Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Blame game

Back with a dope stickfigure post (2 actually for today), Blame game was a late 90's emo hardcore band from Atlanta that slowly changed within time. Oddly, the band went on to a math rock thing which isn't so bad BUT the early stuff is way better. The early material was all added into one CD which also contains to unreleased songs and demos. The band released their debut length called "Honey and salt" sometime after but they shifted into a math rock genre. There isn't so much hardcore stuff going on. It's a good album but there isn't a lot of special stuff on here. They had finally released a 4 song LP "Ask someone" which was much more math rock and instrumental I believe. I didn't full hear it though, the songs are more lengthy and I really don't like songs that drag on too much. Much of what I like goes to the Anthology which collects most of the bands material. Shit, that CD is pretty fucking extraordinary. Back then and even now that shit is unique a lot of this stuff mixes a little odd time signatures with crazy ass guitar riffs. This shit is fucking sick son. There is a lot of this free jazz thrown in the Anthology CD. I like the mixture with hardcore. It is fucking perfect. I ended up buying both the CD's and even got myself a shirt too because a cool band definitely need to wear that shit. I kinda regret getting it pink but fuck it. Pink is a manly color if you think about it. They stated they are on hiatus but no word of them has been out and their final show was in 2007.


Honey and salt

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