Saturday, August 29, 2015


It's a fucking hot August or at least on the final days of August, I have been thinking of doing something cool for the blogspot in September since that month was the month I got and learned about epic real screamo bands. I'm still waiting on those damn college books to arrive, I know that I need my english one by Tuesday but it won't arrive until Wednesday. I realized I have the collection to Alta's recent discography (With the hopes of Justin to revive this epic band) The band got back again this year and all I know is that they have two new songs. I am expecting a second LP rather than a split (I don't find splits as exciting due to the lack of songs being put and sometimes it can be a decent split on the side of the band you like but not the other, but that's just me) Alta is a pretty gnarly post hardcore/Screamo band that has some blends of math rock. I discovered the band sometime in the spring of 2011 just 2 months away from the release of the bands debut entitled "Places" but before that I fell in love with the bands debut EP called "This space will accommodate canvas" 5 awesome ass songs I would play on repeat then once Places I was one of the first to get a free digital download at the time of the length, I quickly loved it. I really like Justin's high pitch vocals because it isn't something you hear and the vocals aren't high pitch like The spirit of versailles or Nayru or something like that, it has its own original flavor that it is honestly hard for Alta to be compared to another band because there is just one Alta band with the Alta sound if you catch my drift. The band had a quick/short release at first of Places which was a cdr version which came with a patch I was lucky enough to have like 2 different sorts of Patches from alta along with the amazing cdr. I still have the cute ass letter Justing sent me just a few weeks later the dude added me on facebook.

Places is easily one of the most recognizable albums in the summer of 2012 (at least by me) its very memorable ass fuck. I am not sure when the tapes were released but it might have been during that time as for the 12" I think it was either in December of 2012 or early spring of the following year. I didn't pre ordered the LP at the time of release since I was broke ass fuck and stuff but once I had some cash I cashed it in on the LP. Alta is a band I really love and I am fucking glad they got back together again although the members play in a loud ass fucking band called Marcy but Alta is more at the core of my heart, their songs I can shout at and even remember the lyrics to +- and sound like a total freak of nature (not giving a fuck) this band deserves to be on here one way or the other I was waiting on fucking David (Owner of Zegema beach records) to send me the good stuff. The only physical release I was missing by the band was the first EP and I really needed the cassette not just for show but for my own pleasure of being stoned and listening to it while I meditate (Yes I meditate in that form) I do hope to catch this band live some time soon. By the way check my boys blogspot out from Zegema beach that guy is fucking crazier than me. That dude has even done some amazing interviews with some badass bands the blogspot is called Open Mind/Saturated Brain fucking glad I know the man behind it all.

Off of This space...
Off of Places

This space will accommodate canvas EP

Alta/Arizona Wilder split (Compilation song is also in the file)