Tuesday, August 9, 2016


This is my final week of college and I am damn excited. Perhaps this year I may have more time to post although I am not entirely sure for next year but I will figure it out by then. I have a bunch of rad and obscure stuff coming in the mail. I even have stuff from 2+ years I haven't even posted on here. Well this was one of those "Buy this if you want to listen" type of bands. I had bought it after reading Communique's wordpress and I liked the overall description of this band. So this band was pretty short lived. I mean only one 12" was released which was recorded at the Earth Capitol meaning they were from Cali. It is pretty Orchid/Jeromes dream type of hardcore and it was worth getting. I don't know which press record this is. There were multiple different ones with different sleeves. The one I have is in a manila envelope which seems pretty handmade to me. Luckily I converted this one for you guys. There is a bit of pop crackles at the first seconds of the first track but other than that the quality is overall listenable. It has been many years since I was interested on this record. This is a very underrated and not much appreciated record you guys should really listen to. Communique records has done some solid DIY looking records. From the pre Adobe homes band and Ghost towns 7" since I have presented those 2 to you guys before. Here is another Communique release.

17:48 12"

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