Friday, October 9, 2015

Some out of print stuff I don't own but I have been listening to it a lot

I have been into a lot of the much softer side of the 90's specifically 4 bands I really want to post here, I don't own any of the physical releases but I think it would still be nice to share. I'll individually bring them up on this post so it will be a long one.

C-Clamp was a band from Chicago that formed in the mid 90's they can be somewhat classified as slowcore but also somewhat math rock emo? This band has the familiar sounds of later bands like American Football. I'll have to give more credit to C-Clamp for doing it first before American Football. This band released 2 lengths and a few compilations along with some 7" singles. I don't have all of it but I ran into most of the releases. This is the type of band to really listen to in the fall. I have been listening to these guys a lot lately mainly the song "Glass walls" off the band's debut album. Both albums are great while Meander+Return has a "Twinkly" fit the bands second album Longer waves has a emo/mathy/slowcore thing going on. I added some songs off the Meander+return reissue I wasn't able to run into the song Shorty or Ocean pacific. I did my best for a slightly full discography

Longer Waves

Castor was also another active band during C-Clamp also located in Chicago, this band also has a little math rock approach especially on te self titled that can be a bit similar to C-Clamp's Meander album with a bit more distortion. This band also did 2 full lengths (the second length is more of a posthumous release) they had also released a single 7" and some compilation songs. Ill add those in one file I believe I got all the compilations and 7" single from this band so this one will be a full on discography.

Tracking Sounds Alone
Compilations and singles collection

Duster: Duster in the other hand had a unique slowcore soft emo thing going on, I quickly digged them halfway into the bands album Stratosphere. This band happened to have started in the late 90's I also have gathered most of the bands recordings (I'm probably missing a few compilation tracks). The bands earlier recordings has a strong space rock influence while Stratosphere is more of a soft lo fi influence. I really had to post them on here because of the nice calm instruments.

Transmission, flux 7"
Apex, Trance-Like 7"
1975 12"
Contemporary Movement

I found this band similar to C-Clamp on lastfm but I'll have to say I think this would be a bit more similar to Duster due to being more slowcore/emo. I have heard this band being mentioned around but this week I decided to give them a chance and I quickly got into the bands first length Frigid Stars. I am more focused on the earlier releases rather than the newest ones so I only had downloaded one of the 7" singles and the bands first two lengths. I may check the bands later material but I highly doubt I would feel the same.

Frigid Stars
Realize 7"
The White Birch

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