Wednesday, August 24, 2016


I am pretty buzzed and I felt like doing a miscellaneous post. I haven't done one in a while. You should be aware that I enjoy future funk and I finally bought my first future funk cassette under the name コンシャスTHOUGHTS and oh boy am I gonna shit on this. This tape mixes some okay vaporwave songs with future funk I like the future funk side more. The label Business casual sells these cassettes for 8 fucking dollars. WHAT A FUCKING LOAD OF FUCKERY RIP OFF. I shit you not this so called DIY non profit label sells cassettes for 8 dollars. These assholes are scam artists. I believed they had done pro dubbing but reality is they have not until recently. How are these cassettes 8 dollars? it doesn't even add up. I would consider never buying these cassettes from Business casual or any bullshit vaporwave/Future funk label. They obviously do not know how things work. You are not suppose to make up money on these releases ITS NON PROFIT TO BEGIN WITH. This is the very first tape release by this person. They had done a bunch of crappy vaporwave and some chillwave hip hop-ish beats but this tape is like chilling at the beach. It is not a bad release although the quality is mediocre at best. Not the worst or the best. Too bad shit labels like business casual have to release some decent stuff overpricing cassettes at a price that does not make sense. Most tapes run no more than 6 dollars but its normally at 5 since I am used to that price. コンシャスTHOUGHTS is great though and has done 2 other tapes I do not own and dumb ass people on discogs over charge for these used cassettes at 20 dollars. He has released some solid stuff lately. Noticeably the 2 song ep called Highlights. Anyways future funk is catchy and danceable. My digital download is different than the one from business casual. Mines actually include the 2 bonus songs that are on the cassette.
コンシャスTHOUGHTS bandcamp

Sun, sea, surfing

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Me Versus The Monster

Another "Obscure" type of posts today, I actually knew this band when I was around 13. For Christmas my sister was given a My Chemical Romance magazine (Yeah she was into that pop rock stuff) the magazine was a AMP one that came with a comp cd which luckily had no MCR songs. It had mainly mediocre bands, a lot of punk rock bands and a few pop rock bands. 3 bands sticked out the most one being Moneen, Crime in stereo and Me versus the monster. The only song I ever heard from this band was "Next of kin" I never got to listen to anything else by them. I actually could not find any info on this band what so ever. Between the years I simply could not find simply nothing until recently Interpunk has copies of the bands first 4 song EP called while amazon had the bands second and final extended play entitled "The resurrectionist" the band just faded away afterwards (Always the good bands that have potential fade out too soon) so about 10 songs were brought in by the band. This band has a whole lot of Fugazi/Four hundred years/Amber Inn/Shotmaker/The Hal Al Shedad 90's post hardcore influence which makes me like them even more. It's a real bummer this band is rarely mentioned and just completely forgotten. The band did release one music video for their first EP. I simply don't know how this band even broke up. They were just those mysterious rare finds that was a bit thrown within the mainstream side. I actually think they might have taken place in the 2004 or 2005 warped tour in the smaller sections of the shows. Although I can't confirm this but the name somehow sticks out to it but can be a false memory. There wasn't any of their music out on the internet so I had to really convert these, post them on youtube and post them on here. They do have shirts available on interpunk for 15 (Interpunk overprices things) and these 2 CD's are available on the same site and amazon. I have been waiting forever to listen to the other nine songs and I am very impressed on how this band turned out to sound like.

Eat.Sleep.Work.Die music video

Eat.Sleep.Work.Die EP

The resurrectionist EP

Monday, August 15, 2016

Those high school bands you will never forget

These guys were active between the time I was in high school, considering they were a bit local where I live these guys rolled with bands like Matsuri and Moldar. The band mixed a lot from hardcore emo and even a bit of a jazzy mathy jangly thing going on. The band released an instrumental demo, Spirals and Tenet. Some songs off Tenet were also in the a 5 way split with DEERS, Animal lover, MNWA and Pansori. A limited amount of copies were made for the band's 2nd album Tenet between both formats of CD and cassette. I bought mines a few years back from Radical friends records for one dollar. The band also have 2 unreleased songs Lyrics won't reach the audience blogspot had somehow obtained. Shit, I almost forgot about this band honestly. I don't want it to be forgotten. The drummer went on the drum for 10k I don't really remember where the other members headed to after this. Too bad Tenet never had a re-release in vinyl. It really deserves a vinyl release. Maybe this will never happen at all. The band has a bandcamp where you can download most of their songs exception of the 2 unreleased ones and the instrumental demo.

ColorChromatic/Deers!/Animal Lover/мища/Pansori 5 way split LP




Matsuri in the other hand I had mainly recognize them with the split they made with DEERS! and from there I had picked up on Matsuri's debut EP entitled "Whales". They had also released 2 other splits with Moldar, one that was a live split from Poo Haus and a split 12" called "Sell my pipe if you need to" this split in particular is amazing. Matsuri has a song that was never studio recorded called "Horsemask" which sounds very similar to the sounds of Moldar. Texas toast released this split using a manila folder while 300 records were pressed, This split comes with a poster and a DVD. Matusri finally did a debut and only LP called Endship which is a masterpiece and the main legacy of this band. The record represents beauty and unfortunately I never got to own this LP.

