Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Electrosleep international

I had to buy this bands discography CD before listening. I was pretty interested since I also picked this CD up along with Blame game's cd's and other stuff. These guys are also from Atlanta just like the rest of the others. From what I know the band released a 4 song 7" in 1999 and that's it, every other song was unreleased. The CD contains what seems to be all their songs but was released until 2005. The band was first called as Electrosleep international then switched to Electrosleep int'l its a bit weird since they didn't release anything under Electrosleep int'l until the discography cd was released. They sound something like Ten grand/Blame game with some cool ass crazy riffs. The songs are pretty intense and can be a little mathy-ish. Its a shame not many blogspots talk about this band and a shame I didn't discover these guys when I was 16 or 17. The CD is known as Anthology but when I ripped the CD the album name is "Future.Antique.Past" The CD sleeve gives no clue which name it is since it doesn't have any which can also simply be a Self titled too.

Anthology (Future.Antique.Past)

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