that shit. I kinda regret getting it pink but fuck it. Pink is a manly color if you think about it. They stated they are on hiatus but no word of them has been out and their final show was in 2007.


Honey and salt

Tuesday, November 15, 2016


I don't think many people are aware of this band in particular. I just found them like 2 months ago. Arm was a post hardcore band from Minneapolis, Minnesota that existed between 1993-1997 I think. They are practically in the esque sound phase as of Drive like Jehu/Calabash case. If you like these 2 bands Arm is no different. They released 2 7"s that are more punk rock influenced and self released their LP. Years later in 2003 the band released a semi discography/compilation that has the bands songs from the LP remastered and 5 unreleased songs that were to be in the bands next LP that didn't happen. After recording these 5 songs the band ended shortly after. Someone with really bad English wrote a little something about the band. I guess this guy was around since the bands birth which I believe he might have went with tour with these guys and witnessed the band live. Their compilation CD is entitled "Universal standard time" I am not familiar with the label who put this out (Called Heart of a champion) my minor issue with this CD is that besides the bad English on the paragraph in the CD sleeve insert there's no lyrics or anything besides the back indicating the first 5 songs are unreleased and the rest of their self released LP. Someone on discogs is selling these CD's for 3.99 but is also up to make an offer. I think I offered 3.50 for the CD. This is pretty much similar to both bands, it almost sounds like unreleased songs off of Drive like Jehu the vocalist sounds like him too. The CD is still missing 5 songs off the 2 7"s that didn't seem they made it on UST for some odd reason. I will post the long paragraph that is on the CD. I will type it as it is.

"In fall 1992 in Minneapolis, Minnesnowta, Arm formed by Mark Sorvari (guitar, vocal), Bob Drake (Drums), and Nathan Grumdahl AKA the Viking (Bass,vocal). First contact was in First Ave, when Mark was on solo mission to see a show. He had nothing to do besides watch a band. He locked on target on Bob to play pool and they talked about rocking out together some time. A few days later Bob told Nathan about meeting Mark and they needed a baaaad asss bass player to start a band. Once these homies made killer noise, this super electric relation started. They recorded 2 songs at Am Rep recording studio in 1993 and released first 7" "Suddenly sorry" in 1994 on the Generic Label. In 1995 they released the 3 song 7" "Simple Victim" on Lori Barbero's (Babes In Toyland) label Spanish Fly Records. Recorded self-released first full length "Arm" in Spring 1996 with Chris Rosenau (night owl-but fucking shit dude) from Pele at Madison, Wisconsin. It was released on vinyl only, 1000 copies were pressed. After that, they played sooo many shows and toured like maniac (include crispy sox) They went back into the studio in 1997. Recorded 5 songs at Am Rep recording studio with Dave Gardner AKA Sammy Geee (played kick ass bass in Selby Tigers with Nathan), but it was never released. They had their last show one month later at Turf Club in St.Paul in October. I met them in 1994 at the 7th Street Entry in Minneapolis when I was visiting Minnersnowta from Japan. My first contact was numero uno experience, more honor than I deserve, that they are my first band to see in USA cross the ocean. My ghetto ass Kleenex ear plug doesn't cut the right frequency. I was like Hooleee shite! This shit is loud... It brought me to stairway-to-mars situation. I decided to try to talk to them right after they played. I desperately needed to get their records through my communication skill is not enough to negotiate and purchase some shite. But, I scored "Suddenly Sorry" 7" and close encounter. They hooked me up like a tow truck. And the boss Lori's TCB made great social opportunity at show, muchas scratch your ass, Barbero san. They brought me on a weekend tour with Guzzard to Iowa. When we were sippin' on gin and juice laid back in the van. Mark and Bob started fighting while Mark was driving. They throw things and yelling at each other, my low-tech brain can only pick up what they are saying was "fuck you" and "fuck off". The Viking was like "F that shit I'm gonna chill" he was reading gigantic book during the mini chaos. And they made pee bomb and throw it to freeway, while they are driving, USA USA free country. At show they were fighting again Only played a few songs, most of the time Mark was making some loud ass noise and Bob threw the drum set and jumped on the cymbal then gave it to somebody. Nathan was the only one who tried to play. That was the jam. This shite is super genius. I discovered soooooo many shite through broing down with Arm dudes. Killer amigos, Burritos. BBQ USA style, jack shack, afro, baad asss touring and more electric shite I have never expected. We couldn't really talk cause I couldn't speak English when I met them but that wasn't really the matter maybe, even better that way some time. I'ts like eating lips and assholes (hot dog) with mustard but with out ketchup in midwest. Beautiful memories twinkle twinkle in my eye balls. Emotional content not anger, this shite keep the rhythm. Currently Bob is playing drums in End Transmission. Nathan played guitar in Selby Tigers and Sean Na Na, now he plays in Monarques. Mark played in Revival Fires and now he got married with Nao Koyama (bass player from Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her) and moved to Tokyo. - Hiro Tanaka (#1 rawka!)"

