Monday, October 26, 2015

AMWWTDAWASDT is now in emo heaven

Recently All my wishes called it quits right after tour, I didn't even got a chance to see them they had lastly put a split tape with a song, I was able to get a tape and one of the shirts for the last time (I ended up with 4 of the band shirts) I felt like I had collected almost everything this band had put out except the other split tape since those songs were added on that one CD I got. The final song on the split wasn't just the final thing but they also had recorded two songs that were never released right before the band broke up. These songs still follow the same way as the previous work. Hell I fucking enjoyed the shit out of the songs. It's too bad this band is no longer active but maybe the band got bad luck for posting them on here? haha. I'll throw in the bandcamp page instead for the final 3 songs they put out. Maybe Conner's new label Structure/Agony (Member of Flowers taped to pens) would do a discography tape one day? I don't know its just something I would super look forward to.

Arse Moreira

A band from mexico that explores chaotic hardcore and screamo, this tiny short discovery isn't even enough for me. This band only focused on splits (What a bummer on that) I like this tape to be considered as a full length release because it is pretty much it but yes it is a discography. The lasted a pretty good while for some more song to have been made, we will never know the reason why they never did. Most of the songs are on WAV (Sorry) but the quality is beyond excellent. I think one of the songs may be on mp3 though. Total is about 118 mb so if you have high speed internet that should be no problem. That one canadian label who put these out are selling them cheap I think it was like 6 dollars or something it's definitely one of those tapes to have on your collection. As an update to this blogspot I have some cool stuff to put out here soon. A mix of dead new, new and dead old bands. I recently bought a vinyl/cassette converter cord that does the job for both. I do have a bunch of tapes and as well some few vinyl records to rip out I should be expecting that on my door step no later than by early November.


Monday, October 19, 2015

Rip version of Full Health

Before my converter fucking up on me I did a rip version of The Reptilian's Full Health this one is more of a side a and side be tracks I did not cut them and plays on like it should. I had no reason to do so but I was testing my converter at the time when it worked.

Full health

Small Steps

Small Steps is much more of those Modern dead bands they had change signature style within the 3 releases the band did. Far of my favorite release would be the band's middle release called "Puzzlejar" it was also the only physical release with a label (Same label that did Jazz Hands the party tape) It often reminds me of a less chaotic Calculator band or something. These 7 songs were so good and the much more memorable ones off this band, or at least to me. No ones posted any videos on this band but I will give the link to the bands bandcamp I will also provide a file for Puzzlejar EP



I am behind on my posting I was suppose to post this band long ago, I have a bunch of other old school emo recs coming on the way. I am also trying to gather more material of newer/new dead bands for the blog so there will be a hell lot of activity going on for the next year or 2 as of now. After Tunes for bears to dance to ended some members formed Osceola. Osceola had a screamy/Post hardcore sound for a band. The band had probably lasted for about 2 years I think? a few splits and a s/t cdr self released by the band. At then end of the band they released a discography cassette under Utarid tapes. Utarid tapes is a not a common label or diy label like many of the modern ones. This label exists but you literally have to email and paypal them to buy tapes. This is the method I had to do for Osceola's tape. Honestly I found it rather annoying but I was okay with it because to tell you the truth Osceola's discography cassette was the first tape I have ever purchased and owned. There are some amazing tapes the label put out but the process of ordering is such a drag its not worth it. I am not sure why this label does not want to create a online store or even a bandcamp for all of this. This will forever be a mystery. Osceola on the other hand left a pretty decent legacy behind.

Discography cassette
Split 7" w/ Monarcs
I was able to obtain this 7" both bands are great

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Cobra Kai

Might as well do it now because I have other plans to post on here and I really don't know whens the next time I will. I honestly had no intentions of buying the bands discography LP. I was looking over at discogs and I had checked on Cobra Kai's releases and saw a mint condition of the bands complete recordings and it was pretty cheap so I had ordered it. I honestly don't have much to say about them because I am not too much of a geek on this one (What a surprise) This 12" contains the bands songs all in one LP. I had so much fun spinning this one because I had never fully heard Cobra Kai only specific songs so listening to this record was a pretty new experience to me because I didn't know what I'd expect and that is the beauty of giving some bands a chance that you never fully heard of. Cobra Kai was one of them for me.

