Saturday, August 29, 2015


It's a fucking hot August or at least on the final days of August, I have been thinking of doing something cool for the blogspot in September since that month was the month I got and learned about epic real screamo bands. I'm still waiting on those damn college books to arrive, I know that I need my english one by Tuesday but it won't arrive until Wednesday. I realized I have the collection to Alta's recent discography (With the hopes of Justin to revive this epic band) The band got back again this year and all I know is that they have two new songs. I am expecting a second LP rather than a split (I don't find splits as exciting due to the lack of songs being put and sometimes it can be a decent split on the side of the band you like but not the other, but that's just me) Alta is a pretty gnarly post hardcore/Screamo band that has some blends of math rock. I discovered the band sometime in the spring of 2011 just 2 months away from the release of the bands debut entitled "Places" but before that I fell in love with the bands debut EP called "This space will accommodate canvas" 5 awesome ass songs I would play on repeat then once Places I was one of the first to get a free digital download at the time of the length, I quickly loved it. I really like Justin's high pitch vocals because it isn't something you hear and the vocals aren't high pitch like The spirit of versailles or Nayru or something like that, it has its own original flavor that it is honestly hard for Alta to be compared to another band because there is just one Alta band with the Alta sound if you catch my drift. The band had a quick/short release at first of Places which was a cdr version which came with a patch I was lucky enough to have like 2 different sorts of Patches from alta along with the amazing cdr. I still have the cute ass letter Justing sent me just a few weeks later the dude added me on facebook.

Places is easily one of the most recognizable albums in the summer of 2012 (at least by me) its very memorable ass fuck. I am not sure when the tapes were released but it might have been during that time as for the 12" I think it was either in December of 2012 or early spring of the following year. I didn't pre ordered the LP at the time of release since I was broke ass fuck and stuff but once I had some cash I cashed it in on the LP. Alta is a band I really love and I am fucking glad they got back together again although the members play in a loud ass fucking band called Marcy but Alta is more at the core of my heart, their songs I can shout at and even remember the lyrics to +- and sound like a total freak of nature (not giving a fuck) this band deserves to be on here one way or the other I was waiting on fucking David (Owner of Zegema beach records) to send me the good stuff. The only physical release I was missing by the band was the first EP and I really needed the cassette not just for show but for my own pleasure of being stoned and listening to it while I meditate (Yes I meditate in that form) I do hope to catch this band live some time soon. By the way check my boys blogspot out from Zegema beach that guy is fucking crazier than me. That dude has even done some amazing interviews with some badass bands the blogspot is called Open Mind/Saturated Brain fucking glad I know the man behind it all.

Off of This space...
Off of Places

This space will accommodate canvas EP

Alta/Arizona Wilder split (Compilation song is also in the file)


Monday, August 24, 2015

I am heaven

When I heard I am heaven I thought for a second it had to do with members of Drive like Jehu but no in reality Eric Wareheim from that tim and eric show was involved in this band. This band was pretty "odd" at its time, still kinda is. This untitled 7 track LP doesn't really have much (Not even a insert just the I am heaven on the center with a black generic sleeve. Who knows how many of these were made but this shit is pretty good it blends a dark post hardcore vibe and the vocals can remind you of Drive like Jehu for a bit. But in the end the record is a cool rare gem I ran into for 8 bucks, it's still something to spin. The eight track doesn't need the LP to be played in reverse to be played, it's simply the last song that is the 7th one just being in reverse I actually thought it was require to be played in reverse to hear it on the LP but that is not the case.

Untitled 12"


