Monday, July 20, 2015

Tunes for bears to dance to

I'm back again and I think I'll do 3 posts today to make up for the days I've been absent, Tunes for bears to dance to was an amazing hardcore/screamo band from the early 00's the band released two demos (one has been recent on the internet) along with 2 split records and a debut ep the band went on to form other bands I do know one of the vocalist went off to start Osceola (Another great band) the two splits and the final 7" were all released throughout 2004. Tunes had a pretty sick set up of members it was a double vocalist thing we have one shouting on the left headphone while on the right the other vocalist is shouting (First time I heard them I was very impressed) Honestly all of the songs are good (as if there were many) They hit me pretty hard with hardcore screamo influence and for that I just had to own the 3 records they did, I am also going to leave El minotaur on here as well since they only released one split with Tunes along with a demo of some sort.

Asking in askance
El Minotaur Split

Jesse Washington Split

Tunes for bears to dance to 7" (Tour Edition) I somehow got lucky on finding this very cheap

El Minotaur
I don't know much or at all of this band I just know they were mentioned as a part of a thanks on Devices self titled record. These dudes only did 5 songs, 3 on a demo and 2 on that Tunes split, the band disappeared afterwards by the end of 2004. They honestly sound like a much more sloppy faster version of Tunes for bears.

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