Complete Recordings 12"


This band was a loud, screamy, hardcore, keyboard thing going on band from the early 2000's. They're somewhat similar to Cobra Kai (If you know that band but if you don't you don't need to worry I will cover them here soon as well. Likely this month) Tion self released a split 7" which is not even marked on discogs so it is hella hard to obtain. I couldn't find that anywhere but I did find the bands only 7" EP called "Symmetry makes me calm" the songs don't have fancy titled but they kick major ass. The ep runs around less than 10 minutes but the good thing is that the ep doesn't run to long (EP's never do) I added the song off the split into this file so you'll be pretty much downloading the bands discography. I hope you can dig this tone. Vocals remind me a bit like that new/dead band Flowers taped to pens but much more chaotic and all over the place. When I heard this band I had added the 7" to my want list on discogs and less than a month the 7" was for sell for like 7 bucks or something like that pretty much in near mint condition. I am not sure what are the specifics of the 7" but I suppose some sort of like a camera or something?

Symmetry makes me calm 7"

Friday, October 9, 2015

Some out of print stuff I don't own but I have been listening to it a lot

I have been into a lot of the much softer side of the 90's specifically 4 bands I really want to post here, I don't own any of the physical releases but I think it would still be nice to share. I'll individually bring them up on this post so it will be a long one.

C-Clamp was a band from Chicago that formed in the mid 90's they can be somewhat classified as slowcore but also somewhat math rock emo? This band has the familiar sounds of later bands like American Football. I'll have to give more credit to C-Clamp for doing it first before American Football. This band released 2 lengths and a few compilations along with some 7" singles. I don't have all of it but I ran into most of the releases. This is the type of band to really listen to in the fall. I have been listening to these guys a lot lately mainly the song "Glass walls" off the band's debut album. Both albums are great while Meander+Return has a "Twinkly" fit the bands second album Longer waves has a emo/mathy/slowcore thing going on. I added some songs off the Meander+return reissue I wasn't able to run into the song Shorty or Ocean pacific. I did my best for a slightly full discography

Longer Waves

Castor was also another active band during C-Clamp also located in Chicago, this band also has a little math rock approach especially on te self titled that can be a bit similar to C-Clamp's Meander album with a bit more distortion. This band also did 2 full lengths (the second length is more of a posthumous release) they had also released a single 7" and some compilation songs. Ill add those in one file I believe I got all the compilations and 7" single from this band so this one will be a full on discography.

Tracking Sounds Alone
Compilations and singles collection

Duster: Duster in the other hand had a unique slowcore soft emo thing going on, I quickly digged them halfway into the bands album Stratosphere. This band happened to have started in the late 90's I also have gathered most of the bands recordings (I'm probably missing a few compilation tracks). The bands earlier recordings has a strong space rock influence while Stratosphere is more of a soft lo fi influence. I really had to post them on here because of the nice calm instruments.

Transmission, flux 7"
Apex, Trance-Like 7"
1975 12"
Contemporary Movement

I found this band similar to C-Clamp on lastfm but I'll have to say I think this would be a bit more similar to Duster due to being more slowcore/emo. I have heard this band being mentioned around but this week I decided to give them a chance and I quickly got into the bands first length Frigid Stars. I am more focused on the earlier releases rather than the newest ones so I only had downloaded one of the 7" singles and the bands first two lengths. I may check the bands later material but I highly doubt I would feel the same.

Frigid Stars
Realize 7"
The White Birch

What a hot October

As the title of the post says it today is fucking hot ass fuck. I was hoping for rain like last week when it rained at midnight. A while back of this year I had looked into more Init records releases and I came across this CD. I honestly haven't fully heard of this band after listening to the CD and honestly this EP rocked my socks. It has some singing and a piano, which reminds me a bit of Dawn Treader only a bit more smooth. I was going to post this for September but I forgot. I did start a bit late for October but I should make it up because I have planned on the next stuff I will be posting which would kinda break the laws of me owning this stuff but I was asked to upload these other files because most that have been uploaded are ancient old and the link no longer works. But before I get into all that Sinking steps is a total babe band to check. I had bought Majestic blue for a dollar along with the Majestic blue poster for like another dollar or 2. This stuff is still at the Init store so I see no reason for anyone to say "I don't have money" well it's a dollar I am sure you have that (plus for shipping) I think I described them already "Dawn Treader/More piano/Much softer than Dawn Treader" yeeeeap.

Majestic Blue