Class starts tomorrow I kinda regret getting a schedule from 11 AM to 4 PM but I am rather close to graduation and finally getting my AA. Honestly I am just glad I am close there, I don't think I can do any more school stuff. I also need to find a new job, I've been jobless since February of this year and I am pretty much in the need now after spending thousands of dollars on merch and bills I am pretty dry but I did happen to pick more stuff (I will post on here soon or whenever it arrives) so there will be a lot of activity going on here on the last months of 2015 on here. I think once I land a job I will just have to force myself to post on specific days every week. Well I want to introduce you all too Innards (One of my other favorite modern screamo bands from Texas) these guys just ripped hard right off the bat when they started, it isn't even a specific record they put out that I got hooked on, the first LP the band released is simply one of my favorite releases of 2011 (Although the band had done a demo in 2010) but for real this band is just one of those acts you don't here everyday. So the bands first LP entitled "Tracing" is a single sided 12" with 9 amazing songs that just makes you want to pick up the guitar and do all that good guitar picking/riffs you heard on the record, there was a early release of tracing which was in a sorta gatefold cd (As much as I can remember) the band put out 3 split that same year two on 7" (one with The Reptilian and the other with Two knights) the other was a split tour tape with completely fucked (the song on the split tape is fucking gnarly) these were all on labels while Tracing was self released and a perfect example that you can self release a 12" record. In 2012 these dudes released a hand numbered split 7" with мища and finally a 10" under Count your lucky stars entitled "Iv'e lost everything" the 10" still holds what Tracing offered but in much more of a serious tone with a bunch of starts/stops if it wasn't for the term screamo I think I would've labeled these guys as a hardcore punk band with some solid math rock lingering all over the place like crazy. I had to message Leo (Email way) to see if he had more copies of Tracing which he did (Not sure if he does now) but he mentioned of a second LP on the works. Nothing rocks my socks like Leo telling me about the news and giving me a wink. These are some good records worth investing in. CYLS still has a few copies of the 10" (You know the website do yourself a favor and pick up a copy) the split with the Reptilian and Two knights are probably still floating around as distro titled in some labels probably same with the мища split. They did release a split 7" with Adobe homes and a 4 way split 12" but honestly it isn't so memorable as the ones I am posting here, start to dig the band by listening to these (Tracing is a must to hear first) Polynesian business ethics, S.gze and Man fuck are probably the songs the outstand the most on the record.

Tracing 12"

Split w/ The Reptilian

Split w/ Two Knights

Split w/ мища

Iv'e lost everything 10"

Friday, August 14, 2015


I've recently been asked why not start a tumblr blog instead. I honestly don't find tumblr as a resourceful or even a blog at all I don't want to be the body count of those kids who steal links and throw them at tumblr users and hash tagging crap and what not. I honestly find that very silly and not organized like how blogspot does it. Tumblr is more of a diary if anything while Twitter is more of a place where "You say shit nobody gives a shit about" I don't have either accounts for those two places, all that stuff just bugs me. After looking through some stuff from Init Records I saw that a bunch of stuff were on sell I wanted For want's of's Smoke 10" for a while and when I got it I got this free cd which was the band Mahkato. Mahkato was a band that existed in late 2001-2002 they released one four track ep called "Fighting the urge to start fires" the opening song to the EP really got going for the other three songs. It's a good starter when you pop up the cd. I looked back to Init's webstore and found the 7" being sold for a dollar.... A DOLLAR. And yes it is still available and I honestly think it is something worth picking up. The band isn't hardcore or anything "Heavy" but slightly between with emo. While Dashboard confessions was fucking up the emo rep in 2002, Mahkato was making up for it. This band (Or project) lasted shortly. It's Init's third release (Second 7" being released) this 7" and even the cd format will be a rare gem from Init in a few short years so this is something you should (Or I think you should because if you don't then you suck but if your underage and broke maybe ask your dad or mom to borrow 5 bucks since its worth about that much (Shipping included)
Buy Mahkato's 7" format
Buy the CD format

Fighting the urge to start fires EP

I will talk a bit more about Init since I have a couple of records and recent cd's I have picked up by the label you should all be aware of to get and buy since its very cheap to ignore. I can't say a lot of Init's releases attract my ears but honestly I want to give Init props for releasing The Vidablue's What I should have said Volume 1 CD, for that I totally thank you also for releasing In loving memory's Discography LP and The Spirit of Versailles Discography CD (Which is how I found out about this label back in September 2008.

