Sunday, July 26, 2015

The Reptilian

I really been wanting to do this for so many years, even before AEN. The Reptilian is much more of a new new modern band that mashes up post hardcore and math rock into one, its as close as I can really describe them. I found out about these dudes sometime in 2009 after listening to that Boy problems/Osceola/Lautrec/The reptilian split I also had found out they released Boys life less than 3 months ago and that EP became a life changer, I began to focus on these elements in modern bands. I was very new to this sound this band created. Sometime in late 2009 the band turned to a 3 piece instead of a 4, they did released some final material, there was a 2 song tour demo going around and a song called "Manaburn" that made it into a compilation a few months later. Some reason on The reptilians bandcamp the compilation track and tour demo are under "Unreleased" not so sure why. I could say the bands 3rd ep "Full health" took a while to get into, the band shifted to more of a punkish vibe but of course with math rock included, I did start liking the 10" a lot that I had bought that 10" a bit after (It was one of the first few records that I had owned and the first 10" on my library. During 2011 the band released 3 splits (two I own because those were better) one of my favorites would be the split they made with Innards because honestly Innards is another band Ill likely talk about next time I get on here (Maybe until Friday) The 5 songs from the split were compiled for a cassette entitled "The donut hill sessions" I was lucky that Skeletal lightning had a copy left. I also wanted to add that The reptilian were the band that helped me discover Count your lucky stars. The band disappeared after a while for a year but only to come back with a debut lp a few days away from my birthday of June 2013, Low health is easily one of my favorite LP's of that year each song was made so well for me to actually sit and listen to a entire LP without getting bored or semi bored. The band recently released a song on a 4 way split on Skeletal lightning, I only bought it because side A had The reptilian and Two knights I could really careless about the other side (What a douche) The band has mentioned a 2nd LP but what I want more are shirts from these guys I only happen to have 2, one that was made during We have become EP and Boys life EP and another during the release of Low health. There were 2 other shirts my dumbass never got at the time but they did tell me about having the storenvy opened soon. Count your lucky stars also made a cassette compilation that carries the bands first two ep's IT IS THE BEST FUCKING TAPE EEVVVAAA! I do encourage you to buy physical releases of the band so I will leave links for skeletal lightnings store for the new split and count your lucky stars for the we have become/boys life cassette and the few copies remaining of Low health.
Boys life EP


We have become/Boys life

Full health 10"

Jowls/The reptilian split 7"

Innards/The reptilian split 7"

The Donut Hill Sessions EP

Low Health CD/12"

The reptilian/Two knights/Victor shores/Boy parts split 7"

Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rosalind's demo tape & Studio sessions

I've been getting stoned too often that I forgot to bring this up a few weeks ago. After leaving a photo on instagram of my Rosalind 7" one of the members found me and told me about some demos, I didn't think he would send them to me until like last month or something (I didn't know anything about instagram messaging) I have mentioned this short lived band so I don't need to do introductions for this band. So here is some of the bands more rare stuff; a pretty rough 3 song demo and 4 songs in decent live quality from a studio (The band had more than just two songs, about 6 I think if you include the demo ones) He asked not to share the dropbox file since he was going to delete it (Likely did by now) but I posted them on my own account so they can be shared around. The band still follows the same 7" style of routine.
Demo tape & Studio sessions

Celestial Being

I feel like its mandatory to mention this one today, this is my first mention of a little cool diy label called Plastic smile records which I ran into in the late summer of 2011, I did buy a decent handful of tapes and cd's off the label this is how I ran into Nolan who ran this little label just before getting more serious and changing the name to Off cloud nine. I honestly dig the hell out of his label, I am no big fan of cassettes but his label really got me into cassettes and honestly they are not dubbed bad (one of the few labels of today that can dub tapes properly)
Celestial being was a two piece internet project that had its own moment, a very underrated one. Not many releases were made, just about 4 short releases were done on psr. The demo tape is one of the most hands down greatest screamo demos from 2011, first time I heard xxx I was completely mindblown how Nolan can do those Jeromes dream like vocals I quickly fell in love with this short lived project. The last release this short project did was a posthumous cassingle released sometime in 2012 or 2013? I will mention psr and off cloud nine but not as much since I do prefer for YOU to actually support his label. I will be posting this ONLY because all this is out of print and I just happen to have the mp3's to these. If you like Jeromes dream vocals you'll dig this very much. 25 copies of the demo tape were made alongside the flexi 6.5" (It's my first and only flexi I currently own. These are the only two releases I own (Direction demo and New type cassingle aren't included)
Demo tape

Celestial Being 3.5" Flexi

Monday, July 20, 2015


This is the third and final post of the day (I will try next week for sure) Mustaphamond isn't a typical band, started since 2003 this band still continues to play (Last year I remember these guys being active on my feed playing local shows at their area) although the new unreleased material is much different than from the early stuff from 2003. The bands demo was released then 2 songs from the demo made it on wax for a 7" (I just got this 7" on Saturday in the mail) its some pretty good experimental/grindcore/hardcore/screamo stuff some breakdowns add some mathy like jams but it isn't a whole lot but in songs like "It's opposite day" you can hear it. The band did released a couple of other things but I can't find it. I think the demo may be incomplete as well I have a feeling a song is missing for some reason.

