Monday, August 24, 2015


Class starts tomorrow I kinda regret getting a schedule from 11 AM to 4 PM but I am rather close to graduation and finally getting my AA. Honestly I am just glad I am close there, I don't think I can do any more school stuff. I also need to find a new job, I've been jobless since February of this year and I am pretty much in the need now after spending thousands of dollars on merch and bills I am pretty dry but I did happen to pick more stuff (I will post on here soon or whenever it arrives) so there will be a lot of activity going on here on the last months of 2015 on here. I think once I land a job I will just have to force myself to post on specific days every week. Well I want to introduce you all too Innards (One of my other favorite modern screamo bands from Texas) these guys just ripped hard right off the bat when they started, it isn't even a specific record they put out that I got hooked on, the first LP the band released is simply one of my favorite releases of 2011 (Although the band had done a demo in 2010) but for real this band is just one of those acts you don't here everyday. So the bands first LP entitled "Tracing" is a single sided 12" with 9 amazing songs that just makes you want to pick up the guitar and do all that good guitar picking/riffs you heard on the record, there was a early release of tracing which was in a sorta gatefold cd (As much as I can remember) the band put out 3 split that same year two on 7" (one with The Reptilian and the other with Two knights) the other was a split tour tape with completely fucked (the song on the split tape is fucking gnarly) these were all on labels while Tracing was self released and a perfect example that you can self release a 12" record. In 2012 these dudes released a hand numbered split 7" with мища and finally a 10" under Count your lucky stars entitled "Iv'e lost everything" the 10" still holds what Tracing offered but in much more of a serious tone with a bunch of starts/stops if it wasn't for the term screamo I think I would've labeled these guys as a hardcore punk band with some solid math rock lingering all over the place like crazy. I had to message Leo (Email way) to see if he had more copies of Tracing which he did (Not sure if he does now) but he mentioned of a second LP on the works. Nothing rocks my socks like Leo telling me about the news and giving me a wink. These are some good records worth investing in. CYLS still has a few copies of the 10" (You know the website do yourself a favor and pick up a copy) the split with the Reptilian and Two knights are probably still floating around as distro titled in some labels probably same with the мища split. They did release a split 7" with Adobe homes and a 4 way split 12" but honestly it isn't so memorable as the ones I am posting here, start to dig the band by listening to these (Tracing is a must to hear first) Polynesian business ethics, S.gze and Man fuck are probably the songs the outstand the most on the record.

Tracing 12"

Split w/ The Reptilian

Split w/ Two Knights

Split w/ мища

Iv'e lost everything 10"

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