Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Reptilian

I really been wanting to do this for so many years, even before AEN. The Reptilian is much more of a new new modern band that mashes up post hardcore and math rock into one, its as close as I can really describe them. I found out about these dudes sometime in 2009 after listening to that Boy problems/Osceola/Lautrec/The reptilian split I also had found out they released Boys life less than 3 months ago and that EP became a life changer, I began to focus on these elements in modern bands. I was very new to this sound this band created. Sometime in late 2009 the band turned to a 3 piece instead of a 4, they did released some final material, there was a 2 song tour demo going around and a song called "Manaburn" that made it into a compilation a few months later. Some reason on The reptilians bandcamp the compilation track and tour demo are under "Unreleased" not so sure why. I could say the bands 3rd ep "Full health" took a while to get into, the band shifted to more of a punkish vibe but of course with math rock included, I did start liking the 10" a lot that I had bought that 10" a bit after (It was one of the first few records that I had owned and the first 10" on my library. During 2011 the band released 3 splits (two I own because those were better) one of my favorites would be the split they made with Innards because honestly Innards is another band Ill likely talk about next time I get on here (Maybe until Friday) The 5 songs from the split were compiled for a cassette entitled "The donut hill sessions" I was lucky that Skeletal lightning had a copy left. I also wanted to add that The reptilian were the band that helped me discover Count your lucky stars. The band disappeared after a while for a year but only to come back with a debut lp a few days away from my birthday of June 2013, Low health is easily one of my favorite LP's of that year each song was made so well for me to actually sit and listen to a entire LP without getting bored or semi bored. The band recently released a song on a 4 way split on Skeletal lightning, I only bought it because side A had The reptilian and Two knights I could really careless about the other side (What a douche) The band has mentioned a 2nd LP but what I want more are shirts from these guys I only happen to have 2, one that was made during We have become EP and Boys life EP and another during the release of Low health. There were 2 other shirts my dumbass never got at the time but they did tell me about having the storenvy opened soon. Count your lucky stars also made a cassette compilation that carries the bands first two ep's IT IS THE BEST FUCKING TAPE EEVVVAAA! I do encourage you to buy physical releases of the band so I will leave links for skeletal lightnings store for the new split and count your lucky stars for the we have become/boys life cassette and the few copies remaining of Low health.
Boys life EP


We have become/Boys life

Full health 10"

Jowls/The reptilian split 7"

Innards/The reptilian split 7"

The Donut Hill Sessions EP

Low Health CD/12"

The reptilian/Two knights/Victor shores/Boy parts split 7"

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