Saturday, July 25, 2015

Celestial Being

I feel like its mandatory to mention this one today, this is my first mention of a little cool diy label called Plastic smile records which I ran into in the late summer of 2011, I did buy a decent handful of tapes and cd's off the label this is how I ran into Nolan who ran this little label just before getting more serious and changing the name to Off cloud nine. I honestly dig the hell out of his label, I am no big fan of cassettes but his label really got me into cassettes and honestly they are not dubbed bad (one of the few labels of today that can dub tapes properly)
Celestial being was a two piece internet project that had its own moment, a very underrated one. Not many releases were made, just about 4 short releases were done on psr. The demo tape is one of the most hands down greatest screamo demos from 2011, first time I heard xxx I was completely mindblown how Nolan can do those Jeromes dream like vocals I quickly fell in love with this short lived project. The last release this short project did was a posthumous cassingle released sometime in 2012 or 2013? I will mention psr and off cloud nine but not as much since I do prefer for YOU to actually support his label. I will be posting this ONLY because all this is out of print and I just happen to have the mp3's to these. If you like Jeromes dream vocals you'll dig this very much. 25 copies of the demo tape were made alongside the flexi 6.5" (It's my first and only flexi I currently own. These are the only two releases I own (Direction demo and New type cassingle aren't included)
Demo tape

Celestial Being 3.5" Flexi

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