Monday, August 1, 2016

Loma Prieta

Let's speak of Loma Prieta and I mean the REAL Loma Prieta. Not the other Loma Prieta with no original members (I think only the drummer is the only one) but even then Loma Prieta from today isn't really Loma. Fuck Dark mountain, Life/less, IV and Self portrait. Even most of Last city was shit too so fuck that album except the track with David Fung. I don't know what fucking band released those but sure ass hell know it wasn't the Loma Prieta I know. Loma Prieta began in 2005 with a 3 song demo. These 3 songs were later added into the bands 1st EP called "Our LP is your EP" which was released in 12" and CD. I think Inkblot did the CD press only or maybe both I don't remember but Inkblot definitely did the CD (They still have them for 5 bucks w/ free shipping seriously get one) The band was also featured on a 7" compilation which is one of the songs off the EP. And luckily for me I was able to find me a cheap copy of the bands second 2 song EP titled "Matrimony" its fucking crazy that the copy I bought was the coke bottle tour edition. Honestly these 2 songs fucking kick ass really hard. There were also 2 b-sides for Our LP is your EP in which one is a cover song off David Fung's previous band Get get go and another original off Loma Prieta called The needle in the haystack which has a ridiculous energetic drumming. After that Last city was made which I think only David Fung did one song on vocals called by his own name. Other than that that whole album is meh. Everything good with the real loma lies within the demo, our LP, Matrimony and the 2 b sides to Our LP.

Our LP is your EP

Matrimony 7"

B-sides to Our LP is your EP

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