Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Drive like Jehu

I heard of this band sometime in the summer of 2009, possibly from finding them at lastfm. I remember taking the bus to downtown on a lazy Sunday afternoon to meet up with a friend. He had a blunt and well from there I put on Yank crime because I was fairly new to it too. We both enjoyed it a lot. Drive like Jehu is probably one of the other fewer more well known bands I will post here. In case you are not aware of this band, this band was a early 90's post hardcore/math rock band from San Diego. Chune was next to these guys since both were active around the same time so both were within the same scene. The band released a demo tape which these songs were remastered later for the bands debut but before that the band released a 2 song 7" then the first LP came out. The demo tape tracks are the same shit as the first LP just with shitty tape quality but its pretty much the same. No point listening to it, I've heard it and analyzed it and its the same. After a few years the band put their second and final LP that was also included as some weird 12"+7" not all of the songs were able to fit on the LP so 2 songs made it on the 7". The band progressed into its math rock stages in Yank crime with lengthy songs and a whole lot of sick ass riffs thrown. I never got the chance to hunt the first 7" because I was looking for other stuff. Drive like Jehu did a amazing movement of its time that influenced other bands to sound exactly like this band such as Calabash case (Which I have posted on here) and Arm (next post I will bring them up) glad it wasn't overly done since it is only these 2 bands I am aware of the Drive like Jehu-Esque. Members went of to 2 different bands. The band has been doing reunion shows quiet a lot over the past full year. I would like to see a new full length of some sort since American football's second LP was a total disaster (TO ME) maybe this band would do it right. The CD version of Yank crime contains the songs off the first 7" plus another song off a compilation that is similar to the ones off Yank crime (This will be the version I will upload) Honestly its been a while since I have looked back to this band. I had happened to look back at some of my records on my crate and this one popped up.

Self-titled LP

Yank Crime

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