Monday, July 20, 2015


This is the third and final post of the day (I will try next week for sure) Mustaphamond isn't a typical band, started since 2003 this band still continues to play (Last year I remember these guys being active on my feed playing local shows at their area) although the new unreleased material is much different than from the early stuff from 2003. The bands demo was released then 2 songs from the demo made it on wax for a 7" (I just got this 7" on Saturday in the mail) its some pretty good experimental/grindcore/hardcore/screamo stuff some breakdowns add some mathy like jams but it isn't a whole lot but in songs like "It's opposite day" you can hear it. The band did released a couple of other things but I can't find it. I think the demo may be incomplete as well I have a feeling a song is missing for some reason.

There are 2 versions of the 7" the blue silkscreened one (I own) and another one that is in sewn silkscreened burlap (Which I really wanted) the packaging on this 7'" is super cool it actually reminds me a lot of The Ivy Crown's 7"

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