Wednesday, October 14, 2015


This band was a loud, screamy, hardcore, keyboard thing going on band from the early 2000's. They're somewhat similar to Cobra Kai (If you know that band but if you don't you don't need to worry I will cover them here soon as well. Likely this month) Tion self released a split 7" which is not even marked on discogs so it is hella hard to obtain. I couldn't find that anywhere but I did find the bands only 7" EP called "Symmetry makes me calm" the songs don't have fancy titled but they kick major ass. The ep runs around less than 10 minutes but the good thing is that the ep doesn't run to long (EP's never do) I added the song off the split into this file so you'll be pretty much downloading the bands discography. I hope you can dig this tone. Vocals remind me a bit like that new/dead band Flowers taped to pens but much more chaotic and all over the place. When I heard this band I had added the 7" to my want list on discogs and less than a month the 7" was for sell for like 7 bucks or something like that pretty much in near mint condition. I am not sure what are the specifics of the 7" but I suppose some sort of like a camera or something?

Symmetry makes me calm 7"

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  1. They were from detroit. The one time i saw them (opening for love lost but not forgotten, to dream of autumn, pg99 and weirdly, scumbrigade) they got into a full fledged potato fight with the audience. The singer took one in the face and got knocked out for 5 or 10 minutes.....always thought of them as a bargain bin locust....