Universal standard time

Drive like Jehu

I heard of this band sometime in the summer of 2009, possibly from finding them at lastfm. I remember taking the bus to downtown on a lazy Sunday afternoon to meet up with a friend. He had a blunt and well from there I put on Yank crime because I was fairly new to it too. We both enjoyed it a lot. Drive like Jehu is probably one of the other fewer more well known bands I will post here. In case you are not aware of this band, this band was a early 90's post hardcore/math rock band from San Diego. Chune was next to these guys since both were active around the same time so both were within the same scene. The band released a demo tape which these songs were remastered later for the bands debut but before that the band released a 2 song 7" then the first LP came out. The demo tape tracks are the same shit as the first LP just with shitty tape quality but its pretty much the same. No point listening to it, I've heard it and analyzed it and its the same. After a few years the band put their second and final LP that was also included as some weird 12"+7" not all of the songs were able to fit on the LP so 2 songs made it on the 7". The band progressed into its math rock stages in Yank crime with lengthy songs and a whole lot of sick ass riffs thrown. I never got the chance to hunt the first 7" because I was looking for other stuff. Drive like Jehu did a amazing movement of its time that influenced other bands to sound exactly like this band such as Calabash case (Which I have posted on here) and Arm (next post I will bring them up) glad it wasn't overly done since it is only these 2 bands I am aware of the Drive like Jehu-Esque. Members went of to 2 different bands. The band has been doing reunion shows quiet a lot over the past full year. I would like to see a new full length of some sort since American football's second LP was a total disaster (TO ME) maybe this band would do it right. The CD version of Yank crime contains the songs off the first 7" plus another song off a compilation that is similar to the ones off Yank crime (This will be the version I will upload) Honestly its been a while since I have looked back to this band. I had happened to look back at some of my records on my crate and this one popped up.

Self-titled LP

Yank Crime

Monday, November 7, 2016


I really want to get a bunch of posts on here for November because I don't think I will post a lot on December. Sarin was a very fucking short lived band from New York. This band ONLY released a 3 song self titled 7" between the mid 90's. The band is between emo and punk and the sleeves do look pretty dope on this 7" its just a shame this band didn't last long enough for a debut. Immigrant sun records released this 7" (This was the labels first release) same label that released Watership down's 7" and also released I, robot's Et cetera's CD. Sarin was so short lived this is all I can give.

Sarin 7"

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

The state secedes

This was another band I was pointed to from David's Open mind/Saturated brain blogspot. TSS was a screamo band from the late 90's that put out one LP in '99. This LP is remarkable due to its label Level plane (I think this was the second Level Plane release) Level plane has released some stuff that ranges from Saetia, The Fiction, Usurp synapse, Forstella ford, Hot cross, City of caterpillar, Shikari and so on. I think this might have just been a project type of band. The insert looks more like a CD insert that has like a long paragraph about the band (Which seems the band stood more as a political act) I had fun listening to this record even though some songs were pretty long, too long that it seems like the record just seems like a excuse of it to be a lengthier LP. Its good nonetheless, that's just me nitpicking a bit. Its a great band you don't want to miss out listening to. I found myself listening to this numerous of times.

The state secedes


Lately I've been sleeping throughout the day and working my graveyard shifts. I noticed I have more time to post here but my tiredness feeling doesn't allow me until I am practically awake. Waifle was those 90's emotive hardcore bands I just missed out on for a long while... Lastfm never pointed me towards this band. It's the sad truth I believe someone from the emo group mentioned them and then I had figured who they were almost a year or 2 ago. The band had a couple of other releases but it was away from the whole emo concept they first were as. I think they headed towards some hardcore/metalcore of some sort after the bands debut 12" I have here presented. I tried finding any blogs that has mentioned this band but I didn't run into links. I was very lazy to convert both the 7" and LP but I got through it in a hour a few months back. I really love the idea of the works on the bands LP cover sleeve. It's a cardboard which is cut up nicely that resembles the bands sleeve and has some nice stuff all over which I would say for a DIY hands on LP this was done at perfection through sweat. I am sure the band worked very hard on these. The band has a interesting sound which is obviously what you'd expect from a mid/late 90's screamo band but for sure is Waifle sounds like Waifle just like Jeromes dream sounds like Jeromes dream. I think I did a neat job converting the 7" and LP. My boy Ross from discogs had the 7" for 3 dollars while some other seller had a brand new sealed copy of the LP for like 5 dollars I think. This was another "Pay before listening" type of band. I jumped the leap of faith to see if Waifle had a lot of other good songs on the 7" and LP, they actually do. It has the same concepts of other screamo bands of its time so there isn't a whole lot of uniqueness but its another great band to add to your list and as I mentioned Waifle just sounds like Waifle. I think you get the most out of the first 2 releases with this band. Breakfast violence is like a pre to The music stops, both releases are identical. Hell, I think one of the songs off the 7" was re-recorded for the LP.

(Breakfast violence) 7"

The music stops, the man dies 12"