Weed but no blunt wraps

It's mid August and its hot ass tits just after finishing up eight blunt wraps I still ended up with some green left, I had to walk down the "Amigos market" to get one which is 5 minutes away by walking it isn't as far and listening to some Cougar Den was pretty darn awesome to make time go by fast. I got back home and had enough to make two and a half blunts I still have one left I realized it's too hot to get high in my room and spin You'll live's Above the water 12" (I am currently stoked to receive my copy of that bands new LP entitled "Moving past this" along with the shirt. While looking at my newer band collection of things I went around a bunch of cd's and today I felt like putting this stuff out. All my wishes were thrown down a well... are a screamo band from California down San Diego I believe. I quickly picked up on these guys after seeing them on a few facebook groups I liked what I heard, PJ (One of the members) gave me a free cd format version of the bands debut which came with a cool button the cd's sleeve is also the envelope that is stamps on and is also hand numbered out of 100. The bands debut "In hopes of a new tomorrow" is very rad and quickly got into it after the first jam played. I've been lucky to get a few shirts that were/still are pretty good and cheap, the band still has those roots of a late 90's band or early 00's like Rue Morgue, The lady is not for the burning or something along those lines of heaviness, it is sick ass tits. If you ever want to quote you can use that line. The band is currently on a tiny epic tour and I do hope to catch them at La Puente's diy venue. They have a split tape out but the band did a limited release under "Metaphor technology" which is a tiny compilation of the bands two compilation songs and two songs off the recent split tape, 20 were only made. I'll leave a bandcamp link where you can download there tunes in your favorite format or catch them on facebook and give them a like or even get a shirt or two along with the tape.

Bandcamp site

In hopes of a new tomorrow

Modern technology EP

When I first ordered some shirts off this band the band threw in a free cd of a band called Voice De Corpse which I then learned they are from Anaheim, CA. The band a a two piece screamo/Hardcore one a bit similar to All my wishes. I am not sure if this band is still active there is nothing more than a song off there bandcamp that has one of the songs off this two song demo ep. I am confused on whether this is called Random flower or not but I may just give this ep/demo that name. I hope these guys make some more tunes.

Random flower EP

Saturday, August 8, 2015

First post for August

After a long nap I am back for another post, well 3 bands in one post. I'll do this in some order so first off we have Toru Okada. Toru Okada was a Texas Emo/Screamo band that existed between 2003-2006 the band released two demos (Those two demos were then compiled as "8 songs") six of the songs made it into the bands debut 7 track 12" with a new jam "Lights out" (Being my favorite from Toru Okada's LP) They also released a split 7" with Die Emperor Die who were slightly similar to Toru Okada just as a two piece, there was a limited edition press version of 32 being sold at discogs for 25 bucks I had made plans to buy it but someone beat me to it so its one of the releases I don't own from either band (As for Die emperor die I did get my hands on the Burned out bright split) One of my favorite splits will be the one Toru Okada made with Olive tree (Who also sound similar to Toru Okada) the 4 songs on the split are fantastic and simply legendary on my book. It is also the only Olive tree vinyl release although they had done two demos (two of the four songs off the second demo were on the split) Toru Okada did do a reunion show afterwards playing all there great songs although I think they only had about 11 songs which isn't much but every song is pretty darn memorable. After years of knowing this band I had finally come across physical copies of the band recently. I am pretty sure anyone who is familiar with every band I have posted will also admire this band as well. I have no idea what press version the Olive tree split is since I have never seen a yellow cover version of the split, it may be a tour or show release version of the split.

Eight Songs
Toru Okada 12"

Toru Okada/Olive Tree Split 7"

I honestly don't know much about Olive tree and I really don't think anyone else does unless they were exactly around the scene Olive tree played. All I know is that Olive Tree played a similar style that can resemble of Toru Okada, about 9 songs were done by the band. The bird's song and The lone islands were on the split 7" with Toru Okada.

Olive Tree discography
Die Emperor! Die! was also around the time the other two bands were active DED didn't leave much behind besides a demo cd, 2 splits and a compilation track along with a 4 song acoustic 7" of some sort but what matters more are those 8 songs. I like the songs off the splits and compilations than the ones off the demo but that's just me. There isn't much to say, I guess only hearing it is all that matters.

Die Emperor! Die! Discography
After DED the vocalist formed a band called Treetops and played in that band for a cool minute, might as well throw that on here as well, its more calm and less screamy than the previous band but still has that little fit that reminds you of DED. They released two ep's but I only have one of them.
Treetops "Twink-a-lee"