There are 2 versions of the 7" the blue silkscreened one (I own) and another one that is in sewn silkscreened burlap (Which I really wanted) the packaging on this 7'" is super cool it actually reminds me a lot of The Ivy Crown's 7"


I mentioned Devices on that last part of El Minotaur's brief mention, Devices was a band I found long ago, then I forgot then I remembered again. After listening to the band's self titled I really liked what I was listening to (I think members of Jesse Washington might have been on this band but I'm not so sure) after messing around discogs I found this 12" very cheap exactly $4.69. When I got this 12" honestly it wasn't so fancy on the sleeves, I did like the diy insert for it but that's when I realized this 12" is a collection of the bands first two demos compiled. This is some other good underrated screamo stuff to get into, they released two split 7"s and a small pile of other demos. I think this might have just been a project since something about that was mentioned on the insert.

Tunes for bears to dance to

I'm back again and I think I'll do 3 posts today to make up for the days I've been absent, Tunes for bears to dance to was an amazing hardcore/screamo band from the early 00's the band released two demos (one has been recent on the internet) along with 2 split records and a debut ep the band went on to form other bands I do know one of the vocalist went off to start Osceola (Another great band) the two splits and the final 7" were all released throughout 2004. Tunes had a pretty sick set up of members it was a double vocalist thing we have one shouting on the left headphone while on the right the other vocalist is shouting (First time I heard them I was very impressed) Honestly all of the songs are good (as if there were many) They hit me pretty hard with hardcore screamo influence and for that I just had to own the 3 records they did, I am also going to leave El minotaur on here as well since they only released one split with Tunes along with a demo of some sort.

Asking in askance
El Minotaur Split

Jesse Washington Split

Tunes for bears to dance to 7" (Tour Edition) I somehow got lucky on finding this very cheap

El Minotaur
I don't know much or at all of this band I just know they were mentioned as a part of a thanks on Devices self titled record. These dudes only did 5 songs, 3 on a demo and 2 on that Tunes split, the band disappeared afterwards by the end of 2004. They honestly sound like a much more sloppy faster version of Tunes for bears.

Friday, July 3, 2015


I recently discovered this band when I bought Carlisle's second 7" I bought it off the guy who ran this old label that released that 7" he gave me Versailles CD for free which was thrown in when I bought it. He also released Versailles final length. Upon hearing it I couldn't believe this stuff was from the late 90's The great axis was way beyond ahead of its time. It sort of reminded me of a much calm less screaming Bright calm blue mixed with Kolya's LP influences. I quickly digged this band, I was only able to get Versailles first 2 song 7" under Karl/Elder. The songs are much more chaotic and honestly I was able to dig that two when I spinned it for the first time. They also released a song on a split 7" with The Mercury program and a 7 track 12" entitled "Folly" (I've been looking for that one) Versailles will mind blow many of you on The Great Axis. The production of this CD is so good I am amazed how I didn't even know of this band until a few months ago, hell I can't believe no other blogspot has ever mentioned these guys. They've been forgotten until I ran across them. This is another post for some rare underrated finds. Some label under Plaster of Paris released Versailles first 7". It's DIY ass hell and there's no insert to it, just contact info slapped on and Versailles on the top. The label only released this 7" and that name quickly brings up Reversal of man's song.
Karl/Elder 7"

The great axis


Well over the couple of days my record player (The one that turns all the stuff that I rip and post on here died on me) has a weird static-ish sound to the speaker so the speaker is fucked. I haven't attempted to fix it, or just yet but either way I'll get more records. Good side is that I was able to rip a bunch of stuff before it happened. Nuzzle was one of the few last bands I was able to rip exception of the No mas 7" (It was that moment I was ripping the 7" when it started fucking up. Luckily none of my records are damaged except for the extreme rare Lollycolumn 7" (Members of I am heaven) but I'll talk about that later. Nuzzle was a early/mid 90's indie rock band from Cali. Unlike Cars get crushed this band sticked to the indie rock sound on most of the bands releases. There's a shift between the bands last long play, but I never bothered buying that record and honestly that record is much of a rare find than what I did get (After all I am the fucking nerd) Nuzzle did some pretty amazing diy releases during the start. It's hard to tell which record is my favorite because the first 7"s and the first LP are so amazing. I never heard Nuzzle's self titled 7" along with Follow for now (During my rip of these that was my first time hearing them) I became aware of this band from a blogspot who happened to know much more about them than I did at the time (I must've been about 16 at the time) the guy from the blog only seemed to have ripped the bands second 7" Anchors astreigh and apparently he also owned a mixtape of the bands unmixed songs from San Lorenzo Blues (Which sound way better than the LP) the blogspot is called Pukekos you can read further more on this band and download that tape. Cool to be that first guy to post the bands other releases on the internet. The band ended sometime in 1999 but also released a posthumous 7" with No mas and another b side song that wasn't on the final LP. That's the 7" I wasn't able to rip but those songs appear on the tape Pukekos posted. This is actually one of my favorite 90's indie rock bands. This stuff hits home for me.
Nuzzle 7"

Anchors astreigh 7"

Follow for now 12"

No mas 7"