Whales EP

Matsuri/DEERS! split

Matsuri/Moldar split 12"

Moldar in the other hand existed as well between these 2 other bands. The band really did not release a whole lot during its active life. They had done a demo in which this demo was added to the bands first EP called "First five" they had also done a split CD with Calculator. These 2 songs were added to the bands final EP called Last five which I was able to score. It comes with a zine made by the band. Lastly there is also a unreleased song called "Decay" Mark himself was able to show me. After Moldar Mark went on to form Summer vacation I think he also formed Baby breath for a little while after Moldar. I don't know, Mark did a couple of other bands such as Ten thousand leagues, Dream caste (Who released one cassette) I was able to snag the 2 splits 10k made and Dream caste's cassette off from him when I met him on Calculators final show, he also formed the best of Winter break and as of now he is also in another great band called Heritage unit which reminds me a little of Ten thousand leagues. Moldar in the other hand may be one of the most emo bands he was in and possibly the very first. Vocally talented and instrumentally emotional. I made a discography for myself a few years ago that has the bands first five, final five and the unreleased song. A discography needs to be made for this some time in the future.

Calculator/Moldar split

Last Five EP


Thursday, August 11, 2016


Today was my final day of school. I am officially done with college. Thank fuck I am done, I couldn't stand being there anymore. L'Antietam hailing from Boston was a hardcore screamo band that sometimes would do some cool mathy like riffs on the later releases. I do know the vocalist formed Sneeze after this which is a pretty rad grunge like indie rock band. L'Antietam left some rad releases which most of them were added on a compilation CD titled "Family" that carries unreleased songs on their previous work all in one CD. Shortly after the band released a EP called Arthur Carr which is still great nonetheless. I found both CD's on deathwish website. So far I have bought 3 things off their that were interesting enough. The Saetia 2xLP and these 2 CD's which I think they are still on sale for like 3 dollars. The band also released another 2x7" of some sort that was like a double release with 2 different EP's in one. Something like that. Honestly that release didn't really hit hard and is almost completely forgotten (Or at least with me) Family is more where all the sick songs are at. I remember hearing about a split they were going to do with Loma Prieta back in the day but it only seems that Loma had recorded their side of the split only. About 2 splits with Loma were never made the one with Arse and the one with this one. Such a shame but as for L'Antietam they put out a bunch of great songs. They also released a split with Kidcrash and Furnance I believe. They came out in some mixtape compilation as well. I'll gather those in one file for you guys. I suppose I'll post the bands 2x7" Dark brew & Rock bottom


Arthur Carr EP

Furnance split/Kidcrash Split/Mixtape comp

Rock bottom/Dark brew

Tuesday, August 9, 2016


This is my final week of college and I am damn excited. Perhaps this year I may have more time to post although I am not entirely sure for next year but I will figure it out by then. I have a bunch of rad and obscure stuff coming in the mail. I even have stuff from 2+ years I haven't even posted on here. Well this was one of those "Buy this if you want to listen" type of bands. I had bought it after reading Communique's wordpress and I liked the overall description of this band. So this band was pretty short lived. I mean only one 12" was released which was recorded at the Earth Capitol meaning they were from Cali. It is pretty Orchid/Jeromes dream type of hardcore and it was worth getting. I don't know which press record this is. There were multiple different ones with different sleeves. The one I have is in a manila envelope which seems pretty handmade to me. Luckily I converted this one for you guys. There is a bit of pop crackles at the first seconds of the first track but other than that the quality is overall listenable. It has been many years since I was interested on this record. This is a very underrated and not much appreciated record you guys should really listen to. Communique records has done some solid DIY looking records. From the pre Adobe homes band and Ghost towns 7" since I have presented those 2 to you guys before. Here is another Communique release.

17:48 12"

Monday, August 1, 2016

Loma Prieta

Let's speak of Loma Prieta and I mean the REAL Loma Prieta. Not the other Loma Prieta with no original members (I think only the drummer is the only one) but even then Loma Prieta from today isn't really Loma. Fuck Dark mountain, Life/less, IV and Self portrait. Even most of Last city was shit too so fuck that album except the track with David Fung. I don't know what fucking band released those but sure ass hell know it wasn't the Loma Prieta I know. Loma Prieta began in 2005 with a 3 song demo. These 3 songs were later added into the bands 1st EP called "Our LP is your EP" which was released in 12" and CD. I think Inkblot did the CD press only or maybe both I don't remember but Inkblot definitely did the CD (They still have them for 5 bucks w/ free shipping seriously get one) The band was also featured on a 7" compilation which is one of the songs off the EP. And luckily for me I was able to find me a cheap copy of the bands second 2 song EP titled "Matrimony" its fucking crazy that the copy I bought was the coke bottle tour edition. Honestly these 2 songs fucking kick ass really hard. There were also 2 b-sides for Our LP is your EP in which one is a cover song off David Fung's previous band Get get go and another original off Loma Prieta called The needle in the haystack which has a ridiculous energetic drumming. After that Last city was made which I think only David Fung did one song on vocals called by his own name. Other than that that whole album is meh. Everything good with the real loma lies within the demo, our LP, Matrimony and the 2 b sides to Our LP.

Our LP is your EP

Matrimony 7"

B-sides to Our LP is your EP