Saturday, August 8, 2015

First post for August

After a long nap I am back for another post, well 3 bands in one post. I'll do this in some order so first off we have Toru Okada. Toru Okada was a Texas Emo/Screamo band that existed between 2003-2006 the band released two demos (Those two demos were then compiled as "8 songs") six of the songs made it into the bands debut 7 track 12" with a new jam "Lights out" (Being my favorite from Toru Okada's LP) They also released a split 7" with Die Emperor Die who were slightly similar to Toru Okada just as a two piece, there was a limited edition press version of 32 being sold at discogs for 25 bucks I had made plans to buy it but someone beat me to it so its one of the releases I don't own from either band (As for Die emperor die I did get my hands on the Burned out bright split) One of my favorite splits will be the one Toru Okada made with Olive tree (Who also sound similar to Toru Okada) the 4 songs on the split are fantastic and simply legendary on my book. It is also the only Olive tree vinyl release although they had done two demos (two of the four songs off the second demo were on the split) Toru Okada did do a reunion show afterwards playing all there great songs although I think they only had about 11 songs which isn't much but every song is pretty darn memorable. After years of knowing this band I had finally come across physical copies of the band recently. I am pretty sure anyone who is familiar with every band I have posted will also admire this band as well. I have no idea what press version the Olive tree split is since I have never seen a yellow cover version of the split, it may be a tour or show release version of the split.

Eight Songs
Toru Okada 12"

Toru Okada/Olive Tree Split 7"

I honestly don't know much about Olive tree and I really don't think anyone else does unless they were exactly around the scene Olive tree played. All I know is that Olive Tree played a similar style that can resemble of Toru Okada, about 9 songs were done by the band. The bird's song and The lone islands were on the split 7" with Toru Okada.

Olive Tree discography
Die Emperor! Die! was also around the time the other two bands were active DED didn't leave much behind besides a demo cd, 2 splits and a compilation track along with a 4 song acoustic 7" of some sort but what matters more are those 8 songs. I like the songs off the splits and compilations than the ones off the demo but that's just me. There isn't much to say, I guess only hearing it is all that matters.

Die Emperor! Die! Discography
After DED the vocalist formed a band called Treetops and played in that band for a cool minute, might as well throw that on here as well, its more calm and less screamy than the previous band but still has that little fit that reminds you of DED. They released two ep's but I only have one of them.
Treetops "Twink-a-lee"

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